Mar 1, 2012

Le Wish List

It's my birthday month!!!!!!! I almost forgotten about my own birthday until all the loyalty card starts to email me for special discounts on my birthday. I'm sooooooo busy, no joke! Anyway, if you're going to get me some presents, here's my very practical wishlist.

  1. Toothpaste (particularly Darlie brand because I hate the smell of other toothpaste. I'll gag whenever I use different brand). And preferably more than one tube because I'm too busy to get them myself.
  2. Pantene shampoo, also more than one bottle please. And specifically that nature whatevershit in green bottle. My housemate bought the wrong one and my scalp is getting oilier wash after wash. 
  3. Artline 660 highlighter in light blue and orange. I'm running out of highlighters for my studies. 
  4. MAC Studio Fix foundation in shade number 30.
  5. A wordpress template, particularly this one for my NGO Voice of Women (this is what I've been busy about lately. I have my own registered NGO to help build next generation of women leaders. Yay! Will blog about this soon, I promise) 
  6. Book - The Devil's Advocate by Iain Morley QC. For some reason I can't find this book in most of the bookstore. MPH told me the 1U branch and Mid Valley branch has it. Same excuse for me... I have no time to get it.

Yup... that's. My wishlist is so simple, inexpensive, practical and easy to find.

And I'm most excited going back Penang for my birthday. I can't wait to see my grandma. The mister is driving me back because his money changing shop is opening. I feel kinda weird that he opens a money changing shop. I thought only Indian and mamak run money changer. No racism remark here. I'm just stating the obvious, just like you never seen Malay selling herbal tea by the roadside. OK... I still don't know why he is opening the shop. As long as I can go back to Penang, I'm happy. 

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