Jul 31, 2012

Kedai Cheong Fong Dry Curry Mee in Kalumpang

I don't normally blog about food, but this..... I must share because it's freaking awesome!!! This place is so humble although the food was damn good. I think they deserve a buzz.

During my trip to Kuala Kubu Bharu, my friend's parents brought us to Kalumpang (which is the next next town) for dry curry mee. I've only eaten soupy curry mee before in my life, so this is something new to me.

The curry mee is not spicy at all but it has the rich curry flavor. And they're very generous with the ingredients.

There's chicken, char siew and fish cake in it. I love the char siew the most. There's no coloring to the char siew and it tasted honey sweet. And I think they make their own noodles. I didn't ask to confirm, but it doesn't taste like any other yellow noodle that I've eaten before. There's no taste of alkaline water in their noodle, which is a very good thing.

Remember to also order the steam bread and half boiled eggs.

 The half boiled eggs were prepared using metal mug so that the entire egg is evenly cooked (or half boiled).

Make sure you also try the local coffee.

My first time seeing Tan Ngan Lo drinks in a glass bottle. In the city we only have the canned ones.

Kedai Cheong Fong is located in a sleepy town called Kalumpang. It is directly opposite the police station. If you lost your way, you can just ask for direction to the police station. It's easy to spot the shop since there are not many stores left in operation. Or you can follow the GPSC N03° 38.379' E 101° 34.389'.  

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