Sep 29, 2009


I'm sure everyone knows about the Pasir Ris Low scandal. I'm still surprised how she manage to win the contest. So I came up with a few possibilities. OK, now... choose the correct answer(s):

A. She bribes

B. She slept with the sponsor/organizer

C. She's related to the sponsor/organizer

D. She practice witchcraft and cast a spell on the judges

Anyway, when it was revealed that our Miss Singapore was a criminal, the organizer was so defensive. I quote, "did not respond to queries as to whether it was aware of her criminal record during the pageant". And I read somewhere (I can't find the source) that she won the contest based on her merits and the criminal record has nothing to do with the contest. Nabeh... like that any jail bird also can represent Singapore as Miss Singapore is it?

For those of you who didn't catch the news, Ris Low was guilty of credit card fraud of total SGD 2,400. That's actually petty theft. When I first saw the headline I thought she stole SGD 24,000 or more to buy her lehperk print and zipbra print clothes. Apparently, she bought gold anklets, mobile phone and pay for restaurant bills with the credit card she stole. WTF? Those small things also must steal other people's credit card ar? If it's me I'll be damn malufied.

She commented that she will not give up her crown and will continue represent Singapore. According to her, she served the sentence and going through two years probation, thus will not affect her work. C'mon lah... If you're going to represent a country, you have to come with clean hands. I know we have the yellow ribbon program where we have to treat people who have criminal records without prejudice. But for a position such as Miss Singapore, I'm sure there are more potentials, right? Hahahaha... I can almost imagine what happen in the South Africa contest. The backstage scene must be chaotic with all the contestant hiding their credit cards when they see Miss Low.

Finally today she decided to quit. Eh, what happen? I thought she said she won't give up her crown? Again the organizer was being defensive. They said, "She has resigned. Story closed." Throughout the whole drama the organizer declined to comment and they kept their mouth shut. Hmmmm....I wonder why?

I think with her look, she's better off to be a sales girl in Far East Plaza wearing lehperk print shirt and zipbra pants and platform shoes, whilst playing Ah Beng techno songs in the background. Suit her, right?

I was talking to Shikin online, and guess what we said?

(R) kikin says:
:D and green eye shadow
the green eye shadow can match her 'khaki green' clothes

Mokona Apapa says:
ya lor...
but maybe she's feeling naughty
so she'll wear red
oh...i mean rat

(R) kikin says:
then she will wear platforms with lehbeen around the ankles

Mokona Apapa says:
i was reading your lehbeen
for so long
i was wondering what is that
then now i finally get it

(R) kikin says:
ribbon lah

I still love this video a lot....

Sep 28, 2009


On Sandy Bay Road there's a Catholic Centre next to the Holy Spirit Church. If you've notice, there are two huge donation bins where you can put anything you want to donate, and the church will distribute it to those who needed the stuff. People in Sandy Bay are quite generous. They fill up the bin so quickly and some even have to leave their donations on the floor.

I was just on way home when I saw an Asian girl (not sure if she's Chinese, Korean or Japanese) digging for stuff from the bags people left on the floor. I stood for a minute and observed what she did. She was measuring a jacket from shoulder to shoulder and then dump it in a box. Five minutes later, she took the box and left.

For god's sake those stuff are meant to be given to people who are less fortunate. I assume that she's not really that poor because there's hardly any desperately poor Asian here in Tasmania. This is not Melbourne or Sydney where Asians go there to make money. Most Asians in Tasmania are either (1) tourists, (2) retirees, or (3) students. I believe she falls under the student category because she looks quite young. If my assumption is true, she's not only not desperately poor, but she can be consider as relatively rich. There's no poor international student as far as I know.

When she's taking those clothes from the donation bin, I wonder did it ever cross her mind that someone else might need those clothes more? Those people who donated their stuff intended it to be given to people who are less fortunate. Who knows the jacket she took could have keep an old lady from the cold wind? Now the old lady lost the chance to keep that jacket, she might fall sick and need more money for treatment despite already being poor.

Talking about poor, I have about AUD 12 in my bank currently and zero money in my pocket. At times like this I feel tempted to take the books from the donation bins and sell it to the second hand bookstore. I can easily earn at least AUD 50 in a day with zero cost. But my conscience hold me back. Although one may argue that those stuff don't belong to anyone. There's no possession, so there's nothing wrong with it. Although it's legally right, but it's still morally wrong to me.

