Jun 30, 2009

If I were the Prime Minister, I would...

    In the Parliament:

  1. Abolish all taxes for branded goods. This include import tax and government tax. Every girl can afford a designer bag then. And every guy will love me because they don't have to spend a few thousands on designer goods for their wives and girlfriends. This is my first step to win my supporter. I know many politicians will slam me right in front of my face. My answer to them is: It's a much more realistic plan than your empty promises. I don't really care what other politicians would think of my plan. I would only think of what people want in general. As a consumer, I would love to buy more designer bags. And I know everyone have the same interest as me. So I would make the policy based on my own needs 'cos at the end of the day, it's going to reflect what other citizens want too.

  2. I'll make sure everyone recycles. I'm not really a gungho environmentalist. But government need to save money too. If the people start to recycle, we can save more money from processing domestic rubbish. Besides, we have no more space for rubbish dumpside. How am I going to do it? I'll make sure every household send at least a bag of recycleable stuff to the recycle centre every week. If you don't, we just don't collect your rubbish that week until you send in some stuff to recycle. Easy like ABC.

  3. I would proposed 1-Malaysia as a cultural subject in every primary school. The children will learn how to respect other culture through theory and practice. For example, everyone will have to learn how to eat rice with their hands on banana leaf. I actually heard some kids saying, "Yuks, look at that abu neh neh eating with their fingers, so dirty!" Respect, kids... Respect... And everyone have to learn how to eat with chopsticks too. For heaven sake, we're multicultural! Other lessons include, how to wear traditional clothes, how to speak other Malaysian languages, what are the reasons behind the taboos, etc. It's useless to teach the kids about our culture through books. Who remember words anyway? Besides, we should be ashame of ourselves that we are pretending to be multicultural, but some of us don't even know what are the other races traditions and heritage. This 1-Malaysia subject would be introduce at early stage of schooling because that's the age where children can be shaped easily. In highschool, they have other important lessons to learn, so it wouldn't be a good idea to have it then. Najib, will you take this into consideration?

  4. We need Racial Discrimination Act. I'm not sure if we have a similiar legislation, if we do, my version is the enhanced one. I will set up an ombudsman under this Act, so that any complaint of racial discrimination would be investigated by the government themselves. Take for example, the rumour of Pizza Hut charging non-muslim extra tax, that would be a valid complaint. After all, we are promoting 1-Malaysia.

  5. I will not deny the bumiputera of their rights. After all, during the independence, the migrants agreed to uphold bumiputeras as first class citizen. This set of rights include land rights, financial assistance, etc. But these priorities will not give them the right to exploid other races. Meanwhile, other races should respect the decision made by their great-grandfather as they agreed to stay on in Malaysia after the independence. This means, they should acknowledge that they are second class citizens. Any issues of such case can be filed under the Racial Discrimination Act.

  6. Everyone wants freedom of speech. That includes me. Malaysians are no longer stupid, sit at home and listen to their master like a good dog. We're now good dog that barks. But if they bark wrongly, we'll put a muzzle on the dog's mouth. After all, everything has its limits. Everyone is free to criticize the government. Everyone is free to express their feelings. Everyone is free to voice out their opinions. But if anyone defames the government, the government can sue that individual based on the law of defamation, and not under ISA. For your information, just in case you're not Malaysian, ISA is Internal Security Act. I don't see the logic of accusing people under ISA when they didn't even touch on anything related to national security.

  7. ISA would be revised. I cannot deny it is a good law. (C'mon, boo me!). If you're in the government's shoe, you need ISA. There is no problem with this Act by itself. The only problem is abuse of power. To maintain this Act, I would include a comprehensive list of what amounts to national internal security, a set of rules to detain someone who breaches this Act, the rights of the detainees, and immediate judicial hearring. I'll make sure this Act would not be used by government arbitrary just to detain people they don't like. Don't ask me how I am going to do that. Because if I'm the PM, I'm the boss. If I say no arbitrary detention, that means no arbitrary detention. You may label me as autocratic, but remember, I'm doing this for a just cause.

