May 21, 2011


Yesterday morning I did what I do as usual, reading the news. It was a momentary happiness when I saw that minimum wage policy will be implemented. And then the happiness was taken away when government warn us to prepare for price increase in many products.

At the rate inflation is going, there is no way we can cope with it. Especially being a girl, we have really a lot of things to buy - toiletries, makeups, clothes, etc. Here are some simple ways you can opt to save some money for rainy days at the same time, you can have a healthy diet for the purpose of slimming.

1. Drink only plain water when you're eating out. At the same time you can cut down on sugar intake. The average price of a glass of drinks is RM7 and if you resist ordering it, you can save up to RM49 a week.

2. Eat only fresh fruits for snacks. Avoid buying unhealthy snacks like Pringles, Aunty Anne's, etc. You probably can save RM35 a week.

3. Buy cheaper makeups. Sometimes makeup brands that are available in the pharmacy counter can be as good as makeups like Chanel and Dior. If you finally found the right product, you can save RM50 a week.

4. Do your own manicure while you're watching drama. Manicure is a simple thing to learn, there is no need to go to the manicurist every week. You can save RM60 by doing your own manicure.

5. Cut down on mamak and use the time to get earlier sleep. All that unhealthy food actually cost you RM50 a week. Isn't it better to use the time and pay back your sleeping debt?

If you stick to the 5 steps above, you can save RM244 a week and that's RM976 extra in a month!!!!!


nicole said...

They give the good news then the bad. Clever...

Anonymous said...

what abt smokers?


Yvonne Yong said...

eh. this explains -> rofl (not spam!)

Coffee Bean. said...

At least Sasha Ratnam has helped others.

What charitable/social work have you done?

I digress.

LOL...exactly, and the anonymous above asked.
What about smokers?


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