May 28, 2009

Australia Sucks Pt. 5

Guess what??????????????????

I missed my domestic flight transfert to Sydney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now I have to transfer in Melbourne.

Can you believe it? Three times in a month!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF?


Other than that, I'm back on my Australia Sucks topic. I got throw by eggs again! This was last week. I'm not going to say anything. You can read it here >>> Australia Sucks Pt.3

This time is a bit hardcore. My leg bruised because of that stupid egg.

If I know any Taliban members, I'm definitely going to ask them to bomb Tasmania. The people here sucks big time. Racists, discriminative, and uncivilised. Don't say Tasmania is a nice place until you stay here long enough to suffer racism.

This is my grand finale post of Australia for now.

OK. I'll be flying off exactly in an hour time. Now, can we have silence please?
Everyone please pray that I won't miss my flight this time.

P/S: Woohoooooooo.......I'll be seeing my best friend in 6 hours time. Can't wait to go home. Australia sucks!

P/P/S: Wah woman's instinct fail for the first time. I thought MU would win. Luckily vivalive didn't ask me for prediction.

May 27, 2009

Commonwealth Bank Spam

This is a serious notice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I have a lot of hits from Australia readers, so I have to warn you of some spams circulating around in the emails. Do not click on anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The other day, I received an email from Commonwealth Bank that bla bla bla.....whatever read here >>> I seriously don't mind suicide. Anyone receive the same email?

And today I received another email from Commonwealth Bank to register my IP address so that only the registered computer can access to my internet banking. I sense something fishy here. So I called up the customer service.

They say Commonwealth Bank did not send out those emails and there was no activity on my internet banking for the past 3 months. So now, the email that says there was failure in logging in several times was fake.
Whatever it is, do not click on anything on the email "Commonwealth Bank" sent you. Just delete it.

Oh, great! My bank account is frozen now because someone is trying to get my money out. Shit! I just remember I have no money to spend when I'm going back. Shit! Shit! Shit! Gotta go to the bank right now!

May 25, 2009

The fortune teller told me...

While was in Melbourne, a gypsy fortune teller came to me and read my palm. She said...

  • You will meet two men in your life before you meet the right one. (Is that mean I will have two boyfriends before I meet my husband? Or is it my second boyfriend would be my husband? If it's the latter that means Alwin would be my husband. Oh, no. He's not rich yet.)
  • You cannot marry people from your same country. If you marry someone from your same country, you will divorce. There will be disagreement because of different thinking. (That means he's definitely not Alwin. At least I know it's not my husband cheat on me!)
  • Find someone from different country, you'll only marry once. (Who can I find? Vin Diesel?)
  • You have a good husband that will take care of the family and take care of you. (I'm looking forward for this.)
  • I cannot see how many children you have. (Maybe I have no children at all. Yippee!)
  • Your hands cannot generate wealth. You spend a lot, that's why you can never be rich. (You are darn right ma'am!)
  • But your life is good, you don't live like a poor person. Someone else is responsible for that. Like your parents giving you money to spend. (Strike 2! you know why I want to look for a rich husband?)
  • In your 40s, you suddenly become rich. Your parents will leave you property and you can be rich. (I was quite sad when I heard this. I can only assume that my parents will pass away and leave me their property. I rather live like a poor person then.)
  • You cannot be successful in your own country. Something is happening in your country and it will not help you in your career. (Ma'am, do follow Malaysia politics?)

After all I don't believe in fortune telling. But it was quite entertaining though. I wanted to ask her about my career, but since she didn't mention anything, I just assume that I'm going to be a rich housewife who stays at home and do nothing.

May 24, 2009

What the heck is donkey punch?

I can't stop laughing and I have to share this with you guys. I was talking to Christine (actually I'm still talking to her now) while we were reading Mr. Zewt's post.

Christine: erm...1 question, what is donkey punch?
Me: Don't know. Let's google.
Christine: Seriously, I don't think it's that....
Me: How I know la? Don't feel like removing my google search filter.
Christine: read this
Me: Didn't describe anything at all lor. More like the author shiok sendiri.
Christine: No I mean using the pin ball thing to describe what woman is. It did give the answer at the end. Apparently according to wikianswer its sexual abuse it described the same thing so yeah he did give an asnwer to what it is. I think its because 'when they punch the butt then the girls will kick back
Me: But quite funny. LOL. LMAO. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!
Christine: If it ever happen, I will give more than a kick.
Me: Karate chop, kamehameha, all also come out.
Christine: There's actually a movie called donkey punch
Me: ????
Christine: Horror movie
Me: Who the fuck will make a horror movie sound like a comedy?
Christine: Comedy? It's a girl died of donkey punch
Me: I guess we have to watch the movie to know exactly what is donkey punch.