  8. I will separate the separation of powers. Right now the government is like a big piece of cake. All the government arms are group in one althought they claim that it is seperated. I would cut it equally to three sections - the Parliament, the Executive and the Judiciary. There would be no overlapping of powers. This might sound good, but in reality I can't separate Parliament from Executive, can I? But the Judiciary is definitely by its own. This will ensure greater checks and balance. It sounds so easy, but I don't actually know what's going on with the system.

On personal side:

  1. I would cut my hair. Keeping long hair takes a lot of effort.

  2. I would go for plastic surgery. Because I wouldn't have time to make up every morning. It saves 2 hours a day. I could take the time to update my blog post. I wonder where do politicians find the time to update their blogs? Lim Kit Siang has average 30 updates each week. An unemployed person like me don't even have the time to do so.

  3. My political party image would be pink. I'm really sorry, guys. I love pink. I know you would still vote for me because you love me!

  4. Oh, ya... The logo will be encrusted with bling blings.

Jun 28, 2009

DrĂ´le, rire!

Not in the mood of blogging. Been watching Youtube since 11pm and it's now 6.51am and I'm still awake! Here's some funny stuff on Youtube...

I can imagine that happen if I ever buy a house with Alwin.

I got so bored so I watch some recommended videos for me. I don't remember watching any rugby and I'm not really a big fan of sports. Don't know why Youtube has been recommending me to watch rugby. Looks like you-know-who has been watching the rugby match. Here's a nice one...

That's dedicated to YT. I don't know why I always think of YT when I see something related to Scottish. She's been so enthusiastic about Scotland.

Alwin and I are watching Youtube from the same account. So, the recommendation videos are so extreme. One hand, you'll get sports videos. That's his. And on the other hand, you'll get videos on cupcakes. If Youtube is a human, he'll be really confused.

Jun 26, 2009

So many people died!

I normally don't talk about news that over flowing the internet paged - Iran, swine flu, etc. But I just can't believe it!!!!

Last night I got the news that Farrah Fawcett died. Actually I saw it in #Twitter first. I couldn't believe she died because a few hours before that I just read she was admitted into hospital.

And this morning, I heard Michael Jackson died too. Why so many people died within 24 hours?

I grow up with my mom admiring Farrah Fawcett, she'd took Farrah's photo to the hair saloon to imitate Farrah's hairstyle.

And I always listen to Michael Jackson's song in my dad's car.

But now they're gone.
p/s: Who is going to die tomorrow?

Jun 18, 2009

The Sire Museum Restaurant and the golden plate

I'm so late in posting this up. YT already put her story up on her blog.

YT ordered some seafood carbonara. It tasted not bad, but I wouldn't say it's the best. William's at Kelana Jaya can make a better one at half the price you're paying in The Sire. But you wouldn't drive 400km to get a plate of carbonara, would you?

Look at YT, she's so happy. She wasn't aware that the next minute she's going to be madly heart broken.

I had the Caramelized Poached Snapper. Fish, again!

They served me with golden plate. Hahahahaha... and YT wasn't really happy because they served her with normal white china. That's the treatment you'll get when you dine with a royalty. Of course, the restaurant knew that I'm the Queen and I supposed to be served with golden plate. To express her tulan-ness, she spilled her water on the table. (Check out her blog for photo)

Now, let's talk business. The snapper was dry, but not too dry. Could be better. Besides, the portion is oversized. (Siao char bor...where got people complain portion too big?) I think I'm getting used to Australian portion of mains in fine dining, Malaysian style is too big for me. The reason why they have big portion is because Malaysian hardly order any appetizer, entree and dessert. They only order the main dish and that's all they're having. Imagine, if they serve this portion at Kermadec the other day, I would have to crawl back. Well, The Sire...I have a piece of advise for you. Cut 1/8 of the portion, then it'll force people to order the entree. You can save cost and earn more. It's good for your business management. Trust me!

