Oct 4, 2012

Award Winning Gelato Il Dolce Fredo

Check out the crowd at Il Dolce Freddo....

I have never seen this shop empty before. True story. And it is always crowded. Always! That is because Il Dolce is famous for their award winning gelato and was made the winner in International Gelato Fair in Longarone Italy in the year 2000.

All of their gelatos are made freshly daily. I heard that they really throw away all the gelatos that couldn't sell at the end of the day. Such a waste. But I guess they really have to keep their food fresh for reputation.

There are almost 50 different flavors for you to choose from. I personally love the Ferrero Roche and Green Tea. If you're not a faint hearted, like me, do try their durian flavor. Their rum & raisins and honeycomb are damn good as well. 

It is located at Lygon Street, Melbourne where most of the Italian Restaurants are. It's a good choice of place for dessert after dinner. 

1 comment:

Wilson Ng said...

How someone not miss Lygon. Lot's of wonderful restaurants there!


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