P/S: I just added a new label "social critics".

Dear Diary,

Just now I was chatting with Shikin and Najib. All three of us kaki photography. We're talking about cameras and I suddenly thought of those cameras I wanted so much - Leica M7, Canon 5D, Lomo Action Sampler, Lomo Super Sampler, Lomo Diana Mini, and Lomo Holga 35mm.

I still remember when I decided to buy my Canon S5, everyone opposed the idea. They said it's not worth the value because I can top up a few more bucks and get an SLR instead. I insisted on getting it because I can always use my dad's SLR. Besides SLR is super huge and I don't want to hurt my shoulder. I just want something I can use everyday but a normal compact camera is too lousy for me (maybe I'm just too demanding).

My dad decided to give me RM 1,000 for the camera. I had to earn another RM 1,000 to get it. It took me two months to save up RM 1,000. When I finally got it, I felt I just descended from heaven.

I bought it from the Canon shop in The Curve in the morning. Went home, shower and went out to test my camera. Here are the shots:


For normal camera, the frame of leafs will look black because of the shadow. But my camera gave me the just-nice effect.

Manual focus & 12x optical zoom

I was standing at the entrance to KLCC in the park. This bird was about 50 metres away from me. I'm amazed it still looks clear.

I forgot what effect I was trying on. Anyway, that's Pavilion.

I put on high ISO to get the noisy effect. In this case, 1600.
Shutter speed - Low
Nice kan? Got that dramatic effect.

Night mode
Another night mode

0mm super micro

The amazing thing about this camera is the 0mm lens. I put this paper on my lens itself and the photo still look so sharp.


Black & white. Erm.... duh!
Super boring auto shot

That's my dinner. Took with auto mode. In case you're curious, yes... I ate it all myself. Used to have huge appetite

Those are the reason why I love my camera so much. I can adjust the shutter speed and apeture which normal compact camera can't. The video recording can multitask to take photo at the same time, so you don't have to switch your function. Awesome or what? There are more stuff I can do with it. By the way, this is not advertorial. Anyway that camera is no longer in production. Kekekekekeke.....

P/S: I just Googled where to buy Lomo camera in Tasmania. Apparently there's none. What a third world country.


I can never pass as a news reported because my news is always slower than everybody. Everyone already blogged about Malaysian Night, and here I am... slower than a snail. Actually the reason is... I didn't bring my camera. So I have to wait until everyone uploaded the photos then I steal from them. Hehehehehehe....

I know I said I wanted to dress like Audrey Hepburn, but it turn out, she's too glamorous and I can't keep up with that look. So I dressed like Kendra instead.

Like Kendra or not? I know, I know... my hair is not blonde and I don't have nice body like hers. But I have a similar brown dress though.

And I had my tiara on....

For five minutes. WTF? When I put on the tiara it will shrink and mess up my hair. I think it's too small for my head. Maybe my head is too big for it. See... I've told you I have a big brain! Guess what Shikin dressed up as?

As sarong party girl. Hahahahaha.... Sorry, Shikin! But at least she has that nice figure to wear the kebaya, you got or not?

And I love the pink flower she put on her hair. It's so her. For some reason pink suits her most. Or is it I'm bias?

I love her too!

I was so traumatized when they sing Negaraku because I don't know the lyrics. Damn malu lah! I didn't know I have to do it after high school. Anyway back in high school I used to play the instruments so I don't have to sing. C' me practice a bit, can? Negaraku... Tanah tumpahnya darahku... Rakyat hidup... Kemudian aku sudah lupa... Burung kakak tua... Hinggap di jendela... Lalalalalalalalalalala.....

The food was good. Maybe all of us got so deprived of Malaysian food, that's why it's nice. Or maybe they made us wait so long until we're starving... any food also taste good lah!

Whatever it is, being Malaysian any food also nice. I wonder if there's any Malaysian that hates food. I never come across any. Even if there's any, I bet that person have been possessed with Snejana's spirit.

Don't know when Shikin took photo of our legs. Never tell me. Eh, leg also must pose one ok? Now you see got one huge lump of my muscle there. So ugly!

