Aug 25, 2012

Oriental Pearl TV Tower Shanghai

One of my travel goal is to visit all the iconic observation tower in the world. This time I had my chance to visit the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai, which is also the tallest structure in the entire China.

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is 468m high and has 14 floors. So tall but only has 14 floors. Wtf! Speaking of resources wastage.... It was completed in 1994. Initially, the tallest tower in China was supposed to be the Shanghai World Financial Center. But it was completed much later in 2008. This is the poor guy... The one that looks like a bottle opener....

Besides opened for public observation, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower also serves as communication tower, hotel premise and some restaurants. If you're planning for a visit at the observation deck, I would advise you to go as early as you can. The opening hour is at 8am. As it gets later, the place is sworn in with thousands of tourist daily. And they only have 6 elevators, which is not enough to accommodate for everyone. Therefore, the entrance line is always long. We waited close to one hour before getting to the top.

The cute but lazy guard dog at the queue 

The observation deck is pretty typical but the view is simply magnificent. I particularly love the view of The Bund. Each of the building is designed in palladian style and they line up really decently along the waterfront.

I would not suggest you to waste too much time at the observation deck because the floor below has better scenery as the floor board is made out of glass.

If you're afraid of height, this might be a problem. A lot of tourist standing, sitting, sleeping and jumping on the glass floor. It felt as if it is going to crack anytime soon sending you 400m below.

Hello... I'm a ginnie. I can float in the air.  

As I was making my way through the first floor with the thought of leaving the place, I saw this really cute ala British post box outside the post office. I had to cam whore! However, the staff in the post office wasn't that friendly though. I asked her how much was the stamp to send a postcard back to Malaysia and she answered me with a simple "I don't know" and didn't bother to check for me. I think she wasn't that pleased to see us walking into the store.

We really thought... "That was it! That's the end of our 80 yuan". But later.... we found this....

It is the entrance to a wax museum!!!! Remember not to leave the tower too soon after you're done at the observatory deck. Go check out the first floor too!

The wax museum is a timeline museum of Shanghai. It started with pre-France (or is it British) era and the timeline continues until present days. The wax figures are all in life size and the settings of the museum makes you feel like you really traveled back to the future.

At a trial. Accused were to kneel in front of a Western judge. And the Chinese guy sitting next to the judge is the interpreter. This shows how the Western dominate the judiciary during those days. 

They use to call Shanghai as Changhai.

This man here reminded me of A. Samad Said. My brother pointed out to me first and I thought.... Oh my... It's him!!! 

View of Nanking Street

My brother had stomache and we had to send him to the clinic. LOL!!!

I think of all the observatory tower that I've been to, Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai is probably the most interesting. The highlight being the wax museum makes it totally worth it to visit.

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nice legs and nice views!

Danny said...

Last I was there, all the city had to show was haze. :(


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