The thing I love the most about this restaurant is their interior. When I looked up, this is what I saw...

It's simply elegant. Because it's a museum, they still preseved some of the straits heritage element in the restaurant. If I'm not mistaken this was the residence of Yap Chor Yee. If you don't know who he is, it doesn't matter. He's dead. But anyway, if you insist to know, he's some famous Chinese dude in Penang. That's all I know.

Cam whoring time. Behind us is a huge wall of vines. It makes you feel like you're dining in some tropical jungle.

The bar and dining area.

Dessert time. The most awaited moment during every meal. We shared the Apple Creme Brulee because the menu didn't seem much interesting.

I took my portion of the dessert and start plating it myself. It's going to be damn ugly if I don't do it. Do you think my plating is nice? Fuck, I don't think so. Looks like I just dumped everything on the plate. Me sucks.

The dining area from above. We were seated right beside the long table.

I discovered that they have golden dining area on the second floor. MCH!!! They should have served me there lor. I'm the Queen mah. Where's the manager? Now I want to complain!

Jun 9, 2009

OK, I'm officially sick

Since the day I came back, I had really funny feelings like I was about to fall sick. But now I'm officially sick. 

It started with bad diarrhea, and then feeling really tipsy woozy giddy gaga. When I woke up today, I'm officially sick. Blame the change of weather. Nothing else.

I'm just going to stay at home until I feel alright. Cheh, supposed to lepak at mamak with Adrian tonight. I haven't drink teh tarik since the day I came back. And I want some roti telur too. Tomorrow I have another interview to go. And Thursday I'm going to meet another blogger with YT. Now I have to just stay at home and feeling emo. At least there's computer to keep me company.

Some random stuff:

But life gets complicated with technology. I'm currently using three computers. I love the desktop. But my bro changed the mouse to a gamer mouse. It's so complicated. If I click once, the right click option will appear. I have to double click everytime. If I want to highlight a sentence, it will auto highlight the whole page. If I scroll once, it will auto scroll all the way. 

If I use my laptop, the wireless speed is too slow. It takes two minutes to load a page. I can go crazy. Of course, if to choose between desktop and laptop, I prefer desktop. 

And then there's a Mac book at home. Hardly anyone touches it because the screen blinks after an hour. Weirdo laptop. And I have to use wireless for Mac too. So, not a good choice. Anyway, I'll just use any computer that's nearest to me. 

I can give you a guide how to spot which computer I'm using. If you see the "listening now" turned on on my messenger, that's the desktop. If I use a lot of emoticons on the chat, that's my pink laptop. If there's a lot spelling error, it's the Mac. 

I just found out that Cupcakes Party is more popular than this blog. WTF? And this blog has been here for five years. Whatever.

Suddenly I feel like becoming a comedian. But I don't know how. Must I graduate from comedy school to be a comedian? Must I get a license for it? Someone please guide me!!!!!

Jun 7, 2009

The Search for Auckland's Best Fish (Final)

This is the grand finale of my search of best fish in Auckland. I've been wanting to tell you guys so badly which restaurant serves the best fish in Auckland. It is......
. you guys forgot the drumroll
.Haha...I'm copying YT's style here...
The Grove at Saint Patrick Square

Here's the only reason why it's the best....It's simply the best. I'm not a food critique, so that's the most honest answer I can give. By the way, some off topic stuff. I was having dinner at The Sire Museum Restaurant with YT the other day. We were wondering what if we are asked to do video food review. Acting as a TV host while eating her apple creme brulee, she said, "Hmmm.... this apple tasted like apple!" And we came up with some stupid lines like, this ice-cream is actually cold or can you believe it, the fish tasted like fish! And then we plan to work on the most honest food review with those sluggish lines. It may sound dumb, at least it's the most honest food review you can find.

