Aug 12, 2012

How to avoid boisterous China tourist

Travelling in China, there is one thing you cannot avoid.... boisterous China tourist! Because China is so big in terms of its geographical surface and population, you will tend to meet China tourists that come from outback village. The city people are fine. But the village people are a different species. They are rowdy, rude, lack of manners and have extremely bad attitude.

Here’s how to avoid those people... Visit the places that they won’t normally visit. One way is to go to places that you have to pay for entrance. These people don’t enjoy paying for sight seeing, if there is a place that requires ticket purchase, you don’t find a lot of them there.

Well, I am not done with my Cheng Huang Miao visit on my last post. One turn off in Cheng Huang Miao is..... you’ve guessed it right... rowdy Chinese tourist! But there is a place you can enjoy the serenity and calm.... it is the Yu Yuan Garden.

Yu Yuan Garden is a private garden of Lieutenant Governor of Sichuan. The garden is so calm, so serene and relaxing compared to the crowd outside the Cheng Huang Miao...

A lot of people think that Yu Yuan Garden and Cheng Huang Miao are the same, actually they are not. Yu Yuan Garden indeed is located inside Cheng Huang Miao after you walk across the zigzag Jiu Qu bridge, you’ll find yourself at the ticketing counter of Yu Yuan Garden.

The ticket for entrance is 30 yuan. But if you have your student card with you, you will enjoy 50% discount. The student discount is only available for full-time undergraduate or school students only. Obviously I am no longer eligible for the student discount, but I insisted my brother to give me his student card and voila... he got the discount!

The main hall kinda looks like any of our Chinese great grandparents house...

The main highlight of this place is the garden. The Lieutenant Governor built this garden in honour of his father. What a great son!

If you manage to buy that Nanxiang bun outside the Cheng Huang Miao, bring it in here and sit by the garden to enjoy your delicacy. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t have the chance to get it because of the long queue. Or else it would have been a great experience.

And if you’re a fan of Chinese antiques, there is an antique specialty shop inside Yu Yuan Garden.

I would advise you to be very careful when you’re buying your antiques here. Know your stuff before making a purchase unless the price is extremely cheap. I think I spotted some fakes there. However I am not entirely sure of my conscience. Just be cautious, that’s my advice.

That 30 yuan I paid for the entrance was totally worth it for my sanity to get away from those rowdy crowds of Chinese tourist. Thank God for Yu Yuan Garden!

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