In conclusion, we still don't know what is donkey punch. But, do read this >>>> Ask Dick. Hilariously funny. I bet you'll die of laughing.

OK, I suppose to ask the human rights genius to help me with my thesis, but in the end we're talking about donkey punch. WTF? Someone please tell me what is donkey punch so I can concentrate on my work again. Donkey punch is really bothering me now.

Zewt, can you please tell me what exactly it is?

May 23, 2009

I seriously don't mind suicide

I have a habit of checking my mail early in the morning. But today is no good news to start my day...

My internet banking account has been suspended due to many incorrect attempts to access the account. WTF???? I didn't log in to my bank account for almost a century now. This evident that someone is trying to hack into my account. Hahaha.... whoever you are, you failed!!!!

But this person is giving me pain in the ass. Now I have to go to the bank and go through all the tedious stuff to restore back my account. Whoever you are, I curse that you won't have internet connection your whole life, so no one else's account will get hacked by you.

I don't know what's wrong with my lucky star lately. Why is there endless bad luck hiting on me daily. Perhaps some asteroids just bang my lucky star and it's nothing now but mere debris in the space.

Yesterday missed my flight. Today bank account got suspended. What's for tomorrow? Not really looking forward for it. Time to kill myself!

May 22, 2009

Tiger Airways, you suck!

Looks like I can't escape Tasmania.

I don't know how to express my tulan-ness towards Tiger Airways. In my entire travel history, I bought Tigers ticket three times. At the same time in my travel history, I've never board on Tigers plane before.

Maybe I cursed myself in my last post. Maybe I just can't live without any drama in the airport. I fucking missed my flight again. Sipek tulan. KN lau bu CCB!!!! Last two weeks I just missed my flight to Melbourne. Today I missed my flight to Adelaide.

I asked Biri to fetch me to the airport today. He came at 11.45 although I told him we should leave at 11.30. It's my mistake. I should have told him 11am instead. My flight was supposed to depart at 12.45pm. I managed to rush to the airport at 12.05. But their check in counter already closed. This is the thing I hate about Tigers. Other airlines require 30 minutes check in before departure. I'm not sure why Tigers need 45 minutes. Other than they are lack of efficiency, I can't think of other reason.

I told them the same excuse that I don't have a check in luggage, so it's not really that troublesome for them to check me in. But they refused. I'm sure they can do something about it. But they won't bother. The last time I missed my flight to Melbourne, I had to buy Jetstar ticket immediately. And they issued me a handwritten ticket. It's not that hard after all. I wonder why Tigers can't do the conventional way?

Hmmph...I'm not sure whether I should be crying or laughing now. I laughed throughout the journey from airport back to Sandy Bay. But inside, I really feel like crying.

I really miss my friends in Adelaide. He already planned to go fishing and to catch some crabs so we can cook some seafood at his place. I was really looking forward for it. On the other hand, I was planning for another "Meeting other bloggers" stuff with William Ng. I haven't seen him for almost four years since he left for Switzerland for his culinary school. Right now we're staying in the same country but yet I haven't make it to meet him. By the way, I don't actually know him as a blogger. He's actually my sister. Oh, long story here. And I just found out that my long lost high school friend whom I didn't see for 8 years is currently in Adelaide. I wanted to meet these people very much.

My dad is so funny. He always believe there's a blessing in disguised, so he thinks the reason why I didn't get to board the plane is because someone has swine in the plane. WTF? I didn't bother to get another ticket because there is no more direct flight to Adelaide until next week. It's either I transit in Melbourne or Sydney. I'm not willing to spend my time and money on that. Gotta do my thesis now. Another suey-ness... I came to the library to do my work but I just found out I forgotten my hard disk. All my work is in there. To be honest, I have no mood to do my work. All I want to do is to sleep until Monday and pretend that I'm in Adelaide right now. I guess it's time I get myself organized.

