Aug 7, 2012

Starbucks in China

You must be thinking.... what a typical hipster looking for Starbucks while travelling. But it was crazy hot in Shanghai. I will be completely dehydrated if I don't treat myself with some ice blended beverage.

Surprisingly the menu in Starbucks China is quite different from home. They call it 星巴克.  Although there is still a sense of familiarity with the interior, I think they have a better menu than ours. They have healthier food displayed on the shelf. And they have more items on the tea selections. Even their featured specials look more tempting.

Currently on their summer menu, they have the must-have-coconut-moment with coconut cream frappuccino blended, soy strawberry & cream frappuccino (which is always sold out), and coconut mocha frappuccino blended which I managed to try.

Few days later, I walked into Starbucks again to replenish my fluid level... We tried these colorful drinks...

I got myself the very berry hibiscus (far left), my brother got the very common green tea latte with soy milk, and my friend got herself the iced shaken lemon tea. The iced shaken lemon is so refreshing. It is perfect for the summer weather.

The barrista in China Starbucks speak decent English, which is quite a rare scene. But don't be deceived by the free wifi sign. It is indeed free, but you need a China telco account to access the free wifi. 

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