Aug 6, 2012

Bon Odori Penang 2012

This was few weeks ago but I just have to blog it.

Bon Odori in Penang is legendary compared to the one in Shah Alam. I've missed it many times because I was away. But this year I know I couldn't miss it since I'm back in Penang.

The festival is supposed to be Obon. Bon Odori is technically just the dance performed during the festival. I don't know why in Malaysia, the festival is known as Bon Odori instead of the proper term Obon.

In Japan, Obon is a tradition to honor spirits of our ancestors that passed away. During this period of time, families will gather together and make offerings to their ancestors. But these days, it is an excuse to gather together and celebrate instead. Although it has lost its proper meaning, nonetheless, we still had fun.

I wore my yukata. Lady Alie did the same. We had so much fun. I didn't take a lot of photos because it was pack!!!!!! I lost my family and the phone line got disconnected. Sadly I didn't manage to meet up with a few friends.

I love the photo so much, I decorated it with purikura graphics. LOL!

I remember Bon Odori was way more fun when I was in high school. We used to have food stalls from five stars hotel restaurants selling bento and sushi at really cheap price. And there was wish lantern release to the sky, as well as candle boat to release to the sea. Perhaps because of environmental purposes they've stop the activities.

By the time I arrived, all the games booth were closed. I was thinking of catching some gold fishes at the stall to bring home as pet but they were all finished. I promised my cousin to bring her to the yoyo balloon stall, and it was closed as well.

Nonetheless, it was a pretty eventful weekend for me. My family had steamboat at my second uncle's place. We had so much food, I think it's enough to feed the entire village.

After dinner we headed to Esplanade for Bon Odori and had our little picnic next to the stage.

My grandma enjoying her ice cold beer. It was a warm night that day.

My cousins playing at the field.

Next year I'll wear my maroon furisode if I have the chance to go again. I hope I'll be back in Penang again at that time. 

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