Here's the main I order.... Market fish. Unfortunately, the don't have any other fish dish on the menu.

The fish of the day was blue cod. It was wrapped with baked seaweed, lightly fried with tempura. Served with prawn confit, abalone and veal reduction. Normally veal reduction has really strong weird taste. But the one I had was quite light and savory. There was also some mushroom puree, it goes so well with the abalone. What I like the most is the fusion of concept how the chef combined sushi wrapping method on fish. Not to mention, the seaweed was crispy, blend it with the softness and sweetness of the blue cod fish, it's like........................*~bliss~*

I got smarter after I ate the fish, no joke. Suddenly there's an idea came to me. I always love abalone. But the best way to cook abalone is to boil it, cook the sauce separately, and then pour the sauce over it. I've been eating the same thing all the time, oyster + light soy sauce. I think it's going to be a fantastic idea to have veal reduction on abalone.

My friend had the eye fillet with morel butter and parsnip. He said it was fabulous.

Is it me, or suddenly froth is like an in thing for plating? It's not only on main, but on desserts as well. Sometimes I feel, plating for food is highly influenced by fashion. Previous fashion was fruit/vegetable carving and brush stroke. If you take a look at the fish dish, you'll see a black brush stroke at the side of the plate. At one point of time it used to be so popular. But now froth is slowly taking place.

It was quite lucky of me to know a friend in Auckland who is equally share the same passion for food. We also plan to go back for the degustation menu. It's only NZD 120 per person. I wonder is it a fixed price for all degustation menu in New Zealand?

Sorry, no photo of the chef on this post. I don't have a slight idea what the chef's name, let alone his/her photo. I'm still wondering why some of you love the chef's photo rather than the food.

Here's some photos of the desserts. I've blogged about it on Cupcakes Party, so I'm not going to repeat my same boring words again. I doubt people actually reads it when the photos are more tempting. But the photos are really worth repeating.

On the house, pre-dessert was feijoa sorbet with caramel powder and cubed mango.

I had the caramel panna cotta with white pepper.

My friend had the vanilla parfait, strawberry cream with rosemary.

In search of the best fish in Auckland:
The Search for Auckland's Best Dish Continues - Kermadec
In Search of the Best Fish in Auckland - Peter Gordon

The Worst Meal in Auckland - Iguacu

My search for the best fish in Auckland ends here. But I must say, these search for best fish posts are merely for entertainment purposes. I personally think there is no such thing as the best fish dish. You can't justify different methods of cooking and compare them. Let's say, you can't say grilled fish is better than steamed fish, because they are totally different. There is also different type of fishes to be considered. Can you say stingray is better than shark? Or pomfret is better than flathead? Taste is something very subjective. What is good to me might not be good to you. I'm just giving you a rough guide such as, The Grove is definitely better than Iguacu to me. If you really want to try the best fish in Auckland, no one can be a better judge other than yourself.

Jun 6, 2009

What's happening to our Evidence Law???

Today I discovered something new in our Malaysian legal system. Instead of calling witness to court and question them in front of the judge, prior to court case counsel will send a list of questionnaire to their own witness. Those questions are supposedly the questions that would be asked during the hearing. At the end of the questionnaire, both the counsel and the witness have to agree that they are satisfied with the Q&A. If the counsel is unhappy with what the witness has returned to him/her, they will send out the same questionnaire and the witness is required to refill it.

When the questionaire is completed, the counsel have to submit it to the court and also to the opponent counsel. The strange thing is, the witness would not be asked on any questions written on the questionaire, unless the opponent counsel wish to cross-examine. In most cases, opponent counsel will not question anything because the questionnaire would be amended before the trial. Sometimes, the witness won't even require to attend the trial.

Now, do I have any law kaki here? So, ok...we all know the court wants to save time and cost. But can you tell me if this technique is justified under the evidence law? Isn't the questionnaire constitutes to leading questions? Isn't this practice will allow the any party to alter the outcome of the case? Where is fair trial?