I also stole this creative work from Shikin's blog. She forgot to take photo of the desserts. LOL! I think this is so cute!!!

I like this photo a lot, except the Coca-cola and Orange Juice bottle stealing our lime light.

Suddenly we have party crasher in our Malaysian Night. These intruders didn't pay for the ticket, but simply go there to buy drinks from the bar. WTF?

I've never been to Malaysian Night before and it never cross my mind that I wanted to go. Although it wasn't as grand as I've expected, the food was good and the company was good as well. Not to mention, I already know most of the people there. We're just there like a family reunion kind of thing.

After the Malaysian Night ended, I decided to follow the intruders to the after party. It so happen Ella was at the exit and I just grabbed her into the car. I think she must gotten a shock that suddenly she's taken to somewhere she's not sure of in a stranger's car.

That's Ella.

Whenever I go clubbing, there would be funny story to tell. I was dancing with my friends and suddenly someone just dropped on me. I got a shock and turned to the back. It was some fat white chick got too drunk to dance so she was falling on everyone and everyone had to push her around so she won't fall. She was like Humpty Dumpty. Kakakakakakka.... And then, she was sweating all over her body, her hair was soaked wet. Geeeeezzzz... I still can feel how sticky she was. Yucks! Yucks! Yucks! And the worse things is I didn't even shower when I got home. I wasn't drunk yet, but it was raining and freezing cold so I just couldn't be bothered to take off my clothes.

Some white girls were trying to hit on Seker. Poor guy didn't know what to do, so he said I was his girlfriend. Then he came to me and told me, "Make sure you play along ok?"

The poor guy...

I forgot what's her name. To tell you the truth, I didn't quite get her name because the music was too loud.

Sherad... my brother from different mother

Saw my girl Sarah there. Bought her a drink, and then I suddenly remember... she's under age! OMG!

Another funny story... Ella wanted to go to the toilet so she asked Rafique to carry her handbag. That fella put it on his shoulder. Within five minutes, some gay guy came over to our table and trying to hit on him. Ahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

That's Rafique. Super gay-ness!!!

Almost drunk!

Getting there...

Confirm drunk!

By 3am, we have one bunch of kaki mabuk there.
Actually there are more funny stories. My guy friends wanted to hit on some Asian chicks, so they sent me out to be the mama san (as usual). Later I found out, those girls were from China and they can't speak a word of English. When I asked them whether I can buy them drink (actually the guys bought it lah, I just trying to lure them over), but they say they don't drink. That's fine... And later guess what I saw? One of the girls took out her coin purse from her bra. The coin purse is actually those Chinese gold pouch in red that you get for free when you buy from Chinese goldsmith. I was like WTF? In this generation, got girls still keep their coin purse in their bra. For god's sake get a proper coin purse lah! If they can't afford Louis Vuitton, at least can buy Stella McCartney also right? I went back to my friend and told them, "Tak boleh pakai, damn kampung."

Half hour later, those girls were sticking to us all the time. You know why? They suddenly saw my friend's clothes and watches. All of us were wearing Burberry, Rolex, D&G, Dior... so they suddenly got brand-struck. But I must admit my friends were kinda show off. You can't blame them when they're wearing a Rolex, everyone would definitely notice it. We bought about 30 jugs of beer and we have our table. They just came to us for drinks without having to pay anything. Since then they stuck to us the entire night. Let me tell you guys... beware of those kampung girls. They're just there to suck your money dry.
Anyway, that night Shikin told me her embarrassing story. Actually I also have an embarrassing story that night. I was contemplating whether to tell or not to tell. But since it's over now, and no one actually saw it, so I guess I'll just tell. But I definitely won't repeat the same mistake again.

Now... should I tell or not to tell?
Tell or not?
I guess, I'll put it in the comment. Because I don't want people to Google some funny stuff and come to this post. But everyone promise it's a secret ok?

Sep 25, 2009



This is the longest word I've ever seen. It's actually a dish compounded of all kinds of dainties, fish, flesh, fowl, and sauces. Saw this word in the comedy book called Assemblywomen. When I saw that word, immediately I became hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.

OK. In case you're dum dum... that doesn't mean I became a hippopotamus. It just mean fear of long words.