I'm boycotting Tigers, you should too. Unless you want to wait one and half hours for your flight or risk missing it.

Escaping Tasmania cold weather, Adelaide I'm coming

Remember I stayed at Yvonne's place during my artsy fartsy tour in Melbourne? While she was busy talking to her boyfriend I had nothing to do. Besides, I don't have a boyfriend to talk to. So I search for some cheap flights and I found super freaking cheap flights to Adelaide via Tiger Airways. $79 return ticket to Adelaide from Hobart. So, I'm flying off tomorrow. Yay!!!!!!

But at the same time I haven't started my thesis yet. And I suppose to hand in by Monday. I'm fucked!

I wonder what drama I'm going to have at the airport tomorrow. Two weeks ago I missed my flight to Melbourne. Last week, they can't issue my international boarding pass to Auckland. What's coming up tomorrow?

Meanwhile something for you to laugh...

May 20, 2009

Would you rather die or go to the museum?

This post is for Bear Bear who loves museums.

I present to you...Auckland Museum, which I said I wouldn't go. But I figure out, I rather go to the museum than die of boredom.

This photo almost killed me. I was standing at the edge because I don't have a wide angle lens. The win blew me off, I almost fall off the edge.

But later, I found out how stupid I was. I can actually walk a little, and voila!!!! I can get the whole view! Almost die of stupid reason.

The museum is situated quite far from the city, called The Domain. In the map, it looks like walking distance, luckily I was feeling a bit generous that day. So I took a cab. If not I'll be doing solo marathon in Auckland.

They say, when you go to different country, must learn their culture. So I skip all those tediously unnecessary artifacts, and went to the He Taonga Maori.

Of all the photos I took in Auckland, I love this one (above) the most.

There are over 1000 taonga (Maori's treasures) in here. These taonga are the ancestral representations of all the major tribes of Aotearoa.

Must cam whore a bit. Or else people think I just Google the photos and create an imaginary travelogue. Few years back during my trip to Bangkok, I post up photos only, without me in the photos and without any words. Some idiot commented that I Google the photos. I got so fucking angry.

Harh....They have artsy fartsy stuff there. My cup of tea. This is the Treaty of Waitangi. Not the orginal transcript, of course! If only important documents are as pretty as art can be, the whole world will be living in Lala land. fish. Can eat or not? Those fish looks good to deep-fry and eat with sambal.

Rare...Very rare... You can only find this in Auckland museum. No where else.

If Jesus walked on water, I also want to do it. Do you see the lobster underneath me? Feel like cooking it with ginger and shallots.

I've seen many types of seagulls in my life. But this is the fugliest seagull I've ever seen.

Just like the ugly duckling. Why do they display ugly duckling? They should give it to me, I'll cook Duck with Chinese mushrooms. In return I give them my toilet duck. Nicer. And it squeaks when you press on it.

Look what we've got here! Candy wall!!!!!!! Hey kid, get out of my way! Children are pests!!!!!

I'm so inspired,I'm going to build one of this in my house in the future.

Must cam whore again.

The elephant reminded me of Night in the Museum.

This buffalo actually reminded me more of Night in the Museum. Haha... Looks like Squidward is going to turn into this the next 100 years. (Squidward's more popular nick is buffalo).

This really reminded me of Night in the Museum. WTF? Some random thoughts... If I can choose whether to get stuck for a night in a museum or the graveyard, I rather choose the graveyard. I'm really terrified of the museum. And I never go to any section that has no one around.

And then I went to the Cultural Performance. The girl on the far left is reeeeeaaaalllllyyyy pretty. I can't take my eyes off her.
I didn't know that all these while, I actually knew how to sing a Maori folk song. It goes...
e po i tai tai e
e po i tai tai e
e po i tai tai
e po i tokitoki
e po i tokitoki e

Anyone remember this song???? They taught us in kindergarten!!!! See, if you don't travel, you won't know.

And then you have the famous Maori haka. Don't tell me you don't know. The dance that All Black team always perform before the match begin. Once upon a time, they used to dance haka before going to war. It brings good luck and spirit. I guess I better learn haka as soon as possible. Can dance outside exam hall before I enter. Another inspiration on my Moleskine. Going to draw me dancing haka outside exam hall.

The girl I've told you. Super pretty, right? She has a sweet smile also. WTF? Am I turning lesbian now?

