Jan 24, 2013

Hong Kong Disneyland again!!! And the new park Grizzy Gulch

Few months ago, I had to take over my parent's job because they wanted to go for a long holiday. In that few months I was working, I get really agitated, moody and tired all the time. Simple thing can really get on my nerves. I was screaming at everyone in the shop. And I thought I was going into depression and needed medical help. Actually, all I need is a vacation!

Last year around this time I went to Hong Kong Disneyland. It was the best vacation I ever had. So this year, I want to go back again. When I'm there, all my worries and troubles just disappear. It's more effective than going for psychologist consultation. And cheaper too!

Of all the places in Disneyland, my most favorite place is the Sleeping Beauty Castle (I'm sure all the girls too). But it is impossible to take a nice photo here without getting photobomb by other visitors. I wish I have magic power to make human disappear!

This trip is a bit different from the last time because I already know what I want to do there. There are a lot of places that I skipped. So if you want to read more about Disneyland (or see more photos), I have these comprehensive posts in the past:

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Last year, Disneyland only had 5 parks. This year, they have a new park!!!! It is called the Grizzly Gulch.

Grizzly Gulch is a mining town and has that cowboy town feel. I really love it! And I heard this park is exclusive in HK Disneyland only.

If you're there you really have to take the Runaway Mine Ears. It is a roller coaster ride that comes with a story about gold mining in Big Grizzly Mountain. When it goes up to one point, it will drop backwards at the least expected time. It's really the most thrilling ride in Disneyland. Take note, this ride is not for the faint hearted.

As I walked out of Grizzly Gulch, I saw a note that they are building another park, Mystic Point.

I Googled on the Mystic Point Park. Apparently it is uncharted rain forest surrounded by mysterious forces and supernatural events. This sounds really exciting. Now I have more reasons to go back there again.

Because of time constraint, I only choose to take the rides that I like the most. One of it is the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters! It's a shooting game. You're suppose to help Buzz Lightyear to stop Zurg from expanding. So you have to shoot his battery power point.

I was leading in the beginning because the mister didn't know where to shoot. Once he figured out, he overtook me and I lost flat :(

While I was lining up for the Astro Blasters, there's a weird thing pop up from nowhere. And it's soooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!! It looks like an invention of a mad scientist but I can't really figure out what's that.

Oh ya... I did my makeup and hairdo like Tinkerbell that day. Nice or not???

I wish that one day I can really dress up as Tinkerbell. For now, makeup will do.

This trip, I manage to take a ride on the train that brings you on a tour around Disneyland. I don't know why I didn't take it the last time. It is a quick run through of all the parks in Disneyland, except the Grizzly Gulch. I think they haven't extend the railway to the new parks yet.

This is one of the happiest trip in my life. Mainly because it is Disneyland... who gets sad going there? And partly it is because the mister was accompanying me. He's one of the busiest person on earth, so I really appreciate it when he agreed to go to Disneyland with me.

It is the mister's first time in Disneyland and I became his personal tour guide around the parks. We didn't have enough time to watch all the shows. We had to miss The Golden Mickey Show, It's a Small World and the Donald Duck 4D show. I dropped a hint to him that we should stay in Disneyland for a night next time, so we can have two days around the park. And he said, "Yes... that sounds like a much better idea". OK! Now I know for sure I'll get to go there again!

Are you planning to go Hong Kong Disneyland anytime soon? If you are watch out for my next post. I'm going to compile some tips for you so that you can get the most experience out of your trip. Stay tuned ok?


Shannon Chow said...

Lovely! I wish I can go too! Should save up and make it happen. :)

Christine K said...

OMG you went HK Disneyland again!!! I want to go also, will you be my tour guide? BTW love your tinker bell necklace, its super cute.

Jerine said...

@Shannon: You should! It's actually quite affordable to go there.

@Christine: If we ever get to go there I will... And I'll buy you tea at Corner Cafe. It's so princessy to have tea there.


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