May 24, 2011


There are crazy amount of fake OPIs out there. And I almost couldn't believe it that some irresponsible saloon sold them openly in their stores. The other day, Michelle and I were discussing on how to spot a real OPI nail polish, and I think I should post this up to let all of you OPI fans to know.

The real OPI brush has an embossed logo on the top of the brush. It is quite hard to see it. My advice is to push the paint downwards against the bottle head repeatedly. Because the logo is embossed, you can feel the rough texture.

Original OPI has some code number at the top of each bottle. I'm not really sure what these codes stand for. It is quite hard to see it, but it is there if you take a look properly at the bottle.

At the bottom of each bottle, there is another code printed in black.

You can see the same code on the sticker at the bottom of the bottle. There is also color code. Make sure the color code matches the name of the color. You will have to refer to OPI website for the color code.

There is a "peel here" sign on the sticker. If you peel it, there is a list of ingredients. And on the other part of the sticker, the color name and code are printed on it. There is no way you can stick back the "peel here" tab.

OPI also has a lot of mini bottle collections. For the mini ones, there is no sticker stuck to the bottom of the bottle. However, the color code is printed there.

To prove my above points, I went to SS2 pasar malam last night to buy some fake OPI with Tzethon. The bigger bottle cost RM10 and the mini ones cost RM2. With a little bit of flirting with the pasar malam guy, we got 2 mini bottles for free.

To my surprise... The brush has the embossed OPI logo too! Talking about real fake...

The top of the bottle has the code too!!!! I must find out what are those codes for.

However, the name and the code of the color is totally wrong. The blue nail polish here called Funny Bunny.

And it's funny how I have the real OPI Funny Bunny which is in white color.

The sticker at the bottom of the bottle is poorly stuck.

As for their mini collection, the bottle has sticker stuck at the bottom, with Korean words... Korean words???

The obvious thing that I spotted on the fake OPI is, it doesn't have code printed at the bottom of the bottle.

The color name and code is wrong.

The nude color I bought from pasar malam is called Baguette Me Not. When I googled the color, Baguette Me Not is actually red color like this:

To know if your O.P.I. is real or fake, check out the colors on their OPI Nail Studio. It is like an application where you can click on the colors to match your skin color and nail length. It is really fun to try playing with that application.

Since I've bought so many fake OPIs. I will try on the fake ones and compare with the real OPI. Come back here next week for the result. Let's see if the fake OPI are as good as the real ones.


Yvonne Yong said...

ei, how about base coat? my base code don't have logo and code. why ar. -.- can't remember where i bought this. i think at colour culture pavilion wtf =.=

Jerine said...

That one I'm not sure lah. But my base coat has wor... And I also bought from Colour Couture but in Bangsar.

Miss N Iorangi said...

Thank you this helped me alot, because im living in new zealand, OPI nail polishes are very expensive here $25-35 each, all depends. And while i was reading your article i was also looking at all my 6 OPI nail polishes and going through each and every one of them at the same time checking to make sure it right and it all is woho :), buying OPI polishes here in NZ I am fussy with it coz i dont want to get ripped off and im sure we have fake ones here. i have brought from salons and online and now i can trust them. I love OPI polishes and in the process of collecting them so this helped me big time.

Also the back label do you know much about that aswel???? & I have a Top Coat & Base Coat and they have codes on them ? hope thats right?

Thank You so much :)

jaya said...

Thank you so much for this post. For whatever reason faux-pi are a major pet peeve for me :/ I appreciate all your attention to detail! :)

Kiss & makeup said...

Great post thank you, check out soon :)

Anonymous said...

I recently bought the red OPI polish, Big Apple Red, and in comparison to ALL photos online, and even the OPI website, the colour I have is much darker! It appears to be a legitimate OPI, and has all of the things you pointed out a real OPI polish should have. Still, the colour just seems completely different! (More a dark blue-red rather than the warm shade that appears online). Does anybody know anything about this?Do shades often differ in reality opposed to online? Does anybody own this shade?


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