Jan 25, 2013

How to Maximize Your Experience in HK Disneyland

Hi all! How was your off day yesterday? I'm back in Penang and managed to have some family bonding time by hanging out with my brother at ChaTime and having dinner for my 二叔 birthday.

Today I'm going to share with you guys some tips on how to maximize your experience in Hong Kong Disneyland. If you're going there soon, these tips will help you save your time so that you can do a lot of things there.

1. Length of stay

A lot of people ask me how long do they need to spend their time in Disneyland. To be honest, one day is definitely not enough. Although it seems like a pretty small place and you can walk through the entire park in half day, it is not enough if you want to watch all the shows and take your favorite rides. Spending one night in Disneyland would be just nice. So you'll have two days to stroll around the parks, pick your favourite rides and watch all the shows. 

Hong Kong Disneyland has two hotels for you to choose from - Disneyland Resort and Hollywood Hotel. Disneyland Resort has a princessy feel, meanwhile the Hollywood Hotel is more hard rock and edgy. They have very frequent shuttle transfer from both the hotels to Disneyland entrance. It is very convenient to stay there. 

Last year, I stayed in the Hollywood Hotel. I love that 5-star treatment while staying there.

2. Get a Fast Past

The biggest turn off at Disneyland is waiting in line for the queue. The amount of time waiting for the ride could have been use for something better, like strolling around, souvenir shopping or having tea in the cafe. I experienced waiting for 50 minutes for a ride, it really pissed me off. Fast Past is your magic ticket to skip the long queues while waiting for your ride. With the Fast Past you can walk directly into the rides, no waiting. I totally recommend everyone to buy the Fast Past. Don't stinge on it, your time is more worth it than waiting in line doing nothing.

3. Check the Show Times before hand

Another best way to save time is to check all the show times online before hand. Plan which show you want to watch and take note on the time. While waiting for the show, you can take nearby rides first. That way, you don't need to run around the entire park like headless chicken. And you won't miss your favorite show too. You can check the show time online <<here>>, even better....download it on your mobile phone so you can check it later. 

The shows that you shouldn't miss is the Festival of Lion King, Golden Mickey Show, Flight of Fantasy, and the Fireworks. 

4. Figure out the map and rides you want to take before hand

Check the Disneyland map before you reach there, download it and bring it along. It's much better if you familiarize where the parks are before you reach there. It will save sometime from getting around. If you want to start from the back first, you can take the train ride at the entrance and alight at Fantasyland. That will save some time from walking because the park is not really that small. Also, check the rides that you want to take before you reach there, so that once you're there you can head to the rides straightaway.

Here's the latest map of HK Disneyland:

Many people asked me how much is the accommodation at Disneyland and the ticket price. It really depends what package you take. The best is check out their website here to find out. I don't really know how to advise because it really depends on your own plan.

The best time to visit HK Disneyland is around December - January because the weather is cooling and refreshing. You don't want to get caught in hot weather. It can really spoil the mood. The best is to go in January because December is their school holiday.

I hope these tips can help you get the most experience at HK Disneyland. Are you going there anytime soon? Have fun!


Anonymous said...

fast pass need to pay? it's free la! you got ripped!

Anonymous said...

Fast Pass need to pay? Only in Universal Studios. Not Disneyland

Audrey M said...

Where would you get Fast Pass? I agree! Two days is definitely best, whenever I go HK Disneyland I like to make the most out of my trip :)
Check out my blog?

James devid said...

Serious lover of your blog, a considerable number of your blog posts have really helped me out. Looking towards updates!
Matt Levine


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