Gosh...didn't know writing about museum can be so tiring and I didn't even write much. I guess I'll stick to my department on food review and let Bear Bear take back her museum department.

May 19, 2009

WTF!!! My dad added me on Facebook!

Wah lau eh... never in my life I feel so panic. My dad have a face book account!!!!!!!!

Before I added him, I must take off my blog URL first. If he reads this blog, I'm dead! Although I suspect he reads it, but precaution better than cure. What if he doesn't know about this blog and I don't take it off from facebook...

I wonder, anyone of your parents have facebook account? What do you react when they added you? When you post up the "What's on your mind?", have you ever think that..."Oh, my dad might read it!" Imagine if I write, "Had a hot sex last night". My dad sure get heart attack.

I always curse everywhere on facebook, now it looks like I can't. Good for you guys... No more profanities from me on facebook. I'm well monitored.

Since I'm talking about facebook now... I'm quite surprise, random strangers often add me as friend. I don't mean to be unfriendly, but I thought facebook is for friends and acquaintances. I'm quite reluctant to add people I don't know.

These people are quite nincompoop. For instance, this OK OK...

You probably can't read his message. He said, "Hi Jerine... m Eloka..u can call me el KAY...I had a greek half cast friend within the country but we lost touch.. just to i'd make u my friend.. greece... hmm admire dt country and the pips therein." I seriously don't understand what the hell is he saying. I have no interest in his history. Besides, if one genuinely wants to make friend, who cares which country you were born or what race you are...

Another one...this is a pirated version of me...

Look at his name, Jerin Lur. Bwahahahahahaha..... I've told you, a pirated version of me! A guy with the name Jerin. Very gay...

And then you have those that doesn't have common friends..

I wonder, how he found my profile.

And some really sohai face...

This guy reminds me of William Hung....

She bangs! She bangs!!!

Lol...I'm so bad. Anyway, I have to change my "About me" before added my dad too. My tag line was, "Will do anything for money". For your info, money is a taboo in my family. No one talks about money and no one ask about it. So I have to change to, "Nothing much. Fuck off!!!!" I'm thinking, if my contact list are mostly my friends, they already know me. Why should I waste my time describing myself when they already know me.

At the end of the day, I still added my dad. And I wrote this on his wall...

My Hokkien is really limited. Other than vulgarities, I don't really speak Hokkien. Somehow the phrase "chiak pa boh su cho" can apply everywhere. At least, it's not vulgar.

I wrote on my status... "wah lau dad added me on facebook. should i add him or not?" My brother commented, "My dad adds me too.." WTF? When I check my common friends on my brother's profile, it looks like he didn't add dad at all.

P/S: Was talking to Christine. And she said, my dad is quite a hippie. After I think about it, my dad is a hippie! He recycles stuff to save the world and he doesn't like money. The only thing he lacks of is his fashion style. No wonder he wants to move to Tasmania. More trees for him to hug. He blends in well with the weirdos here. Now, it gets me I my dad's daughter? Or did he picked me up from the rubbish bin (since hippies do that very often, picking up stuff from rubbish bin)?

May 17, 2009

Woman's Instinct in Football

Intuition, that's what women claimed they had and men did not, or did not have enough of: intuition. He had often wondered, though, how one could know something without actually hearing it, or seeing it, or even smelling it. If one did not acquire knowledge from one's senses, then where would one acquire it?

This women's intuition thing is becoming my frequent argument with Squidward. I said, women's instinct is part of the subset of common sense. And here's how.

In Chelsea v Arsenal match, I told Squidward don't bother watching it because Arsenal is going to lose, and he won't be able to wake in time for Uni. He got so offended and said I'm not supportive enough to be a supporter. WTF? If I'm a fan, I would want Arsenal to win, right?

True enough, Arsenal lost. And he couldn't wake up for Uni. What a waste. See...he should have listen to my woman's instinct. Now, the common sense part. They said, football match is a game of luck. This is not true. By observation (this is how one acquires woman intuition), Arsenal team consist of new young players as compared to more experienced Chelsea boys. Throughout the EPL match, Arsenal's overall score is way below Chelsea. And it's not going to make any difference in that Chelsea v Arsenal game too.

