Jul 24, 2012

Weekend trip to Kuala Kubu Bharu

My friend, Christine, told me about the good things in her hometown Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB) for the past decade. I never had the chance to visit the place. Last time when we were in college, she used to be my neighbor and every weekend her parents will bring us good food all the way from KKB. Finally... after years... I managed to spend a weekend at her place.

This is the view of the new dam which is located on the way to Fraser Hill. 

Can you see the layers of mountains??? It's so peaceful and relaxing.

The old dam broke and drown the old Kuala Kubu. The entire town is already under water now. Previously it was called Kuala Kubu, but after they rebuild the town, it is now called Kuala Kubu Bharu. The  old underwater town is known as Kuala Kubu Lama after that. There were many theories on how the dam broke. The one I know is......

A white crocodile appeared in the dam and Cecil Ranking (the British district officer back then) tried to shoot the crocodile, he missed it and shot the wall of the dam and it broke.

Since then the place is called Ampang Pecah (means broken dam). And this is the old dam and underneath lies the old Kuala Kubu.

I will try to find out more myth about the white crocodile and the broken dam. It seems different people have different story. But from all the stories I heard, they all have one thing in common... Everyone hates Cecil Ranking. He seems to me like a dumb blonde (from their stories).

There's a bridge connecting the two banks called Jambatan Gantung (hanging bridge).

Let me warn you... DO NOT CROSS THE BRIDGE!!!! The whole thing is rusty and about time to collapse. I was lucky I didn't fall into the river. Or else I would probably join the rest of the civilians that got drown in the flood of the old dam.

This is Kuala Kubu Bharu town in a glance.

If you're interest in the history of KKB, do stop by the first rojak stall you see. The owner tries his best to preserve the history, so he set up his own mini museum in the rojak stall.

Photograph of the old Kuala Kubu.

There are still a lot of these artifacts in the jungle. My friend and I are determined to go for an excursion to look for these artifacts when we're free. 

Cecil Ranking's tomb stone. Quite pathetic. It doesn't have any writing on it. One could possibly mistaken this as pipe crossing above ground.

We found this abandoned bungalow in the residence, which is haunted apparently...

We attempted to get into it to check out the remains inside. Unfortunately the bungalow is standing on a high rise ground, it was quite hard for us to climb up. We weren't in proper attire anyway. Besides, crossing over to the bungalow land was a challenge. There were so many thorny bushes.

This is the closest we could get....

Maybe next time... I'm always into all these paranormal thing. Hopefully I can capture some paranormal activity there like how I did in Pudu Jail

The Goddess of Mercy Temple which my friend's grandpa helped build...

Initially I wanted to ask for blessings before my exam, but praying in the temple can be quite complicated. In the end, I forgot to ask for anything except putting all the offerings on the alter =.="

There are free Buddha's teaching books available for free in the temple.

You can take as many as you can, but be considerate to others who really need it. As for me, I took this pictorial book about karma. It's quite entertaining...

Now I know why I'm not married in this life... I used to commit adultery in my previous life. WTF!

But one thing I am sure... in my next life, I will be pretty!!! LOL!!!

And lastly... if you go to KKB, you have to go white water rafting. We didn't have proper attire so we just had our feet soaked in the river...

Trying not to get our feet bitten by the leech. There are plenty at the side of the bank. 

The current of the river is quite strong. Although you can't see it from the photo, it can bring a huge bull down the stream.

I still want my white water rafting!!!!!!!

I hope you like the photos. Till next time. 


ahlost said...

this Kuala Kubu Bharu looks nice. Shall go visit it one day :)

lww said...

thanks for the info, shall pay a visit one day.


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