Aug 15, 2012

Road Trip from Hangzhou to Suzhou

To get to Suzhou from Hangzhou, you have two choices.... (1) by train, which only takes 45 minutes, or (2) by car, which will take about 2 and half hour. Of course, we took the longer route.

There are a lot of things I discovered on the road, which I don't think I can learn through train ride. Although train ride saves a lot of time and don't risk getting stuck in traffic jam, the road trip experience is priceless. One thing I cannot forget is...... I SAW A BIRD GOT ELECTROCUTED ON THE POWER POLE ANCHOR!!!! The journey begin to get a little boring... and suddenly there was something glittery, sparkling and shining on the power pole anchor. I waited until the car passed by the scene and then I got a clearly view  of a bird struggling while electrocuted. It's such a pity.... I hope the birdie is happy now in heaven.

We stopped by Wu Fang Zhai, a place which sells Chinese dumpling shop at a R&R site. This place opens 24 hours and has variety of flavors for you to choose from.

I choose the salted egg yolk, which is my favorite!!!!

If you're not a fan of dumplings, there are a lot of other food for you to choose from.... herbal tea eggs, fried chicken, smelly tofu, etc..

If you ever stop by this R&R on your road trip, don't ever buy the coffee however tempting it is. I thought it would be a good idea to get myself a cup of coffee to keep myself awake during the road trip, but it turned out to be the worst idea. I had slight stomache. Lucky enough, it only got worse when we reached Suzhou, so I managed to go to the toilet in the hotel just in time.

It was quite a pleasant journey. The highway was smooth and not bumpy. I will do a longer route. Perhaps from Shanghai to Beijing?

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