Jan 5, 2011


Walau eh... I haven't blog since last year. Sounds damn kao long ago. Oh ya... Happy New Year!!! Don't know why everyone must wish Happy new year on their blogs. I just follow suit.

Everyone thought that I got a Chanel 2.55 for Xmas. Actually I want that for 2011 Xmas. I don't own anything from Chanel except a bracelet. But on the last Xmas, I got something much better. It is........... jeng... jeng... jeng...

LADY DIOR from DIOR !!!!!!!!!

Whoaaaaa.... this bag damn a lot of drama aiteilyu!

I was torn between getting an iPhone4 or a Dior bag for Xmas. Well, it is not that hard to make the decision right? Of course, I would choose Dior. So my parents brought me to Dior. (I'm repeating this story from Twitter, but I guess a lot of you are not following me).

After seeing the price, my dad got mad. He said he is not going to pay for the bag because he rather use the money to pay for down payment for a house :S On the other hand, my mom wanted to buy it for me. Too bad she didn't dare to say anything because my dad's face was as mad as Justice Pao.

When my dad makes up his mind, no one can change it. So we all left Dior without the bag. I was about to cry aiteilyu. My tears got stuck on my throat and could drown me to death. Later my mom asked me not to worry because she will ask her worker to buy it the next day.

That is the story of how I got my Dior bag.

My only problem right now is... I must hide the bag away from my dad. If he sees it, I'll probably kena death sentence. Either way, having the bag or not, I would still die.

A lot of people don't understand my choice of getting the Dior. In a year, I only have one chance to choose anything I want, which is on Xmas. I don't get birthday present because my parents gave up on remember their kids birthday. And if I don't choose the thing that I really want, I would ended up getting something which I don't want at all. For example, my parents bought me a really nice and comfy king size memory foam bed which I don't even need. And now I can only sleep on it whenever I go back to Penang. That's totally not practical at all.

Besides, if you calculate the breakdowns, it is not too much to ask for a handbag. Let's say the bag cost RM10k. Divide it by 2 (in a year one suppose to get 2 presents - Xmas and birthday), it is RM5k. And then you divide it by 2 again (shared between my mom and dad), each of them only pay RM2.5k. You see, I wasn't THAT demanding.

I've bought a matching stiletto for my bag. Wheeeeeeee...........

On New Year's eve, I was thinking of staying at home and sleep at 10pm so that I could wake up fresh on the next year. Suddenly, my friends who were just as lonely, decided to go to karaoke in Subang. That's when I found out I can't sing, but I can scream. So I only sing screamo songs ala Zao.

On 1st Jan, there was a tweet up at Jaya One. Since I don't really have much to do, I went to hang out with the usual people that I hangout with. Oh well, tweet up suppose to be an event where you can mingle with new people. But I guess I'm not the friendly type of person, so I save up my energy and chill with people I already know. Besides, I hate to answer questions like "What do you work as?", "Where do you live?", or "What's happening between you and pummkin?". Fuck that bitch lah. You see, if I hangout with people I already know, I don't have to go through that kind of petty questions again.

However, I got to know a new friend from Indonesia. So I brought her to Malacca the next day.

She wanted to take a bus to Malacca from Bukit Jalil but that's crazy! Especially when it's just one day before work day.

Don't you just feel like getting married when you see a bride and a groom. I can't wait. I probably will say YES right away to anyone who is going to propose to me. But then again, I only love the wedding part. I don't really believe in marriage and all those reunion of love that crap. So it's better for me to stay single and adopt 9 cats.

I've managed to pick up a new addiction - essential oil soap.

I entered a shop because it's so freaking pretty I couldn't resist to check it out. When I was inside, I felt like a kid in a candy store. But it's a soap store!!!

They are all so colourful, they smell so nice, the packaging was ridiculously cute. So I came out of the shop spending RM60 on just two bars of soap. Watafak!!!!

Can you guess the purple soap bar is for who?

After showering with it a few times, I'm definitely addicted. The smell... ohmaikot! And it's so soft on the skin.

The thing is, you have to put it in a sachet to use it. It creates more foam, so you can save a lot. Besides, it drains out water that will cause the soap to melt.

Anyone knows where I can find handmade essential oil soap in KL?


nicole said...

I love ur Tshirt in the malacca post!!!! I wanted to get that but damn they dont have big size! ish! oh my!!!I love you hand bag lo!!!! I love that design from Dior!!! but that is freaking expensive!!! =(

Anonymous said...
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Joan said...

Personally, while I think the stiletto looks not bad, the Dior bag's rather old-fashioned.

Have a good day!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I lurrrve your bag! And cute photos!

YT said...

U spoilt brat! Bwahahhaa...

Ok I jealous, cannot meh? Hahaha, at least I am brave enough to admit I am jealous!

Diana said...

you know, i think if you really really want something, and you will really really love it, then it is worth having that rather than buying a load of bags you don't really like and therefor change regularly or don't look after. One great thing is better than lots of ok things.


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