Jan 25, 2012


Like I’ve mentioned in my earlier post, we wanted to stay in the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel at first. Unfortunately it was fully booked. The hotel staff told us that the place is always fully booked. If we really want to stay there, we have to book at least three months earlier. You know what’s with the high demand? When you see the photos below you will know..... It’s so beautiful like heaven!

Although we didn’t stay there, we still manage to go there for the restaurants, take photos around the place... basically we just can’t access to the room.

That’s the lobby of the hotel. As we were walking around, we found this magnificent staircase with a really huge chandelier.

It reminds me of the scene where Cinderella rushing back before 12, so I asked Yvonne to act the Cinderella scene there...

At the courtyard, there’s a Mickey Maze.

The maze is real ok... As it is real plant not artificial one!!!

Don’t know why I camwhore with the staircase. It looks so nice in real life, I feel obliged to do so.

Hello people... Welcome to my house!

This is the best view of the hotel building. Nice right? It looks like a white castle!!!

Princess Yvonne of Ampangshire.

Because we can’t stay there, but still want to stay in Disneyland, we had to check in to Disney Hollywood Hotel. It is totally different environment. I feel like I’m back in the 1950s when Hollywood was in the most glamorous era.

Walk and walk and walk.... And we found...

  Old classic cars!!!! 

Again lor... never bring nice dress for camwhoring :( All my photos would be perfect if I have a white halter dress. With the wind so strong, I could be Marilyn Monroe. 


Grandma said, a girl shouldn’t show other people her room because it is a private chamber. Oh well.... I think I have to let you guys check out our room because it's so huge!

The bed is so huge!!! I think we could bring another two guests. I swear I didn’t roll off the bed. 

The vanity...

Please ignore all the makeups, etc... As the hotel didn’t come with the mess. But it comes with super cute toiletries set in Mickey cup.

The shower gel and shampoo also in Mickey bottles.

The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, Disney's Hollywood Hotel and the Disneyland Park are not exactly in the same place. You can walk, but why should you walk... When there’s free shuttle service!   

The shuttles come very frequent. I don’t think I waited for it at all.

And if you want to get out of (or in to) the resort, there’s train service. With its own platform!

Look like London tube station right? The train is also embellished with Disney theme.

3 days and 2 nights in Hong Kong Disneyland is not enough for us. There are so many things we missed out and there are still a lot of nice photo spots that we failed to visit. Right now we are planning to go back there as soon as possible. I felt quite sad to leave because we had an awesome time there. It’s not just a getaway or a holiday... we did felt like a kid all over again. Our stress and worries were totally non-existence the moment we stepped into Disneyland until our feet left the place. 

Actually......... I did have stress there. My only concern is that I didn’t bring nice clothes to take photos!!! Before I went there, I didn’t know what to expect from the place so I just simply pack my clothes. Now that I know, I really wished I brought nice dresses. That’s one more reason for us to go back!

Hong Kong Disneyland.... we’ll be right back!

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pimalai said...

The rooms look great and the hotel itself looks like some fairy tail castle. I suddenly regret staying at another hotel when I was in Honk Kong.

Mars said...

I would like to ask if you can sneak in 1-2 persons at this hotel? I don't intend to be a cheapskate or anything but if the beds are HUGE just like you said, you can definitely sneak in someone else. But are the hotel staff strict?

Thanks for answering. (or not) lol

Jerine said...

Mars: There are a lot of people in the lobby all the time, I don't think the receptionist would even notice. As long as you guys don't make excessive noise then it shouldn't be a problem.

nurshamila said...

wow thats amazing. dont know how i found this blog, but your writing was awesome, sis.

next time, take me with u k


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