Jul 9, 2011


Sorry girls... still no makeup & beauty post on this blog. I'm so busy doing research for Bersih legality, so I might as well post it up on this blog for the benefit of anyone who stumble upon this.

Previously, I blogged about what happen if you're confronted by police office during Bersih rally. And this post I will list down possible laws that may apply (or already applied).

Penal Code

S.141 - Unlawful assembly of five or more persons

S.147 - Rioting

S.156 - Affray

S.268 - Invoked against pickets or demonstrators who obstruct public highways.

Police Act

S.26 - Police may erect barriers in any public place to control the movement of persons or vehicles.

S.30 - Police may regulate use of loud speaker (if there is any loud speaker during the rally), in order to prevent disturbance of peace.

S.31 - Police can make orders to require person to remain indoors up to a period of 24 hours. The Minister of Home Affairs can extend this period to 14 days.

S.27(2) - All assemblies require a police license from OCPD (Officer in Charge of Police District) and one must apply for the license 14 days in advance. The licensee must assume all resposibilities for the entire conduct of the rally (i.e. police can refuse to assist in security matter during such event). The OCPD has the power to grant or reject the application. Approved application may be revoked. Or conditional license may be granted if necessary to protect interest of security or maintenance of peace.

S.27(5) - If three or more participants in the assembly disobey any police order, the entire essembly shall be deemed unlawful and all the participants shall be guilty of criminal offence. You guys better pray no monkeys there to create problem.

S.26 - Police may set up road blocks for the purpose of preserving law and order.

Internal Security Act (the Act that everyone is afraid of )

S.3 - Home Minister may prohibit any organizations or associations of a political character. Once prohibited, the organization cannot apply for police license to hold assembly. Prior approved application for assembly will be deemed invalid if the organization is prohibited by HM.

S.47 - Yang di-Pertuan Agong may proclaim any area in this country as a "security area". Any person in the area may subject to curfew, and anyone outside this area may be prohibited from entering.

If you're going to the rally, remember to stay safe. Put own safety as your priority. Yes, you're patriotic, but we're fighting for electoral reform and not in war. Therefore the country's interest can come next.

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