Jul 2, 2012

How to cook Spicy Penguin Meat

Love exotic food? Ever tried penguin meat before? Here I'm going to teach you how to cook Spicy Penguin Meat. 

You need all these ingredients for the paste....

China onions, ginger, dried chilies, few cloves of garlic, belacan and lemongrass. Blend them in a food processor. Make sure you leave a bit of onion and garlic for cooking later.

You should get something like sambal paste in the end. Then heat up your pan with oil. Add the remaining garlic and onion into the oil. Stir until fragrant.

Here comes the penguin meat.

You can get these Penguin Meat from any Chinese convenient stores in Australia. Cut them in chunks.

Add the sambal paste into the pan and stir fry for a little while. Then add the penguin meat into the pan. It should be thoroughly cooked in 8 minutes or so.

Serve and garnish it with parsley and a slice of lemon. They taste like chicken.


Actually, the canned penguin is....

... a soft toy penguin that packed in a can. I saw this in a nearby souvenir shop downstairs my house in Tasmania and bought it for my friend Christine. She still kept it in the original form and refused to open the can. I wouldn't eat a penguin anyway because they are too cute! Well... chicken is ok. Because chicken is ugly, so I don't feel guilty eating them.

Happy Monday everyone!!!!

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Ben Parksons said...

I have never eaten a Penguin meat so far. And reading this post about it makes me so curious. The picture of the finish product looks good. But isn’t eating penguin against animal laws?

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