Anyway, good luck for those of you who are taking your Evidence Law exam tomorrow. This was me last year, one week before my evidence exam.

Nice photo right? Say YES now!!!!

Jun 5, 2009

The Search for Auckland's Best Fish Continues

When I was dying of boredom in the museum, suddenly a happy text message came to me. It's from Chef Brian Campbell, and he said he will send me an extra couple of courses that night. How can this not bring my spirit up?
I was smiling sheepishly all the time. Brian Campbell's desserts are always good. And when the night falls, I was at Kermadec.

What a nice view, overlooking the harbour. I have to admit I was feeling quite emotional while eating. Somehow I wish Alwin was there. The last time we dine at Kermadec, we were so confused. We virtually saw Kermadec everywhere at Viaduct Harbour. In the end, we turned up at the Brasserie and we thought it's the restaurant. Kermadec actually has four different venues: the restaurant, the brasserie, tasting room, and trench bar. But this time, I was at the real restaurant.

The first thing I had for tasting is the pork with fried garlic. It's super good. If they have this as main, it's going to be a best seller. But the beauty about fine dining is, you never get to eat a satisfactory portion of what's good. Anyway, it's always small portion and it's always good.

And then I had the bread. I have to admit that I'm not the type of person that will order bread for starter, unless it's on the house. But I was pestered by Makoto.

Makoto: If you go to Kermadec, you must order the bread. Super nice.
Me: 60 cents benggali roti also very nice.
Makoto: Don't talk cock yet. Order first.

So here's the famous bread Makoto recommended. By the way, the butter is made in house. Makoto said he would buy one litre if they sell it in the market. Since they do sell the bread, I'm not sure if they sell the butter as well.

I must say the bread in the middle taste nicest. The crust is crunchy, but yet the inside is as soft as cotton. I bet you've never eaten such bread before. This is the time I thank God Alwin wasn't there. He's good in snatching good food away from me.

If you've eat out with me often enough, you'll notice that I can never resist quail entree. Here's the confit quail with pickled muscatel puree, anneau of crispy potato, warm grapes, shallots and Juponica salad. Don't ask me how the salad tasted like, please. You'll get quail and quail egg here. Haha... this is like mother and son reunion on the plate. OK, Mezethes Taverna, your quail entree is no longer fantastic to me. (Oh my God, I actually know some Mezethes staffs that read my blog)

In between the entree and main, I had some tasting dessert of mango sorbet with caramel powder with some caramel syrup. Look at that stripes of mango puree. I wonder how they do it.

Here comes the main thing. I ordered the John Dory "St Peters Fish" with crispy broccoli cooked on poilane bread, freshly picked crab, yoghurt and ras el hanout spices. Unfortunately that night they ran out of dory so it was substituted to some New Zealand South Island fish. I'm trying to figure out what fish it was. My dad told me South Island is famous of its trout and salmon. And the fish I ate was definitely not trout nor salmon.

The ras el habout spices was quite strong. Other than that, this fish is perfect. I can't blame the spices because it generally has that strong taste. But the strong flavor of the spices was balanced up with some lemon citrus, so it was perfectly fine. Honestly, I think that fish tasted much better than dory for this cooking. I love the texture of the fish and I must find out soon what fish is that. And that poilane bread was scrumdililycious. I don't know how else to explain it. Quick try it yourself while their autumn menu is still going.

Another one for tasting menu prior to dessert. The waiter offered to introduce the dessert, but in a glance I knew what it was. It's the sweetcorn dessert!!!!! It must be a joke by Brian because he well knew that I don't eat veggie and I'm quite sceptical about veggie desserts. But my Chinese culture taught me when someone offered you food, you must eat it. So I had to eat it. To my surprise it didn't taste anything like sweetcorn. Although I must say it has a little bit of the sweetcorn taste, but it's not as bad as I thought. Especially when it's served with cheesecake mousse and caramelized popcorn.

