Aug 9, 2012

Shanghai Cheng Huang Miao

Shanghai Cheng Huang Miao or City God Temple is a MUST visit place in Shanghai.

Entrance to Cheng Huang Miao
This place has 600 years of history. In the olden days, this used to be a worship area of the Taoist. It used to have little stalls outside the temple. So when the people done with their praying, they will buy some stuff back home from the stalls. When the others see business opportunity outside the temple courtyard, more and more people start to trade there. Now it's more like a shopping haven more than a place of worship.

Bustling shopping street

There are a lot of local art stalls providing their services. I find it quite expensive, especially when I can do it myself. Nonetheless, it is a great souvenir to bring home.

Calligraphy stall
Local art stall

There are also a lot of modern shops like clothes store and........................................ toy store.

I love this store!!!! There are a lot of games character and comic character merchandise sold inside. I found some classic transformers too. Unfortunately the stuff are so overpriced, or else I could have gotten a Rilakuma plush toy home.

I think some people might like this mouse pad

Besides all that shopping, I really enjoyed the architecture. It has the classic Chinese touch, but at the same time, they keep it really modern and chic.

And remember remember remember to walk through the Jiu Qu Bridge. It is right at the center courtyard of Cheng Huang Miao, looking zigzagging across the lotus pond.

Myth says that if you successfully walk across this bridge, you will have good luck in your life. Make sure you don't miss good deal like this.

Now I have good luck in my life
Beautiful statue of Goddess of Mercy
During the visit to Cheng Huang Miao, I've found inspiration for my new art project. That shows that the myth of crossing the bridge was true! My inspiration came from the koi fishes in the pond.

Can you see my shadow???

If you have the time, do try the Nanxiang Steamed Bun. I wouldn't suggest you to dine in the restaurant because the queue is crazy! Go to the outer sell and take away some of their best seller siao long bao.

The queue on the outer sell was super long. I think there was approximately 100 people queuing to buy the steamed bun. That's why I think dining in the restaurant wouldn't be a good idea.

A section of the queue outside Nanxiang Steamed Bun
And if you understand Chinese, check out the story teller booth.

It seems very interesting. The story is about old China emperor, but I'm not too sure because my Chinese isn't that good. 10 yuan for a 3 minutes of gibberish.... I think I will pass that.

But I am still curious what's inside that peep hole.

If you're going to Shanghai, Cheng Huang Miao is really worth your visit. Do check it out.

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