Jul 7, 2011


I'm so busy lately. Just got a batch of new assignments today. 102 new files, which also means I'm going to help bring in more money for my company. Yay! I don't have the extra time to take photos and post up on this blog until I'm done doing what I suppose to do at work. But, I will drop you some tips now and then, so that you will have something new to read on this blog.

A lot of friends asked me, "Oh my God, you have so many makeups. Are you going to finish using them? Later spoil then waste money only." I really can't use all my makeups until they're clean finished. But I can always prolong the lifespan of your makeups.

Here are some quick tips:

1. Don't store your makeups in the bathroom
When you use hot shower, the vapors tend to spoil your makeups, especially the powder form like eyeshadow and blush. The moisture in bathroom will also encourage bacteria growth, as you know bacterias activity is at the optimum when it's around 37 degrees, and that's the temperature when you're showering. Make sure your storage is always dry.

2. Wash your brushes often
When you don't wash your brushes, bacteria will grow on the bristles and when the bristles touch the makeup, it will transfer some of the bacterias on to your makeup. If you're using liquid base makeups, your brushes should be cleaned twice every week. And for powder form makeups, once a week.

3. Keep away from sunlight/heat
The heat will melt your liquid based makeups. And for the powder based makeup, the sunlight will cause discoloration. Also keep away from heat. If you have a heater, make sure it doesn't face directly to your makeups.

4. Always clean your vanity
Clean your vanity at least once a month. Get some bacteria wipes to clean the table and if you're really hardworking, clean the outside of every individual bottle of your makeup. If you're not really that hardworking, or if you have too much makeup products, clean those which you use the most, such as your favorite foundation bottle.

5. Don't place your makeup products near the window
That's where weird objects/dust land on your makeups and you can't even see them with your naked eye. And it will also prevent from direct heat and sunlight.

For liquid based makeup products, they tend to last at most a year if you already open the package. If it's brand new sealed then you can store them up to two years.

For powder based makeup products, they can last up to five years, if you really take care of them. If it's brand new in the package then it can last up to seven years. I don't kid you. Make sure you take good care of them then you can stretch usage period.

I hope those tips can help you protect your makeups so you don't have to keep buying them


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

thanks for the tips. they are very useful

Jerine said...

Thank you girl.


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