Sep 1, 2013

Bangkok Best Upscaled Thai Restaurant - Taling Pling

When I tell my friends that I went to a proper and posh Thai restaurant in Bangkok, everyone rolled their eyes. I don't deny that Bangkok street food is awesome. What you can find in Thai restaurant in Malaysia, you can find it almost at every corner of the street with much cheaper price. I collect experiences from my travel and I must say, Taling Pling is one good experience which I don't mind sharing.

Taling Pling has the typical Thai food on their menu. You can basically decide what you want to eat before you reach there.

Let's get to the food part... we ordered 3 entree and 3 mains. For some reason the dessert aren't that appealing. They didn't have the mango sticky rice that I wanted.


Fish cake. Also known as Tod Mun. A must-try dish. The fish cake is so soft and tender. It doesn't have the plastic-ky chewy feeling like those we have here. They're made of chunky fish flesh. The sweet basil taste is so fragrant, you can almost salivate once it is served. And the sweet peanut sauce is simply irresistible.

Pork dim sum. OK... Don't order this!!! There's a weird after taste. And it is soaked in vinegar (the black sauce you can see on the plate). The taste is not like those conventional dim sum that my Chinese tongue is used to. It looks great, but has a really disappointing taste.

Clam in butter sauce. I'm not a fan of shell fish, so my comment on this might be bias. From what my friend said, it is good. Sauce is rich and creamy and the clam is fresh. Eat it with the freshly baked garlic bread is super good.


Fried rice with crab meat. This is one of their chef recommendation. I don't normally finish fried rice by itself the whole plate, but this is so good that I finished it to the last grain of rice. It has fresh crab meat and plenty of it. The rice is so fragrant! A simple dish that full of flavors.

Phad thai. Or better known as fried clear noodles. The one we have here is completely dry, but the one that Taling Pling serves is a bit wet-ish. I would prefer it with no bean sprouts. They don't fry the bean sprouts with the noodle, so it taste really weird. Other than that, it is superb. Make sure you stir well with all the ingredients on the plate. You can order this according to the spiciness that you want.

Spicy crab meat cooked with basil and served with plain rice. This is a killer. My friend cried from eating it. It is delicious and possibly the best dish of all that we ordered. But it is really not for the faint hearted. The spicy level is as bad (or good) as habanero. It is so intense to eat it, yet it is really amazing. 

Last but not least, don't forget to order the young coconut drinks. They serve the whole coconut. 


I totally recommend Taling Pling if you ever go to Bangkok. The price can be quite steep (approximately 300baht for a main dish), other than that, rest assured, the serve authentic Thai cooking. The restaurant is located at Siam Paragon.

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