Nov 5, 2012

Restoran Pinang Peranakan Authentic Nyonya Cuisine in Penang

I am originally born and bred in Penang. So, food in Penang to me is like... meh. I am hardly impressed and I think food in Penang is so overrated.

But that's not the case with this restaurant, therefore I must blog about it. I came to this restaurant by mistake. I told my grandma that I want to have "nyonya food in a famous peranakan restaurant". The restaurant I meant is located in a pre-war bungalow. But she thought I meant this...

Restoran Pinang Peranakan is a family restaurant. You see the huge portrait outside the window pane of the shop? That's the ancestor of the owner.

Unlike Malacca peranakan, Penang peranakan food has a different taste. Because it is situated to the north of Malaysia, it has a little bit of Thai influence in cooking. The peranakan food taste a little more spicy and sour compared to the Malacca style.

Step into the restaurant, you will notice the eclectic style interior.

The restaurant proudly showcase some batik paintings from artist Yuen Chee Ling. At first, I mistaken it for Chua Thean Teng's painting and I was like "OMG!!!! They have a collection of Chua Thean Teng??????????" But apparently not. But the painting is still awesome.

The collection of Chinese tea in the house and kopi luwak in canister.

Now, let's get to the food. You will find typical nyonya cuisine on the menu. They have almost everything.

Brinjal cooked with minced chicken. You have to try this. It has a blend of sweet and salty taste. A very typical home cooked nyonya food.

Hong bak, stewed pork. You have to order this if you're a pork lover. The layer of fat is so soft like tofu and it melts in the mouth. It is cooked with bamboo shoots.

Kerabu. I think it is quite unique that they put in black fungus as one of the ingredients. However, I don't really fancy this because it is too sour and too spicy. If you like sour and spicy food then you might like this.

Kangkung belacan, which I think is pretty normal. Nothing interesting.

Fried chicken. This is not your ordinary fried chicken. The batter they use to fry the chicken has some spices in it. I can't tell what, but it is really good.

Asam prawn. This is also another must-try. The prawn is fresh and the asam sauce is really good.

I totally forgotten to take photo of the desserts after a satisfying full meal. But it is not exactly that great. The coconut milk in their bubur cha cha was too thick. And it tasted sour too. I don't know if the coconut milk was spoiled or what? The cendol was ok but a bit too expensive for RM6 per small bowl. And their kopi luwak is a bit overpriced at RM68. Other cafe selling it at RM50 if I'm not mistaken.

If you're planning to go, I would advise you to go earlier. They have quite good business and their daily ingredients run out really fast. To keep freshness of the ingredients, they don't stock up that much. Here's the operating hour:

Restoran Pinang Peranakan is situated at Logan Heritage row, Beach Street. It's quite easy to locate. But if this map helps.............

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kopi luwak said...

as i knew kopi luwak is really familiar comes from indonesia, but i heard also that malaysia is disallow about drinking kopi luwak


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