Sep 13, 2012

Solo Affair on Parnell

If you ever wish for a humble place away from the city hustling and bustling, Parnell is the place to be. Although not heavily advertised as a tourist spot as compared to Auckland city and Viaduct Harbour, you can find a lot of tourist activities there, such as dining and shopping. LOL!

I started my morning with a cup of latte at Starbucks. Yes, they have Starbucks there. Instead of attached to commercial buildings like other Starbucks in the world, this Starbucks is a standalone.

There are a lot of local designers' boutique in Parnell, if you're looking for some local flavors to bring back home, well... you're almost in heaven! I really love the shop Passion for Paper because I really do have passion for paper. The shop sells a lot of designer papers as well as paper goods.

I also love a Essenze, a shop which sells art glassware. I contemplated a long time whether I should buy something from there. It doesn't look that easy to carry such expensive glassware on a plane. So I passed. I totally regret it, but oh well....

Ill Mana Gallery is a pretty interesting stop for all jewelries lover, including me! I had a little chat with the owner, who is still in her 20-something. She made all the jewelries with her own bare hands!!!! Every piece of her artwork is different and unique. You will not find a repeated piece anywhere.

In between your visit to Auckland, find a day to spend in Parnell. You will love it there. It's a place where time slows down for you to enjoy the day... just like Salamanca.


brian said...

were you in Auckland again?

Jerine said...

@brian: It was a very quick trip. Was there less than 48 hours. That's why I didn't call you :(


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