Are you curious what the dessert queen had for her dessert? Tada....

It's the salted caramel mousse with caramelized puff pastry, apple and cinnamon beignets, granny smith sorbet, feijoa and pain d'epice. Just look at that plating. Don't you think it looks like a piece of pop art to you? You can almost frame this up as wall deco. That's what they say, food is like art on the plate. I couldn't agree more. The pain d'epice crumbs blended well the caramel mousse. It's so good that you'll regret it finishes so fast.

I was much tempted to order another dessert. So you know, Kermadec is famous of its balloon dessert. I've yet to try any. Here's a reason why I should go back there again. This season they have mandrin balloon on their menu. Aren't you curious what these balloon desserts are? I'll talk about it soon in my dessert blog.

My most sensational cuisine in Auckland ended with the sweet petit four. Oh, the marshmallow was scrumpvorylicious (scrumptious + savory + delicious). Do I have to explain more?

Suddenly my friends decided to give me a surprise. They visited me at the end of the meal. Edwin had a mug of hot chocolate because it was raining chicken and duck outside. The next time, Edwin and I are going for their degustation menu. It's a fabulous six course meal for only NZD 120. It's much cheaper than you order separate meal.

The forever cheerful Sylvia agreed that the petit four was marvelous. See, double approval.

I can't thank Brian enough for his fantastic tasting desserts. Actually I wanted to post up his photo in this post because I'm not sure why some people prefer to look at the chef's photo rather than the food. But his laptop is broken so I didn't get any photo from him. If you want to try the desserts, but not going to Auckland anytime soon, you can check out his blog for the recipe. He's very generous with his knowledge on his blog. You can always learn something from the expert himself. But I have to confess, most of the time when I visit his blog, I only drool at the photos and trying to figure out when will I go to Kermadec again.

The best fish dish in Auckland is yet to come in the next post. Aren't you curious which restaurant has the best fish? If Kermadec is not the best, then where else can it be?

The best fish in Auckland trail:
In Search of the Best Fish in Auckland - Peter Gordon
The Worst Meal in Auckland - Iguacu

Jun 4, 2009

Lawyers are hypocrites

If medical practitioners have to take the hippocratic oath, lawyers should take the hypocrisy oath. I wish to gather some data here in this post before I start to write a post about how hypocrite a lawyer can be. Please vote. It's a secret ballot.

Lawyers are hypocrite



pollcode.com free polls

If you have further opinion, please put it in the comment. Thank you. I don't mind annonymous. Just be honest. (Hey, it rhymes)

I have to take a few days of break to gather the satistic here. And at the same time, one of my finger nail came off. I wish to show you how bad it is in photo, but I just can't. It's all Alwin's fault. Typing is really a chore now. Whatever...

Jun 2, 2009

The Sticky Pudding: Malaysia Politics

People tell me, "you better not touch anything on Malaysian politics anymore. It's a sticky pudding issue. Write on your girlie girl dear diary instead." I'll say what I have to say, because I think we still have freedom of speech. If not, at least, the law is not a complete asshole yet.

I was going nuts reading on international politics theory for the past six months. If you're not on my messenger, you're a lucky bastard. I harrassed everyone on my contact list to ask for their opinion. It goes like this:

Jerine: Do you think human rights can be universal?
Whoever: Yes, I supposed it can.
Jerine: I'm writing a thesis that says No, it can't be universal. Say "No, it can't be universal"!
Whoever: Oh kay...no it cannot be universal...
Jerine: Why it cannot be universal?
Whoever: Mah chau hai...I think it can lor!!!!!
Jerine: But you said it cannot be universal! (Copy and paste relevant lines)
Whoever: Diu!

Everyone goes offline when they see me signing in. Anyway, I'm back to my normal mode. So it's safe to talk to me now.