In last night match MU v. Arsenal, Makoto said MU will bring out Berbatov in second half. But I told him, very unlikely. They will bring Park out first before Berbatov. This is also common sense. It was 0-0 until second half. Both team wanted to win. Of course, MU will take Park because he's a fierce striker than Berbatov. In second half, MU had to use all means to score. Park is a better weapon than Berbatov. A very simple strategy here. And to prove my point, a few minutes after Park is in, Park almost scored but it was a lucky one for the gunners.

I was predicting the winning team for later match. Newcastle United v. Fulham, I voted for Fulham. And the won 0-1. Middlesbrough v Aston Villa, I voted for Aston Villa. But it was a draw 1-1. Tottenham v MC, I voted for Tottenham. Makoto said, no way hosey... MC is going to win. And Tottenham won!

You guys better not underestimate women's instinct now. It's actually part of long observations and compilation of observation, experience, and careful scrutinity. That's why women's instinct is a subset of common sense. We don't actually pick it up from the air, like how you guys perceived we did.

I'm sorry. Jerine is trying to be a smartass here. I miss those days when I can walk to mamak stall or coffee shop, order some beer or teh tarik and watch the match from their huge ass LCD screen. Something I miss the most in Malaysia. Over here, you can only watch the match online and comment on this blog. So boring. Can't wait to go home. 14 days more...YAY!!!

If only I bet on football bookie, I'm a millionaire by now. But gambling doesn't interest me at all. Unfortunately, my instinct never works when it comes to exam. Sigh...

Makoto cooked curry chicken for me few weeks ago. Last night, I had to pay him back with curry chicken. He was sweating while eating. LOL....I hardly taste my own food. But it looks like everyone was commenting that I cook too spicy. My friend's dad even called me chilli padi. Last year, I called all of my friends to come for dinner at my place. Roger, the pure breed Tasmanian was dying of the spicy-ness. His face was as red as tomato. I wonder how do you keep the "spicy" flavor without adding too much spice and chillies?

May 16, 2009

In search of the best fish in Auckland

I got a panic attack when all my restaurant bookings on Sunday was canceled. Apparently there's no restaurant open on Sunday night in Auckland. This is something I don't understand. Restaurants should open every weekend, especially on Sunday!

Anyway, I managed to book a table at dine by Peter Gordon. I was wondering who the hell is Peter Gordon? I definitely never heard of his name before. Who cares who he is? I just want a good meal after eight hours of plane ride and airport transfer.
I was quite lost while looking for the restaurant. It supposed to be in Skycity because that's the website I booked my table. However, there was no sign of dine by Peter Gordon on the Skycity information board. The information counter was over flood with troublesome China tourist so I didn't have any chance to ask them. I stroll and follow my woman instinct, thus I found out, dine by Peter Gordon is not in Skycity Tower. It's in Skycity Grand Hotel. I supposed to stay there actually. Only NZD 415 for three nights. But I choose Copthorne Hotel for its harbour view. Was quite disappointed. Ooopps... Off topic.

As I entered the restaurant, I saw a few books of Peter Gordon were displayed beyond the counter. So, yeah...he's one of the Jamie Oliver and Anthony Bourdain kind of species. How can I not know him? I Googled him, and found out that Peter Gordon has a few more restaurants around the world. The Providores and Tapa Room in London. Gourmet Burger Kitchen in some other part of UK. Changa and M├╝zedechanga Restaurant in Istanbul. PUBLIC in New York. The Sugar Club in Wellington. Bellota tapas bar and dine in Auckland. WOW!!! I wonder if he's good looking? Let's do another Google search.

I guess not. Eh...his apron very familiar. Oh.... Makoto's restaurant at Battery Point also has the same apron.

Makoto more handsome, right? WTF?

Anyway, I had the South Island John Dory on spiced butternut risotto and sauteed cavolo nero with wee-bee, Pecorino, nashi pear and macademia salad.

I don't like the butternut risotto, though. I'm a meat eater. Maybe it's because it looks yellowish and sort of reminded me of sweet corn. This is purely personal issue with vegetable. There's nothing wrong with the risotto.

Otherwise, the fish was fantastic. I hate it when the fish is too dry. It will stuck in my throat and some pieces will stuck in every corner of my mouth. I also hate it when it's too wet and my cutleries can pick up at all. Sorry, I'm a fussy eater. But Peter Gordon done it the best. I would prefer sauce as relish instead of that risotto. The fish goes really well with the Waitiki Braids Riesling. It was quite a mistake. I wanted a sauvignon blanc instead. But I didn't know why I ordered the riesling. Somehow, I was lucky that they are perfect match with the fish.

