Mar 28, 2012

Home Deco Ideas That Cost You Zero Money

A lot of you thought that home decorations will cost a lot of money and it's not worth buying useless things for display purposes only. It is wrong. Pretty home decorations depend on your creativity, not how fat your pocket is. Simply look around you, you can pick up anything as home decorations - fruits, cloth, paper bags, basically anything.

Personally, I like to use fashion accessories as home decor because they are pretty by itself (well, if it's not pretty then I wouldn't own it in the first place). If you arrange it in a way like how the boutique does, then it won't clutter your space. That way you can kill 2 birds with one stone - using it as home decor and at the same time storing your goods neatly.

Usually the fashion pieces that I use as decor would be statement rings, necklace, dresses, shoes, clutches, and perfume bottles.

Find dresses that compliment your wall color and your bed sheet. Hang them on and it will blend in as part of decor in your room. 

Pick your favorite shoe or clutch and place them in an obvious place like on the table or dresser. They look great with some embellishment such as miniature eiffel tower or photo frame or vase or flowers or anything. Put them together and you'll have a set of decor on your table.

Perfume bottles are my favorite decor items. They're so pretty and you cannot go wrong with it. Well, it smells nice too.

Hang your necklace on the wall with pretty hangers, it will instantly turn into a wall decor. It is also easier to organize your necklace when you hang them so they won't get tangled easily.

They say don't judge a book by its cover. But books with beautiful covers can make a perfect home decor. Pick up some of your books with pretty cover and put it on the chair (it was Carrie Bradshaw who started the trend of stacking up books on the chair. Not her old apartment, the books are all stacked on top of the old turquoise chair) or on your coffee table. 

If you have clear jars, fill it with smaller items such as buttons, candy, rings, beans or any colorful stuff in that matter. Pretty box is a must have for home decor. You can always hide un-glamorous stuff inside such as plaster, rubber bands, name cards, etc.

Anyway, I hope you like this post. I'll share with you some other home decor ideas the next time.

Mar 26, 2012

Where to buy OPI at cheaper price and tips

Happy Monday everyone!

The title is quite misleading. The more comprehensive title would be "Where to buy cheap branded nail polish". But one blogger has to push for the pagerank right?

Anyway, I have some sites to recommend. And these are local (Malaysia & Singapore) sites. I'm not too sure if they ship out of Malaysia & Singapore.

1. HiShop
This site is easy to navigate. They accept various methods of payment. But it's more pricey. A bottle of OPI cost about RM44. Still cheaper than buying retail.

2. Nail Fiesta
Besides nail polish, they also sell makeups and skincare products. The brands that they carry include OPI, Nubar, Essie, China Glaze, Color Club, Nail Tek, Seche, NYX, and Poshe'. This site is quite updated with new products from the different brands. But it sold out pretty fast. A bottle of OPI cost about RM33. Do check out their bargain corner. Sometimes you can find RM9 OPI.

3. Secret Allure
I've never buy from this site directly. My friend ordered from this site and I was only tumpang-ing order. The good thing about this site is they take pre-order. When there's new collection, you can pre-order the colors before it is even released. And it's not even that expensive. In fact, she sells the cheapest OPI, about RM30 per bottle. But they have very limited brands. She only sells OPI and Glitter Gal. Currently she's selling original and ready stock Banana Taipei bags too.

4. Slammin' Tips 'n' Toes
This is my favorite site because the seller is quite helpful. She has OPI, Essie, China Glaze and NYX products on her site. A bottle of OPI cost about RM33. It's pretty much updated and sold out fast. She also has loyalty program system where you can claim for voucher. For example, if you send RM400 then you'll receive a RM30 voucher.

Tips on buying nail polish online

  1. Get your friends to order at the same time so you guys can share on the postage.
  2. Before placing your order, go to drug store or Sephora or any shop to test out the color on your nails. Remember the name and then buy online. That way you can decide better if the color suits you or not. And you can see the real thing, whether it is too sheer or too glittery, etc. 
  3. If you don't have time to go to the physical store and do swatches, there are plenty of online photos on nail polish swatches. While you're doing your online shopping, check out the swatch colors so you can decide which one to get. Normally the color on the bottles and commercial photos don't reflect the original color of the nail polish. I recommend you guys Scrangie. This blog is updated ahead of the market. She receives samples of nail polish to try out even before it is released for sale. And her photos are simply amazing. The color does reflect the real color of the nail polish. 

Mar 1, 2012

Le Wish List

It's my birthday month!!!!!!! I almost forgotten about my own birthday until all the loyalty card starts to email me for special discounts on my birthday. I'm sooooooo busy, no joke! Anyway, if you're going to get me some presents, here's my very practical wishlist.

  1. Toothpaste (particularly Darlie brand because I hate the smell of other toothpaste. I'll gag whenever I use different brand). And preferably more than one tube because I'm too busy to get them myself.
  2. Pantene shampoo, also more than one bottle please. And specifically that nature whatevershit in green bottle. My housemate bought the wrong one and my scalp is getting oilier wash after wash. 
  3. Artline 660 highlighter in light blue and orange. I'm running out of highlighters for my studies. 
  4. MAC Studio Fix foundation in shade number 30.
  5. A wordpress template, particularly this one for my NGO Voice of Women (this is what I've been busy about lately. I have my own registered NGO to help build next generation of women leaders. Yay! Will blog about this soon, I promise) 
  6. Book - The Devil's Advocate by Iain Morley QC. For some reason I can't find this book in most of the bookstore. MPH told me the 1U branch and Mid Valley branch has it. Same excuse for me... I have no time to get it.

Yup... that's. My wishlist is so simple, inexpensive, practical and easy to find.

And I'm most excited going back Penang for my birthday. I can't wait to see my grandma. The mister is driving me back because his money changing shop is opening. I feel kinda weird that he opens a money changing shop. I thought only Indian and mamak run money changer. No racism remark here. I'm just stating the obvious, just like you never seen Malay selling herbal tea by the roadside. OK... I still don't know why he is opening the shop. As long as I can go back to Penang, I'm happy. 


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