Sep 6, 2012

5 reasons to go to Wuxi Three Kingdom City

Three Kingdom City is a CCTV Studio. When there's no movie shooting, the entire studio is open for tourist visit. The studio takes up 35 hectares next to the famous Taihu Lake in Wuxi. The entrance price is only 120yuan.

Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei from Romance of the Three Kingdom
Hey Zhu Ge Liang ... Look over there!

Liu Bei's wedding chamber
Hall of fame of movies shot in Three Kingdom City

There were hundreds of movies shot in Three Kingdom City including Hollywood's The Forbidden Kingdom  and The Myth. A lot of people just stroll along the pathway in the studio, not knowing what to do. After an hour of of walk, people often complain tired and there's nothing to do in the studio. I can't blame them. It's a huge place! You definitely can cover the entire area in a day. To save your time, I recommend five activities that you can do in the studio that's totally worth your visit:

#1 - Play dress up

There are few photo spots where they allow you to rent the emperor costumes. The best place to rent the costumes is at the main hall, which located right in the middle of the entire studio. The place is equipped with better props, there are more outfits to choose from, and you can choose to take the pics indoor or outdoor. It's only 20yuan and there's no time limit. I could wear this and walk around the entire studio, pretending I'm a real princess if it's not that hot outside.

I'm in my under garment. LOL!!!
I choose the pink Princess costume
Christine is the Empress Dowager

The costumes to choose from

The head gear

My brother is an emperor!

#2 - Ride the war boat

Go to the Cao Cao military base and ride the war boat. You have to pay for your ticket for the boat ride. But I can't remember exactly how much. Maybe it's 20yuan? The boat ride takes about 15 minutes and you will be sailing on the famous Taihu Lake. My advice is to get up to the upper deck as soon as you get onto the boat. Don't cramp yourself with other people inside the boat. Mercifully, the human traffic is not as bad as the lower deck. Besides, the scenery is best on the upper deck.

Cao Cao's military base

The upper deck of the boat. Not that many people up here.

Obviously I was bored and started to camwhore!

The amount of tourists is crazy!!!

#3 - Enjoy yourself in the mini theme park

Yes! There's a mini theme park in the studio! With roller coaster and stuff! I must say, I didn't have the guts to try out the rides. They look kinda fragile and ancient.

#4 - Ride on horse

One of my favorite animal is horse!!!! And I was so thrilled to find out, you can ride the horse in the courtyard of the studio while enjoying the scenery. Unfortunately, when I found out about the horse ride, the studio was going to close in ten minutes time. I would trade 10yuan for a ride.

#5 - Watching battle fight

Due to my limited knowledge of Chinese classical, I'm not too sure which battle was replayed. I assume it is the Battle of Xiapi where Liu Bei helped the emperor to defeat Cao Cao. History is history. No one remembers it anyway. But you shouldn't miss the replay of the battle because it is hell of a show with hybrid of action pack and acrobat.

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