May 20, 2011


Few weeks back, I bought plenty of Anna Sui cosmetics and finally I've tried them all to let you know which is good and which doesn't suit you.

1. Protective Loose Powder

I regretted that I didn't buy this because the casing is so nice and it matches the furniture in my room.

2. Secret Wish

My No.1 fragrance. Later I discovered that some of my friends also using the same fragrance. We just have good taste like that. I love it because it has that fresh green smells of grass and citrus. It smells as light as cotton. Perfect for fan of not-so-strong perfume. Anyone knows if perfume price in the retail store already increased?

3. Protective Fluid Foundation

I love the smooth and silky feeling when applying. However, the coverage is really poor. It doesn't cover up dark spots and freckles (yes, I have a lot of freckles). If you have really clear skin and wanted a more natural look, this is a perfect foundation. It has really high SPF20.

4. Forbidden Affair

I really love the name. It sounds so dramatic yet mysterious. It has light smell like Secret Wish but this one smells a little bit sweeter while the other one smells fresh and zesty. I would use this for night and the Secret Wish during the day.

5. Protective Powder Foundation

The "Protective" category of powder is designed with high SPF20 so that you can wear it during the day. Skin feels smooth and silky. However, the coverage is not strong enough to cover dark spots.

6. Classic Loose Powder

The loose powder comes in purple color. It blends with any skin color and really fine that it covers up your pores. I would advise you to use a face brush when applying. The purple puff thing that comes in the box isn't that convenient to use. Using a brush also helps to even up the application. Your skin stays matte all day long. I can't wait to finish up this one so that I can buy the (1) Protective Loose Powder that comes in a white box. What a bimbotic decision.

I started to buy Anna Sui because their packaging is really sophisticated. Lucky me, the money I spent on those packaging actually worthwhile because most of their products are really good.


Yvonne Yong said...

agree agree!

Jerine said...

I still haven't use the Anna Sui palette you gave me for my birthday last year!


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