While halfway eating, I found some fries on my plate! Did someone in the kitchen accidentally dropped the fries from their Happy Meal?

Oh no...It's actually the pear! It does look like fries, aye? By the way, I didn't touch anything from the macademia salad, obviously. I wish I had more of the fish. At night I started to get hungry. Really hungry.

As for dessert, I couldn't make up my mind whether to have the chocolate one or the coconut tapioca. I asked the waiter for his help. And he recommended me the dine dessert plate. Voila!!! They have three selections of different dessert in one plate!

First, we have the Coconut tapioca and passionfruit coulis with mango. The green stuff is avocado and yuzu sorbet. And that small brown thingy is macademia tuile. I want more of the macademia tuile! I wonder how to make it? Or did they special ordered it from any manufacturer. Very unlikely. It's so delicious that I could eat the whole factory of that macademia tuile!!!!!!! Something my grandma would eat with her coffee during tea time.

Of course, there's the Valrhona Manjari chocolate delice on walnut sponge. The chocolate tasted a bit bitter, but balanced by the sweetness of the walnut layer. There's carrot passionfruit sorbet, carrot jelly and cocoa nib praline at the side.

Lastly, it's the Lemongrass panna cotta and blood orange jelly with melon and pineapple salsa. Baked almond Financier with vanilla yoghurt sorbet and some honeycombs come with the platter too.

More story on the dessert on Cupcakes Party soon.

I conclude that dine in Peter Gordon is not the best fish I tasted yet. I think this restaurant commercialized. Since this is a quest, we shall not give up. There are more restaurants to discover.

Ok...ok...Man U playing now against ARSENAL!!!!!! At a very tension stage. Just in time to stop. I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Can't concentrate already. Arsenal will win!!!

P/S: I just found out that the Waitiki Braids Riesling wine is from Peter Gordon's vineyard itself! Hah... Now I do look like a connoisseur. Not only it well blend with the fish, it's from the owner's vineyard!!! So to look like an experienced fine dining aficionado, then order something from the Waitiki vineyard if you're at Peter Gordon.

May 15, 2009

The worst meal in Auckland

I can't sleep! Was watching The Da Vinci Code awhile ago. The movie is crap. So I decided to blog instead of continue watching.

They say, save the best for last. But I don't care. I'm going to talk about the best New Zealand Restaurant and Best Auckland Restaurant (2007) (2008) here.

At the airport, I picked up a free copy of Auckland Dining Guide 2009. I told myself, I'm not going anywhere this pamphlet recommend. Review by printed media are often bias. Some restaurant even bought the slot on Lonely Planet book! Pssst....and I know which restaurant is that.

But, while I was at Parnell, I didn't know that Iguacu is one of the restaurant recommended in the Auckland Dining Guide. So, I was lured into the restaurant and order the grilled salmon.

Those are the medals, trophies and certificated proudly displayed in their restaurant. Their service is on par with other fine dining - friendly, helpful, efficient - all the elements of good service, they have it.

Here's my entree size grilled salmon. Earlier I had au chocolate platter, so I couldn't eat more.

Edwin ordered the same thing, but main size. It's super huge!

Now, let's get to the food part straight to the point. The salmon is served on a stack of orange infused pumpkin, avocado and feta cheese, with light citrus and basil relish. There's nothing wrong with the fish. But it didn't have that grilled taste at all. Plain, is the only word to describe how it tasted like. That's when the salt and pepper comes to play.

The main issue is on the pumpkin. The sweetness taste of it was overpowering the salmon taste. This is like the stuntman taking over the role of the leading actor. I know they want to portray the autumn flavor on the plate, that's why pumpkin was selected to accompany the dish. But when the chef becomes too adventurous, the taste becomes too complicated. I would appreciate it if they serve the salmon with grilled capsicum or tomato.

Poor Edwin suffered worse than me. He had the main, so there was more pumpkins. LOL! He wasn't too happy with his meal too.

If you have time to fill up their complain form, you might stand a chance to win a return ticket to Australia. Can I submit this blog entry instead? If I ticket to go home!

