Oct 10, 2012

Kate Moss's Style File for Fall Winter 2012 with Mango

Don’t you just love Kate Moss? She’s a true fashion trendsetter. Whatever she wears, it is going to be on the sold out list the next day. So this Fall Winter, Mango brings together a whole collection inspired by Kate Moss.

Now, I’m going to help you shop for that Kate Moss style...

Get in style with a red hot peplum mini dress and spice it up with a bold black belt. Gosh... I’m going to get this dress like immediately. I’m so scared my size is going to be sold out soon. It’s so versatile... If you put on a jacket, then you can also wear this for work. 

This season, architectural cut is going to make a hit. Make sure you watch out for it.

Have an evening function to attend? Just put on a little black dress. Well, that could be a little plain Jane, right? Why not try out a body con LBD with mesh sleeves.

Or, if I were you, I will go a little wilder with full a full sequin black dress.

Another must-have in your wardrobe this fall and winter is a contrast piping blazer. Contrast piping details are going to stay in season for awhile.

Color up your winter blues away with bright cobalt blue. This is the “in” color now. There are so many cosmetic brands are also coming up with cobalt blue eyeshadows, nail polish, etc. 

Lastly, a pair of scratch jeans is all you need as a statement piece. This is my most favourite look of Kate Moss in this collection. And I am dying to get a pair of that jeans. That jeans, not only can be worn in fall and winter.... I think I can wear it throughout the year!

To complete your wardrobe, Mango carries four main lines, namely Evening, Suit, Casual-Sport and Jeans. With huge collection under each line, you’ll sure find something that suits you. You may also indulge in their designer’s collection such as the Arabic Collection or Limited Edition Collections.

Here is my last advice... This season, pay attention to details such as epaulettes, patch pockets, contrast piping, leather adornments, buttons with military motifs, and padded garments. And the major colors that will rule this season are the different shades of khaki. And if you’re looking into getting skirts and dresses, there is an obvious feature of architectural forms which add new volumes, with particular emphasis on volume sleeves and waists.

I hope this style tips will help you getting in trend this season. Make sure you pop into Mango for an inspiration of what’s new and hot this season. Or you can browse through Mango’s website to check out more clothing items, all prices are listed in there as well. Happy shopping everyone! 

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Anonymous said...

I like the peplum but not with the boots


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