What we've got here in this post is Jerine's two cents opinion on Malaysia politics. Jo was telling me that she's quite sick and tired of what's happening at home. But I reflected back to what I've been studying for the past half year, as a result, I can say something positive about Malaysia politics. I'm not really sure how acquaintant you are with political revolution history. But to illustrate it in a simpler manner, let's break it down to two stages: (1) economic, social and cultural development, (2) civil and political development.

It takes a developed State to achieve both economic, social and cultural development and also civil and political development. Take for example, the US... Erm...I guess we don't have to look at what the West has done all the time. Let's just look at our own country.

Remember many many years ago we had plantation and industrial plan to boost our economy? So, look at today, we're quite satisfied with what our economy has to offer. In other words, we've gone through the first stage. When we reached the maximum point of satisfaction (ahem... here comes economic terms), we tend to seek for something else. And that is why we move into a radical change for the second stage.

As we are struggling now, we're actually moving into the second phase, which is civil and political development. It might not seem clear to you that we're actually fighting for civil and political rights. It's been too long since we've been under authoritarian democracy regime. And finally the people realised that we have to fight for what we have lost all these while.

The package of civil and political rights includes freedom of information, freedom of speech, transparency, and liberal democracy. Correct me if I'm wrong. These are the things we want from the government. Yes or no? It's an obvious answer. If not, we won't even care about what's happening.

If you haven't quite get what I mean, we're actually moving into political revolution. The result is going to be positive. We, the people, will soon get what we want from the government. But at the mean time government is like a wall barrier that curbs the political progress. The major task for us to do is to break that wall. In my own prediction, there can be two changes. It's either the opposition party takes over the Parliament, or the government finally realised that they have to give in to what we want. If you're observant enough, that prediction is slowly taking place. The opposition won many seats during the last general election. We have more charismatic leaders now to fight for the spirit of real democracy. But as to when the war is going to last, it is not something we can foresee.

I'm not sure if what I've said make any sense to you. But I guess you are already bored with parrot blogging about Malaysian politics, and here's something from a different angle.

This post signifies that I'm back in Malaysia. Can someone sing Negaraku for background soundtrack, please?

Jun 1, 2009

Penang Ah Beng & Ah Lian in Singapore

This is another "Meeting Other Blogger" post. Guess which blogger I met in Singapore?

No idea?

Let me give you some hint. (1) He's a guy. (2) He's from Singapore (duh!) (3) But, actually he's from Penang. (4) He's freaking awesome.

Still no idea? Maybe a photo will ring some bells.

LOL! Damn Cina Ah Pek looking right? You might know him from his blog kxfx a.k.a. the blog of Chairman of Awesome.

Actually I know Mr. Awesome way before I started this blog and way before he started his. We're actually childhood friend. And of course I knew him way back when we're still in Penang. Hence, Penang Ah Beng and Ah Lian meeting in Singapore.

Actually it's more like Mr. Awesome meeting the Queen!

Whatever it is, it doesn't make any difference. We still had a lot of fun. Especially when I brought my other best friend along.

To be exact, I flew from Australia to Singapore. And my best friend, Jocelyn, flew from KL. We met up at Changi Airport and started our no-plan plan holiday in Singapore.

Nothing is more fun than having two of your best friends travelling together with you. Both of them are super whacko. We practically didn't stop laughing.

We had an artsy fartsy tour. Singapore is a land where inspiration is abundant. That's why Mr. Awesome moved to Sinagpore. Staying back in Penang will only drain out his creative juice.

This photo (above) was taken in that connection to Esplanade. They always have art exhibition there along the walk. I was trying to show off how awesome my camera is. So I asked everyone to squeeze into the lens. But I didn't realise that the artwork was blocked.

Here are some photos I freaking love....

We're walking into the tunnel.

We're walking out of the tunnel. Creative, right? Haha...this was my idea!

By the way, if all of us we're in the photo, who's the photographer?

It's Mr. Tripod. Look at Jo, she's in her Lala Land.