P/S: The Qantas flight magazine added some nationwide restaurant review on this month issue. It's ridiculous to read this sentence from the abstract, "Kwong's (Kylie Kwong) interest...focus as her Cantonese heritage: the Sichuan beef..." Cantonese and Sichuan are totally different thing! Cantonese comes from Guangdong provence (where my ancestor came from) and their cooking is mild and taste almost flat, like cabbage soup. Whereas Sichuan's cooking are spicy. I've told you not to trust printed media review.

May 14, 2009

Suddenly I became a connoisseur

Dining alone opened up my eyes to a lot of things happening in the restaurants. When you have a good company, you hardly notice the table beyond yours. When you're alone, you suddenly became observant.

I realised some people have really bad table etiquette. It is rather disrespectful when one start shaking salt and pepper onto their food as soon as it is served. It is a common practice to taste the food first before you do that. There is no difference between a plate of dish and a piece of art masterpiece hang on the wall of an art gallery. You need imagination, creativity, skill and talent to produce both painting and food. You don't buy a piece of painting and start coloring it with your favorite color, do you?
As for restaurants, I hate it when their cutleries setting gets in my way when I place the menu on the table. They should meassure the space between the fork and the knife to accommodate the menu. Here's some MollieBloggie expressions.

When the cutleries get in your way, there's a higher chance one would drop his/her cutleries. It annoys customers and it makes them look like a clumsy pig.

This setting is just perfect.

I would say, arriving Auckland during their wettest season can be a turn off for eat-out. It's almost impossible for al fresco dining. As you know, Auckland is famous of its harbour view. And the rain makes the process of looking for restaurants more difficult.

I have to admit, I am really lazy to sort out the photos. Only four restaurants - dine by Peter Gordon, The Grove, Iguacu, Kermadec and some extras, but I'm really lazy. I just want to sleep and do nothing else. Therefore, my so-called food review will be delayed until god-knows-when. Here's some introduction to the rules of my quest to search for the most perfect meal in Auckland.
  1. Never look at the price.

  2. Skip the entree but not the dessert.

  3. Only order fish dish.

I get very frustrated to take photos of the food. Most restaurants have really dim light. To avoid using flash (I'm afraid it might annoys other people), I have to set my camera to high ISO. I have to use 1600 ISO. Can you believe it? The photos came out too much noise. And I have to set the shutter speed really low. The camera capture too slow, so the image became really blurry. Then there's opposite problem with the aperture. Damn it! When I get home, I have to photoshop all the photos to make it unsharpen the noisy image. I don't know if you guys know what the hell I'm talking about, but I definitely need a new camera!

May 13, 2009

Auckland, Baby, Auckland!

Things are back to normal and I'm back in my dungeon writing on my 'dear diary' as usual. I can tell you the trip was better than I've expected. Which is great!

It started off really bad. Qantas airline refused to issue me the international boarding pass because there was "something wrong with my passport". I had to go to the Melbourne airport immigration to sort it out. Apparently Qantas computer system can't detact my NZ visa. It looks like the artificial intelligence wasn't intelligent enough. I don't need a visa, baby. I have a Malaysian passport. Oh well, the joy of having Malaysian passport, you don't have to apply visa for many countries. I swear Qantas services is getting from bad to worse. Air New Zealand was much better.

The highlight of the trip, i.e. my legal practice interview turned out quite well. I felt really weird when they asked me, "Do you speak English?" No, hablo de espanol. Pendejo! What the? It's very unlikely for me to move to NZ next year. It turned me off when I'm thinking of going back to law school to do Criminal Law and Constitutional Law again. I had enough of it. Besides, they can't guarantee that I can get a PR as soon as I finish the legal training because that's not their authority. This means, I will have another issue with the immigration. At the end of the interview they said 'see you next year' and at that point of time I made up my mind. Sorry guys, I'll stay in Australia. After my legal practice here, I'll apply for transfer because I still like it in Auckland.

Besides going for the interview, I didn't know what else to do. So I eat-out in most of the best restaurants. I guess you guys are waiting for that food review, eh? I had fishes for all my mains. It was really worth spending. After all, there's no true love like the love for food. But the price I pay is killing me. I have a huge ulcer on my gums now.

I'll be back in NZ again really soon. In two months time I'll have a Fairlady to chauffeur me around Auckland. Hehehehe......

May 9, 2009

Operation Auckland: Negative!

