Feb 19, 2010


30 years ago....

30 days ago....

Don't know what happen to my mom... She used to look damn exotic but now her Chinese genes kick in and she looks just like other Cina aunty. I guess I'm going to look damn Cina when I grow old. So better make fun of them before I look like one of them. LOL! And my dad looks like sunduk with his wrong pair of pants. Kakakaka... my mom threw his black pants into washing machine and he has to wear blue pants. Tarak match with his black coat at all! The studio fella got blue coat that matches his pants but he refused to wear 'cos too dusty :S

I know, everyone will say that their parents are the best and bla bla bla... But my parents are totally different. They are the bestest of the best.

Luckily I have really liberal parents, if not I would be running away from home right now. I'm not going to give you any sappy story about how my dad hit me when I was naughty and then I finally realise that they actually love me. Oh wait... My dad never hit me before! Not that I remember.

But I'm going to tell you how these two old fella confused me when I was young. Nabeh... I grew up as a confused kid because both of them don't know how to teach me properly. The irony is, my dad is a teacher!

When I was five years old, my dad bought me this A to Z book that has animals printed on every page. Oh, the book is from Doulos ship. You know the ship that sails around the world to collect books and sells them back to the world?

I vividly remember when it reaches the alphabet L, there was a picture of llama eating grass. It was a usual thing, how my dad taught me to pronounce l-l-a-m-a as "lama", not "yama" like how the Spanish pronounce, or "niamah" like how ah beng pronounce it too... But it's LAMA.... Everyone say, LAMA!

And being a typical teacher, he must add in more info. He told me llama normally can be found in Tibet. Psychologically I associated llama with Tibet.

Then a year later....

My dad was reading the newspaper. And he told my mom, "Dalai Lama ran away to US for hiding". And they had their adult conversation about this Lama that ran to US. Being a curious kid, I asked them what is that.

My dad just answered me with one sentence. The formation of words that made me confused for years. He said, "He's the leader of Tibet!"

That's when the information in my brain got corrupted! I kept picturing people in Tibet praying to the llama and how they seek for inspiration from the llama. Maybe they build a temple or a shrine for the llama too. And I thought... llama is like the Jesus for Tibetians.

I kept thinking, how can an animal lead the whole population of Tibet? So I asked more questions, "Pa... how he ran to US?" My dad said, "He has his own aeroplane".


Not bad... Not bad... He must be a great leader to the Tibetians.

Not until I was 8, when I saw a picture of the Pope shaking hands with this dude that wears orange outfit in the church publication. I asked my dad who is he.

And my dad replied, "He's the leader of Tibet".


Don't laugh at me. Some people can get confused over hummus and hamas. So I'm not the only confused kid.


YT said...

Bwahahahaha... I love ur stupidity. It simply ROCKS!

I am still laughing at the idea of a llama running away to US in his own plane. Bwahahaha. So punny!

kruel74 said...

I don't think you are that stupid... It was by association (Lama and Llama) lah... but amusing story though...

eMz said...

OMG, that is confusing! it must have been torture! hahaha!

Manju said...

LMAO some more!
hahaha oh Jerine Jerine
a llama ruling tibet and running off to us in a plane wtf this is so funny

Katt said...

Don't make fun of your poor Mom hahaha...

Tekkaus said...

I think your Cina genes will kick in sooner than you expect it. :)

I don;t think you are stupid lar. :p

Kerry said...

the current u look a lot like your mum when she was younger

Kelvin said...

Take more photos now for reference when u are old~ Ur mum is real pretty 30 years ago:)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

OMG! Hahahahahaha. I literally Laughed out loud! Cute cute cute story.

Jan said...

Haha! Super funny story! We all are brought up confused thanks to our parents.

My parents mentioned sending me to 'voice' school but I mistook it for 'boys' school and asked them excitedly if I was going to the boys school near my place!

Jerine said...

YT: Actually got more... My dad told me the "llama" was affiliated to (dont know what), at that time I was like ????

kruel74: Wah... say I'm not THAT stupid, means I'm still stupid what...

eMz: Yes, it was.

Manju: Who knows? Pigs are smarter than human anyway.

Katt: :)

Tekkaus: NOOOOOOOO..... I'll kill myself.

Kerry: Not really. I look more Chinese.

Kelvin: I shall never grow old.

ChinkyGirLMeL: :)

Jan: LOL!!! And you thought you're going to kick some ass in boy's school? LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm totally with you. it's like one of those things people think everyone knows but someone along the way got missed out. nobody told me babies came out from the vagina until i was due to deliver and found out that babies DO NOT come out from the ass. it's like holy shit that's just one month for me to digest the earth shattering knowledge and totally threw me off balance because i had prepared to deliver THROUGH THE ASS all my life. Don't laugh. Nobody told me, I didn't ask and here I am. Simply great.


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