Apr 26, 2011


Before you’re going to complain, “What??? Another event blogpost???”, I promise you there will be good stuff at the end of this post. So you have option of either read the entire post, or just scroll down to the bottom. LOL!

My dad used to tell me that most of the great artists/designers are bad in marketing their art work. That is why they need help in marketing their work. Some have their own manager, some send their work to the agent. But in this case, Mifa & Maxis are collaborating to launch The Twelve which is a concept store to showcase and sell products of twelve of our own local designers.

These selected designs are:

1. TAS Iman by Tom Abang Saufi
2. Zero to Ten
3. PU3
4. uREKA
5. BDA by Bumiputra Designers Associations
6. YODA (Young Designers Arena)
7. Radzuan Radziwill
8. Key Ng
9. Benson Chen
10. Sasha Rowena
11. Shinju Pearls
12. JKhan

This concept store already existed in the form of online portal at http://www.fashionista.my/ since November 2010.

Key Ng, one of my favorite store. Most of my dresses are from Key Ng.

A local shoe brand Benson Chen also showcase their latest collection there.

Nani intended to buy a pair of suede pump and that's we found out that Benson Chen's shoes are made from the same factory as Jimmy Choo's. The best thing is, the price is only RM100+. And they do customade too.

Speaking of Jimmy Choo... he was there at the launch too.

I love the stall Shinju Pearls the most in The Twelve. It's a local handmade jewelery brand... so Etsy!

I've decided to buy this pearl earring for Mother's Day. Nice right?

Gael Froget's soothing and delightfully frightening painting is really inspiring.

Natural stationery from uReka.

OK. So here's what I promised... I have some stuff for you guys from The Twelve launch!!!

A set of notebooks from uReka made of 100% palm pulp.

A silk scarf from Radzuan Redziwill.

Just email me (jerine.lay@gmail.com) your address and the item you want, I will send them to you via post. They're limited designer merchandise yo! No conditions applied, except that I will give priority to people whom I know real life. That's it!

Remember to visit The Twelve. It's located at Ground Floor of Ferenheit 88. There are more plenty of stuff which I didn't have time to discover.


Jerine said...

Hey peaople... The scarf & notebook already taken up :)

Iklan said...

WOW. Jimmy Choo and the celebrities.
Good shots too.



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