It's not easy to get those shots. We took a few photos before we can get the right ones. This is an example of a failure shot.

kxfx suddenly turned back. WTF? It looks like we're playing A-E-I-O-U. You remember the game? One person has to walk in front, where other players have to follow him at the back. After the front person says A-E-I-O-U, he has to turn back and no one is allowed to move. It's a fucking retarded game.

Tripod is so cool. All of us can be in the same photo. And our backsides too...

Thank God no one steal my camera!

The next day, we continued our artsy fartsy tour.

But this time, we have another company. Now, guess who is that???

Haha...all of you have boring shoes. My Juicy Couture Ah Lian slipper is the cutest!

Quick! Guess who came with us?

The gay lord Roger from Tasmania was with us!

We went to sam, you might have seen it from Bear Bear's Diary.

Another stupid photo! We're supposed to show the sam signboard, but all of us were blocking it.

I think we're quite a nuisance in the museum. Everyone was so quiet but all of us were having guerilla photoshooting!

Jocelyn was camera shy. Kxfx taking photo of Jocelyn who was camera shy and Roger taking photo. Roger taking photo of kxfx and me taking photo. I was taking photo of Jocelyn camera shy and kxfx and Roger taking photo. Whatever!

We were having a camera war to see who can take photo faster.

Ok. One down!

Two down!

Roger was avoiding my lens all the time. So he survived!

Another of my artsy fartsy photo. Don't you think I'm just creative! LOL! I'm so full of myself. But I do love all my photos, especially the one above. It looks as if they are really strangers. It also has that emo feeling. Anyone wants CD cover photo shooting? Hire me please!

Annoying kxfx behind me all the time. Haha... I love the POV here. I just turn my flexible LCD around and start taking photos of what's happening at the back. Because I have flexible LCD that can turn 360 degrees, cam whore is really an easy task!

We had to go to 8Q for another exhibition. At first we were clueless where it was, so the museum officer told us to follow the sticker on the floor.

At one point, kxfx asked me, "Where the hell is 8Q? And where are the signs? We're lost!" BUT... he said that when we're right outside 8Q. I shouted at him, "Oi!!! It's right in front of you!"

I must tell you something really stupid. We were somewhere at Bencoolen Road near NAFA and heading to Bugis. I told kxfx, actually we can walk there. And he said, "You walk yourself lah... We'll meet you at there". He didn't believe me. So fine, we took his route, which is take the MRT to Cityhall and then exchange to Bugis line. It took us 20 minutes to get to Bugis from Bencoolen. Later we went back to Bencoolen and finally he said, "Shit!!! We could have walked to Bugis from here!" WTF? I told him earlier but he didn't believe me. In the evening when we walked to Bugis, it only took us 10 minutes. I wanted to knock my head on the wall.

Everyone so used to my jokes. Whenever I'm serious, they thought it's part of the joke. WTF? I'm going to be serious and boring from now onwards. Or else, no one will believe me.

kxfx claimed that he became blur whenever I'm around. When I'm not around, his mind works better. I'm not sure if I have that negative aura that affected his brain activity.

The best art of the day...

...by combined artistes Jocelyn, kxfx & Roger.

Throughout the whole time I was in Singapore, I ate non-stop. Everyone was so annoyed that I have to stop by food stall every half hour. It amazed them that I ate so much. And it amazed them even more that I'm anearoxic. No, I'm not bulimic. 

I've told you before that an easy way to spot a blogger is...

...their cam whoring habit.

After taking photos of themselves, they must always check the result. The bad ones are instantly deleted before anyone sees it.

My turn to cam whore...

I love love love candid shots. Look at this!!!!

I can't stop laughing at Jocelyn's and Roger's expression. The irony is, no one was actually at the direction where Roger was looking. Hey, Roger...you look seriously constipated in that photo!

P/S: I'm fucking proud to say that none of the photos are photoshop-ed. They are original photos direct uploaded from my camera, except I added some text on it. By the way, my flickr photostream is back in active mode.


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