Jul 3, 2011


Currently this is my favorite color of all the reds from OPI.

It's a Christmas-like red color, almost like those metallic orb ornament color you hang on the Christmas tree. It is similar with Ali's Big Break, but An Affair in Red Square is a little bit brighter.

I wore this to watch Transformer 3. I wanted to paint red and blue for Optimus Prime color. An Affair in Red Square + Yoga-ta Get This Blue would be the perfect color. Unfortunately I don't have any blue nail polish. Hmmm... Jerine, it's time to invest more.

Have you guys watch Transformers 3 yet? I think this one just so-so... It is too draggy in the beginning and towards the end the plot keep rushing to meet the end. (I hope this is not much of a spoiler if you haven't watch yet). Nonetheless, 3D Max was awesome!!! I went with the rest of TKSS Gang, such a good company and we haven't hangout that much lately.

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