Jan 19, 2012


I have so many things to tell you about Disneyland and I can’t make up my mind where to begin.  To make things easier, I’m going to separate it into 3 parts. First off, I will start off with all the Disneyland parks. Secondly, I will go on to show you guys the restaurants and cafes around Disneyland. And lastly, I will end with the Disneyland hotels. 

Hong Kong Disneyland has 5 areas, (1) the Main Street, USA, (2) Adventureland, (3) Tomorrowland, (4) Fantasyland and (5) the new Toy Story Land.

Our tickets!

 We are smart enough to get the Fastpass. They’re like magic card! You can skip queues at the rides, which can help you save a lot of time. I recommend everyone to get this!

Here is the main entrance:

Spotted my favourite Tinkerbell at the entrance walkway. The entrance walkway is quite a long walk. But as you stroll along the entrance, the long walk will definitely get you into the mood.

After the walkway, you’ll reach the ticketing area. After you checked in, the first place you will find is the Main Street, USA. There are two rows of shops and cafes here that are designed in a way they resemble neo-Georgian architecture.

You won’t find any ride here, however, the Flights of Fantasy parade will be held here everyday. You can check out the time table <<here>> because the parade time changes from time to time. This is one attraction of Disneyland that you can’t miss. I would advise you to take the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad at Main Street USA once you arrived to get a grand tour before you start your adventure. 

Isn’t she just stunning or what?

And it’s my favourite Tinkerbell again!!!

I don’t want you guys to miss the fun, so I recorded a short video of it. You’ll love it

As you walk straight ahead on the Main Street, you’ll arrive at the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

It is the most stunning building in the entire Disneyland and you can see it from almost everywhere in the park. The night view is really magical!

When you walk across to the other side of the castle, it is the Fantasyland.

This is my favourite park because it has a lot of characters back in “my era” so I feel like a kid again when I walk around Fantasyland. It is also very princessy, that’s why I love it a lot.

I wasn’t really enthusiastic over the Cinderella Carousel (which is a marry-go-round) and Mad Hatter Tea Cups, but I really love The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. They make you sit in a honey-pot and the honey-pot will through a track of Winnie the Pooh storyline. 

Also, in Fantasyland, you MUST go to the Mickey’s PhilharMagic 4D show. It is a musical show with 4D effect. It is a simple story of how Donald Duck chasing after Mickey’s hat with a lot of musical clips in between.

This is how it looks like without the 3D glasses.

It looks more 3D and alive in real life than in photos. It has water splashing on to your face, and wind blowing across the theatre. I really enjoyed the show. Oh...at the end of the show, make sure you look towards where Donald flew off. I missed the part where he hit the wall because it was behind me instead of on the screen.

There’s another show that you shouldn’t miss. That is the Golden Mickey show. All the performers are of Broadway standard.

The Beauty and the Beast stage is really grand! At that moment, I was just mesmerized with the stage, the song, the dance and everything. I wanted to tear because Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney movie of all time. And I finally can see it live! And it looks so real right in front of my eyes.

At the Adventureland, you’ll find the park decorated with jungle theme. It gives a total different feeling from other park. It feels so serene as the place is surrounded by rainforest trees and waterfalls.

If you love Tarzan, this is the place you definitely don’t want to miss. Take a raft to the Tarzan’s Treehouse, climb to the treetop and there are a lot of musical instruments to play with. It’s more of a kiddy thing though.

If your legs get tired by then, take the river cruise, sit back and enjoy the mysterious rivers of adventure.

I managed to watch the Festival of Lion King. It is another MUST watch because the musical is really awesome.

The performers sing through the story of the Lion King and I recognized a lot of Lion King soundtracks in this show.Hakuna Matata... what a wonderful day...

Right opposite the Adventureland is the Tomorrowland. 

This place has all the futuristic theme. Although I don’t like anything robotic and futuristic, I find the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters was quite fun. You will be given a task to help Buzzlightyear save the universe from evil Emperor Zurg. All you have to do is to shot as many sign you can and gain points. 

Also, remember to take the Space Mountain roller coaster. I heard it is awesome but I didn’t manage to take the ride because Yvonne was being a chicken. 

If you think “Been there, done that” since most of the parks also available in other Disneylands, you have to visit the Toy Story Land because it is exclusive in Asia only.

All the rides here are new and never been seen before in other Disneylands.

First, we took the Slinky Dog Spin. It is a mild roller coaster, I would call it.

Then I went for Toy Soldier Parachute Drop. At first, we were planning to kick our shoes down from the top.


But the staff came over and asked us to remove our shoes.

Soldiers without shoes landing from the parachute!

What I love the most in this park is....

The RC Racer!

This thrill ride speeds back and forth in a U-shape track. Almost sends me heart attack but I still love it.  

After all the rides, we headed back to the Main Street USA for dinner. As we were having our dinner, fireworks at the Beauty and the Beast Castle was about to start. We left our dinner plates and rushed out to the street for the main agenda of the day. Although they call it fireworks show, but it is more like a performance. There are Disney soundtracks playing throughout the show and the colourful lights dances according to the rhythm, while fireworks blasting behind the castle.

I know the photos won’t make justice to the awesomeness of the fireworks show, so I’ve recorded part of the fireworks to show you guys.

It took us two days to explore the entire Hong Kong Disneyland. Even that, we had to miss a few things – It’s a small world show, Snow White Grotto where you can make a wish in the wishing well, Stitch encounter and Animation Academy where you get to learn how to draw Disney characters.

Next post I’ll show you all the cute and good food in Disneyland.

P/S: More 300+ photos in my Hong Kong Disneyland album. "Like" my page to view!

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Anonymous said...

Love this. My own post on it coming soon. Missed the Lion King show though, they suspended it temporarily :(

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Love it.... I wanna go!!!!!

Maybe I'll go during winter! and see the Christmas parade!

The fireworks are lovely :D

Kimura said...

I been there before too its very fun.

Kimura Wong said...

What a marvellous tips and story... love it... Great!! Great photos... Will surely visit there 1 fine day.... :D

zhang ziliang said...

very good post....
very useful to us, next time.. follow your post to visit the park. it will be funny


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