I must admit I'm freaking bored now. I feel like blogging, but I've got my brain fried and my life is getting too melancholic. I'm not sure what to write about so I read that comedy book. Freaking funny. But there are a lot of words I have to Google. It's not even in the dictionary.

Now, I want to bore you with my boring life. I woke up at noon. In my half-awake-half-asleep stage.... I saw a naked man in front of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost scream for help, but then.... cheh.... it's only Alwin. He was dressing up to go to Uni. I critized his fashion sense a bit, and then went back to sleep.

When I woke up, I was home alone. After I showered, I played with Henry...

The other day Henry got tangled behind the curtain. His head was wrapped around the white curtain and Alwin said, "Eh...Henry looks like wearing a tudung". I swear he was sooooooo cute! I mean Henry, not Alwin.

Later, I turn on the computer and sat down. As usual, Henry took his place on my lap. I was typing really fast, and for some reason he thought it was fascinating, so he scratched my hand. Fuck lah!!! Henry thought my hand is some imaginary butterfly is it?

I was scolding him and push him a little bit. He thought he was going to fall, so he clawed my leg! Some cat is really too much! Luckily I was wearing jeans. If not my leg would be bleeding. I got so fucking angry, I carried him and throw him out of the house.

And then he gave me that kind of poor-me-i-am-just-a-little-cat look. This is how you train your pet. When they do something wrong, you put them outside. Slowly they will learn what is wrong and what is right. When they do the right thing, give them a treat. But my Happy Henry treat didn't work.

Remember that time when Henry scratched Alwin's balls? LMAO!!!

Oh, ya... remember I said I like my female readers better than the male? There are two reasons today why I love them more.

First, Shikin bought me a tiara!!!!!!!

Right now I'm officially the queen! Hmmmmph... some people said she's a princess because she's staying in a castle. But she got crown or not? Don't have. Kekekekekkeke.....

Here's my tiara:

Actually I wanted to buy it yesterday. When I saw the price, it was AUD 40. I told Shikin, "Eh... mahal gila lah!" Then she said, "Jangan beli lah. Mahal sangat!"

But then she secretly bought it for me today!!! I'm so happy!!!! Thank you, Shikin!!!! I love it so much. In fact, I'm wearing it right now. Yes, I mean now as I'm typind this. Oh, let me take a shot from my webcam.

Nice or not? Excuse my boring face... already 12.05am, didn't bother to put on makeups. Shikin said she bought the tiara for me because I look like Tiara Jacquelina. WTF? She and Nana even asked some random girl in the mall whether I look like Tiara. I think if I tell everyone that Tiara is my mom, you think they believe or not? Hahahaha... when she comes to Hobart again I'll take a photo with her and then pretend that she's my mom. Kekekekekeke....

Walau eh... I went to her blog and saw some shocking photos. I saw my friends' faces on her blog. Especially Najjib's round face that I can't miss. And.......... she stayed in my neigbourhood!!!

That's the view from her house. Well, my house is not exactly where I pointed. It's two doors away, I just can't be too accurate with that. Do I really have some connection with Tiara Jacquelina? Hahahah... I'm damn perasan.

Actually, I secretly want them to say I look like Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn. Hehehehe... But they say it's not even close. Sigh...

Oh, ya... I'm going to wear that tiara to Malaysian Night tomorrow! Just now I asked Alwin what should I wear, he said, "Wear that short black dress lah". I really don't understand that kind of language. As if he doesn't know I have a lot of short black dress and I don't know which one he meant.

Anyway, I decided...since I don't look like Audrey Hepburn, I'll dress like Audrey Hepburn. I'm going to dress up like the Breakfast At Tiffany's look.

OK, second reason why I love female readers.... because they always send me stuff!!!

In order to preserve our royal diplomatic relationship, the Princess who was in London, then in Scotland, then back in London, sent me a postcard!!!

Her message made me miss her even more. I miss those time when she text me, "Hey, coming to your house now." And she'll be waiting downstairs my place within five minutes. Then we, the girls will hang out together. Penang is so small that all of us stay quite near. But Eunice stays a bit further than us. Here's a photo I took when I was back home.

It wasn't my camera. I swear I have good camera!!! But it's just the polution/haze that makes the photo blurry.

