Nov 8, 2010


There is a lack of update on this blog because it is that time of the year again – to plan for my year end vacation. I’m not sure where I should go yet.

Maybe Sri Lanka,

Or Bangladesh,

Perhaps Indonesia,

Possibly Cambodia,

I love travelling but the planning part sends me a lot of headaches. There are so many things to prepare – flight tickets, accommodation, currency exchange, etc. Luckily there is Celcom to help me ease my mind when I travel abroad.

From 1 November 2010 till 28 February 2011, Celcom customers will enjoy the lowest rates when travel to the countries mentioned above. All you need to do is select Celcom’s partner as your network provider when travelling. For example, when you are in Indonesia,, all you need to do is choose XL telco as your roaming network. Here is the list of other Celcom’s partner and their charges.

* Call charges to special or premium service phone number remain the same as per current roaming rates
* All rates are in RM
* Customers shall select the network to be connected to the participating network operators in order to enjoy the promotion.

Travelling alone requires me to call back often. Just in case I get lost or get into trouble. Right now I can call home as often as I want to. If I call back from Indonesia, the charge to call back to Malaysia isonly 35 cents!!! To call back from Bangladesh is even cheaper, only 30 cents!!!

Besides low rates, Celcom customers will also enjoy its fast speed, wide coverage and clear reception. Customer’s peace of mind is their priority, that is why customer’s can always rely on Celcom’s quality services.

The reason why Celcom is confident of its services is because it is part of the Axiata group. Axiata has the largest telco companies in Asia under their wings It also has extensive operations and businessin at least 10 countries, providing range of mobile communication services to combined base of over 94 million subscribers. So customers get to enjoy the widest coverage even when travelling due to Celcom’s wide network of partners in other region.

I don’t have to worry about my network coverage anymore when I’m abroad. With Celcom low rates, I will not get heart attack when the bills finally arrive. If you are a businessman travelling abroad often, Celcom is the smartest choice to help you save up your call cost especially when you need tomake long distance calls all the time.

The next time you need to travel, remember to choose Celcom for ease of mind.


YT said...
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YT said...

Wow. Can consider Celcom since u r recommending it!

Stupid Telco that I am using now giving me a lot of headaches cos of the hidden charges and all :'(

nicole said...

YT: I can guess which one :p hahaha. my friends are complaining too...

Jerine said...

I know which telco you all talking about!!!

Anonymous said...

I found a new provider that offer only RM 10/day for unlimited call and receive, FlexiRoam, you guys should check it out


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