Mar 28, 2012

Home Deco Ideas That Cost You Zero Money

A lot of you thought that home decorations will cost a lot of money and it's not worth buying useless things for display purposes only. It is wrong. Pretty home decorations depend on your creativity, not how fat your pocket is. Simply look around you, you can pick up anything as home decorations - fruits, cloth, paper bags, basically anything.

Personally, I like to use fashion accessories as home decor because they are pretty by itself (well, if it's not pretty then I wouldn't own it in the first place). If you arrange it in a way like how the boutique does, then it won't clutter your space. That way you can kill 2 birds with one stone - using it as home decor and at the same time storing your goods neatly.

Usually the fashion pieces that I use as decor would be statement rings, necklace, dresses, shoes, clutches, and perfume bottles.

Find dresses that compliment your wall color and your bed sheet. Hang them on and it will blend in as part of decor in your room. 

Pick your favorite shoe or clutch and place them in an obvious place like on the table or dresser. They look great with some embellishment such as miniature eiffel tower or photo frame or vase or flowers or anything. Put them together and you'll have a set of decor on your table.

Perfume bottles are my favorite decor items. They're so pretty and you cannot go wrong with it. Well, it smells nice too.

Hang your necklace on the wall with pretty hangers, it will instantly turn into a wall decor. It is also easier to organize your necklace when you hang them so they won't get tangled easily.

They say don't judge a book by its cover. But books with beautiful covers can make a perfect home decor. Pick up some of your books with pretty cover and put it on the chair (it was Carrie Bradshaw who started the trend of stacking up books on the chair. Not her old apartment, the books are all stacked on top of the old turquoise chair) or on your coffee table. 

If you have clear jars, fill it with smaller items such as buttons, candy, rings, beans or any colorful stuff in that matter. Pretty box is a must have for home decor. You can always hide un-glamorous stuff inside such as plaster, rubber bands, name cards, etc.

Anyway, I hope you like this post. I'll share with you some other home decor ideas the next time.


Anonymous said...

where did you get all these beautiful images?

Grazie said...

My apartments in lisle il could use these decors. They're so unique and high fashion.

Lisa said...

The pretty hangers is an outstanding idea, thanks for the share!@LisaHome Interiors


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