Gotta go sleep now. I have to go shopping at 10am tomorrow again! Have to buy black long glove to get that Breakfast At Tiffany's look. So I have to wake up a bit early, just in case I wear the wrong shoe again.

Sep 23, 2009


Photo from ABC

The capital of NSW, Sydney, was hit by unnatural phenomena identified as the dust storm last night. The weather system generated huge amount of dust, thus made the whole city looks like mandrin orange parfait served on your dinner table.

It was reported that earlier today, a strong gale-force wind carried the mandrin orange parfait trend to neigboring states including Queensland. Many residents in Queensland already complaint of the dust, and they plead to the dust to go back to Sydney and stop disturbing the peaceful weather in Queensland.

However, the severe condition will not recover until the wind slows down. It is estimated that the dust storm will not end in another three days. Australians are suggested to enjoy the dust storm while they can, because it makes them feel like they are in the making of Armageddon the movie. Besides that, there is nothing much the Australians can do about it. Nonetheless, it is nice taking photos of such sepia effects, and you wouldn't need to photoshop it.

While the dust storm is slowly taking its own sweet time to blanket the entire Australia, things were completely different in Tasmania. Being seperated from the Australia continent, the island that claimed it was in draught for years was surprisingly experiencing heavy rain since last night.

A resident in Sandy Bay managed to capture some photos of the aftermath. Miss Wrong Shoes said, "As I was walking down Queen Street to go to the city, I was shocked to see the entire Mount Wellington was covered with thick clouds".

In less than a minute, Mount Wellington was no where to be seen, leaving a white cotton background behind the city.

At dusk, Mount Wellington was seen covered with thick snow. Weather experts couldn't explain the connection between the dust storm in NSW and thick snow in Tasmania.

This is Jerine Mclay reporting live from Tasmania for Mad Style. Thanks for watching.


As I was saying... I had a shopping date at 10am. I woke up at 9.15am, almost late to catch the 9.30 bus, so I rushed, I rushed and I rushed. I couldn't see what I was wearing. Not that I care actually because I knew it was Ted Baker and nothing can go wrong with it.

I got up to the bus, buy my ticket, get my change, found a seat, called Shikin, crossed my leg, and then I saw my shoe.........


I wore the wrong side of the shoe and I wasn't sure if it's the left one that was wrong, or the right one. I was about to burst out laughing at myself in the bus, but I guess I'm already perceived as a mad woman because I'm wearing a totally unmatching shoes, if I laugh to myself then I'm confirmed mad.

When I reached Elizabeth Mall, I couldn't see Shikin. I don't want to stand in the middle of the mall and let everyone see my shoes, so I went into Bra & Things to call her. She told me she was somewhere far away. I thought, "Shit! Don't make me walk there". So I told her I'll meet her at Cotton On. I went into Cotton On, and bought myself a pair of shoe.

I told her the story and she couldn't stop laughing. Then she said, "Eh...take picture! Take picture!" The Body Shop girl said she loves my shoe. Shikin was so bad... she said, "Why don't you tell her the story of your shoe?" What the??? Now, that's a jinx that I said I wanted to buy a pair of new shoe. God just made my dreams come true! I wanted a new pair of shoe, now I have one!

You know what this is? Retribution for making fun of Tasmanian fashion sense. This morning Tasmania had the chance to laugh at me.

P/S: Do you remember my donation button for my Moleskine? Someone actually sent me the whole Moleskine, so I didn't need to collect my donation anymore. Whoever you are, thanks a bunch. I'll keep drawing on my Moleskine. In fact, the next post I'm going post up my Moleskine. So, right now I have to be thick skin to ask for donation for my sky diving. To be honest, I'm hoping someone would sponsor me for my jump. Teehee....

Sep 21, 2009


Before I start, I actually forgotten to include something in the previous post. To find out if someone copied your blogpost, anywhere on the internet, go to <<here>>, submit your URL and it will detact similar pages.

I know I said that I will be posting up something interesting "tomorrow", but now it's already the day after tomorrow. Anyway, if you read my post yesterday, then tomorrow is right now lor... Haha... actually, I've forgotten what I wanted to write. It's a joke. But I forgot how it goes. I thought that only happen in real life. I always get someone's attention like... "Hey, you know...... (long pause)....oh I forgot what I wanted to say".