I suddenly feel damn emo today. Is it the rainy weather? Or another mid life crisis syndrome?

Anyway, I don't feel like going to Auckland on the very last minute and I don't know what's wrong with me. But then later I figure out... I don't really want to go there because I have loads of things to do.

Point 1: After the interview, I'm not sure what to do. Should I go visit the museum? Super boring. Should I go shopping? No money. What the hell should I do in Auckland?I'm going to be a lost soul there.

Point 2: I'll be eating yucky plane food from 6am to 4pm. That's a long time... I was expecting for some nice dinner, but now they say no restaurant is open. This is going to be really emo. Remember, a hungry man is an angry man! Well, I guess I will just have to stick to my staple fast food. It's pathetic isn't it? Travel so far just to eat something that I can get everywhere.

Point 3: I know I'm going to get hell more emotional there reminding myself of my last holiday there with Squidward. This is the main reason I don't feel like going to Auckland. If I have something to do to occupied my mind, it wouldn't be that bad.

Point 4: I wanted to backpack there, but it looks like I have no choice but to check in my luggage. I forgotten about the liquid rule in airport. I don't want to risk my facial wash and perfume.

Point 5: My boss has no sense at all. He put me on night shift tonight, while I was free the whole weekday. I've told him weeks ago that my flight to Auckland is on Sunday early morning. I guess he's trying to make my life miserable. I gotta work til 12am and my flight is at 4am. Great!

Aneeeeway.... some off topic stuff. I'm helping to buzz this Legal Networking site. Basically, it's just a site where lawyers post up forums. That's why it's called the legal networking site. They just started it not long ago, but soon it's going to be as hot as facebook. While I was browsing through the members' page, it's quite surprising that there are hot lawyers. Normally lawyers look really nerdy, but I found some hot Japanese female lawyer photo there. And some Al Pacino look alike. I guess the Legal Networking site serves some other purpose too.

May 8, 2009

Don't go to Auckland

My dad called last week and he said, "I don't like you going to New Zealand. Australia is better." He didn't mean I can't go to Auckland literary. But he doesn't like the idea of me moving to Auckland. Right now he's threatening me to stay in Australia. He got my grandma to call me and she said she's going to move to Australia once I get my PR here. I told her, I'll bring her to New Zealand. But she insisted that I stay in Australia because she loves it here.

This is the first time I ever get this kind of response from my family. Normally they are very supportive of what my decisions. I don't know what to do and I feel like I've just got sucked out of this universe.

Two days more and I'll be in Auckland. I'm having this strange excited feeling to go there because I want to see how the airport looks like.

The last time I was there I didn't get a chance to see the airport. I fainted at the check point. WTF? And the ambulance had to take me away. That's the story how I didn't get to see the airport.

I didn't really faint, but it was just a three second blackout. Poor Alwin had to carry me. I was still conscious and I remember he threw away all the stuff he was holding to the floor and quickly grab me. You know, I must say, he was quite stupid...he threw his passport and my passport to the ground and carried me to the side. Luckily some kind hearted man took it back for him. Anyone could have taken our passport and run away with it. But don't you think he's sweet? Awww..... I can't say he's stupid, he's probably had a panic attack.

You must be thinking, at least I would get to see the airport on my way back? No, I didn't really get to see it, anyway. Our flight was 7am in the morning. That morning, Alwin was super mad. He tried to wake me up, as usual I fall back asleep in one second. <a href=

When he's mad, he's really mad. You know how Squidward looks like when he's mad? Damn scary~~~~~ <a href= When he screamed to wake me up, it felt like a bolt of lightning just hit me at full force.

If he's reading this right now, I know what he's thinking... "If you can wake up earlier I won't be mad". Like I've said many times, our relationship was more like father-daughter rather than boyfriend-girlfriend.

He had to drag me out of the bed and then drag me out of the hotel and drag me into the taxi. At the airport, I almost feel like sleep walking. I was mentally asleep while physically awake. Have you felt like that before?

So at the end, I didn't get to see the airport at all. Right now I'm so enthusiastic. Ok...two more days!!!!!!!!!

P/S: I've got new Moleskine and I'm going to sketch most of the comic strips I'm going to post up on this blog. So Imma gonna call it the Moleskinebloggie. How's that sound, huh? Or Blogskine? Or Moleblog?


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