Anyway, this post is all about bimbos, shopping and girls' stuff. If you're allergic to bimbos for some reason, I suggest you to direct yourself to <<here>> until I have something intelligent to say.

Shikin: Eh, why don't you fly to Melbourne to get your Juicy Couture necklace?

Me: Melbourne JC only sells bags lah!

Shikin: They don't have JC boutique here meh? (Here, as in Australia)

Me: No lor... all the JC here is in departmental store.

Shikin: Wah... they say our country third world, looks like they are more third world lor.

Me: Ya lah! What first world country is this? Juicy Couture boutique also don't have.

Shikin: The Origins here don't have the shades of my powder. The sales girl told me in Australia they don't have that much variety of shades.

Me: What the??? Really third world!

Whenever I tell some typical Tasmanian that I'm from Malaysia, they'll ask me, "Are you guys still living on trees?" For god's sake we're third world country!!! We don't have the technology to build houses on trees. We live in the caves!

And they'll look at me seriously.... "Really?" WTF? If we're still living in cave, how the hell can I get to Australia? Swim ar? One day, my friend's housemate laughed at me because I didn't know how to draw the curtain. He asked me, "Don't you have curtain in Malaysia?" C'mon lah!!! My house curtain is electronic one!!! I just press the button on the remote, my curtain will draw itself. Nabeh! In another occassion, I told him that the shopping malls in Malaysia is a big as Sandy Bay to Hobart City (approximately 1.5km), and he said I was exaggerating. My friend couldn't stop laughing, and he said in Malay, "Letak orang putih ni kat KLCC sure jakun punya." And I replied, "Nanti dia pergi 1-Utama sure sesat jalan kena tanya security". That ang moh glared at me.

Kanasai lah! Those Tasmanian who never live outside Tasmania are so narrow. Sometimes I feel like taking them back to Malaysia and show them that we're actually a developed country! Despite its status as developing country, I still think Malaysians are quite comfortable already. They call us third world country, but they don't have Juicy Couture, no Asprey, no Vivienne Westwood, no Balenciaga! WTF? No need to compare lah.... we got nasi lemak, they got or not? They can make such nice food meh? Nabeh!

OK. At least they still have Estee Lauder. Only one Estee Lauder throughout the whole Tasmania. That's 1/90,758 km² . Compared to Penang, it's 5/1,046.3 km².

Right now I want to blame Zthon. She left a comment on one of my blogpost with this image:

And then she said she could buy for me some stuff in Estee Lauder and I could get my free gift. I keep convince myself I don't need it, I don't need it, I don't need it, I don't need it, I don't need it. So I told her, it's OK.... I DON'T NEED IT! She's such a bad influence. Can you imagine last time when we're living together, she'll come home with her shopping bags and tell me there's sale in Sunway Pyramid. The next day, I'll come back with my shopping bags and I'll tell her, there's more sale in KLCC. And the next day, both of us will shop till we drop!!!

I kept thinking about the Estee Lauder stuff. While I was showering, I found out that my facial wash is about to finish. Time to stock up before it gets completely dry. So I went to Estee Lauder with Shikin. They do have free gifts in Australia too!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I was about to pay for it, I suddenly remember I read an important email early in the morning. Myer sent me an email that they're having one-day sale on the next day. So I hold back my purchase and went back the next day.

I bought my essentials. I told the lady I wanted the bigger bottle of toner. She told me, there's only one size. I said I have it! And then she corrected her mistake that only duty free shops sell the big bottle ones. I wanted to tell her my ass lah! I bought mine from Parkson and Parkson is not a duty free shop. You see what I mean by their third world country insult? At least we have the bigger bottle toner!

My eyecream is running out soon too. So I bought the Advance Night Repair.

I asked the lady if I can use it under my makeup. She look at me like I'm a stupid and said, "It's for night, that's why it's called Advance Night Repair". Niamah lah!!! When I went back and read the booklet inside, it says, "Helps eye makeup glide on". The staff there really useless! I think I know their product better. Maybe not all of them, but if you see the old lady who looks like Lydia Shum, don't buy from her!!!!

For all that, I get the free gift! Yippppeeee!!!!!

Sometimes I buy my beauty products just for the free gifts. When I get back home, I realize I don't even need those free gifts and it takes up too much space in my room. But this time, it's all useful stuff that I bought, so I don't have to regret anything. There goes my AUD 350 that I save up for my sky diving. One of my biggest fear is to grow old. They say mature signs will appear when you're 30. Some off topic, everyday I wake up I find one new break out on Alwin's face. I can't stand it so I put some moisturizer on his face but he doesn't like it. Apparently, it is not 'man' to put moisturizer on his face. I really don't understand why an old man can get break out. Going to be 30 soon already still can get break out? Anyway, I have other concerns. I'm so freaking scared. Imagine yourself having.......................

Black spots/pigmentation...


And saggy boobs...

When I think about it I feel so insecure. All these nightmare WILL happen one day. It's the matter of how soon. I don't mean to scare you, but I'm just reminding you. Stop complaining that beauty products cost a lot or you're lazy to spend at least 30 minutes applying them. Unless you want to look ugly then I rest my case. Girls, it's time you stick to good beauty products. Forget about those cheap Biore, Johnson & Johnson, etc... That's for teenage years. As we're growing older, our skin lost its capacity to renew. You can't simply use those mass production brands anymore. If possible, visit the dermathologist every month. They are the one who can spot any signs and recommend you some prevention remedies. Too bad the dermathologist here in Tasmania is unreliable. I went to Papilon once and I will never ever go back there again. But I'm going to try the one next to Mykonos soon.

Oh, ya... I also bought Shikin a lipstick.

It's called the Pink Sand. It's the most prettiest color I've ever met! The color looks like creamy strawberry milk. Really sweet. I wanted to buy for myself too, but too bad I can't wear pink because my lips is too dark. I know I promise to stop smoking, but sometimes I just can't help. Right now I only smoke 1 stick in 2 days, which is very very good. Soon I'll stop completely. Back to the glamorous lipstick...... it looks like this:

Nice, kan? Talking about lipstick.... My cousin who works in a magazine company in Malaysia said that they received a report from one of the US university. The report shows that lipgloss with glitters that claims that they give your extra shine can cause stomach cancer. So far, there are 3 cases in the U, S and A. However, the magazine cannot publish such articles because they are getting advertisement from those products. So they have to chuck such good information away. Now you should thank me for sharing them with you.

I also bought something else. Hahaha... I told myself I wanted to buy only stuff from Estee Lauder, but then I bought something else too. Bought a top at Valley Girl.

I showed Nana and she said it's nice. I told her I'm not buying it if it's more than AUD 20. But guess how much it is? AUD 19.95. Haha... only 5 cents away from my budget.

The other day I bought really nice sleepwear....

I asked Alwin nice or not and he said my old pink nightgown nicer. But now the pink nightgown smells a bit funky because he chucked it into the washing machine with his work clothes.

Because he doesn't like it, so I bought another one from Valley Girl. Yes, Valley Girl now sells pajamas!!!! My friend who works there told me that it was the first day they stock up pajama and I quickly grab the white one with pink flower.

And I asked Alwin whether it is nice. He said the black one nicer. Gosh! I feel like killing him. Can someone tell me why men can never satisfy with anything?
Talking about Alwin, I almost fell off my chair when I read the comment on my previous post:

Haha...I know you're jealous that some hotter girl is trying to snatch alwin
away from you. you might just want to kill yourself to find out that alwin also
likes her, not you. loser!

I just don't like someone stalking on Alwin, cannot meh? Me jealous? The most that the person can do is to stalk Alwin on my blog. So what? Does she know Alwin's shirt size? Does she know how many sugar he wants in his tea? Does she know which tea he drinks? Does she know which football team he supports? Does she know what he likes to eat? Does she know what is his underwear size? Does she know what he likes on bed? I know it all. Why should I be jealous? Looks like she should be jealous of me. You know what? Not only I sleep on his bed, I sleep on top of him every night. Jealous, huh?

By the way, Anonymous, you've been tracked. You're from Newstead, Tasmania. I suspect you're the one who's stalking Alwin. Am I right? Oh, I'm so smart!!!!
P/S: I have a shopping date at 10am tomorrow. Going to buy a white wedges!!! Should I? Should I not?


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