Jan 28, 2009

Do you believe in fairies?

I believe in fairies too! I'm not going to tell you how obsessed I am with fairies. I'm just going to tell you about a shop I found in Salamanca today.

It's a fairy shop!!!!!!

I love the shop so much that I can just dance in there. But, most of all, I love it because they have lovely pink decorations all over. I'll show you some photos of the shop sometime later, I was not equiped with my camera. My brother took my camera back to Malaysia and left me with the SLR. That's why you don't see much of my photos on this blog these days. I'm just so lazy to bring that bulky camera in my bag. Probably it is a good idea for me to buy another camera when my pay is available. Preferably a pink camera. I wonder if they have a pink camera? Oooppss...I guess I ran out of topic again. I always do that.

Oh, well...these are the things that I bought from the shop...

The box is not from the fairy shop, though. It's my Juicy Couture eau de parfum! If you wonder how it's like...it has some melon, citrus, and lemon scent. Lovely!

I've got myself some surprise in that package, a fairy pen and a birthday card for Jo. It's Jo's birthday today!!!!!!!

Wondering what surprise it is??? Tada.....

A set of pink boobies... They look like boobies, aren't they? I love how they pack it. It's like a Japanese trend where packaging is more important than the product. Read about Calvin's complaint about packaging and stuff, and how it is threat to the environment. Calvin, I seriously don't care. If you let me choose between save the environment or lovely pink package, I choose the pretty packaging, of course!

Anyway, they are not really boobies. Just two pretty trinket boxes. Do you love it?

The fairy who works there sprinkle some fairy dust into my trinket boxes.

I don't really like those fairy dust, though. It's too messy. Now my carpet is covered with unwanted fairy dust. But I do hope they make my wish come true. I wish I have more cash to buy some more stuff. Maybe, enough case for me to buy a ticket to go home. Or, maybe a pair of Jimmy Choo? Fairy...if you're real, prove to me that you can make dreams come true!

By the way, when I was making my purchase, I heard the lady told a customer that when she opens her package in the garden, it would attract the fairies. I am really really fascinated by the theories and beliefs that they have. Maybe one day, I'll find some time to chat with the shopkeeper. Then I'll let you know about it.

Did I just say it's Jo's birthday? Here's her card.

Preeeeeettttyyyyy........ I know she's going to hate it because she's not the girlie girl type. But, heck...who cares? As long as I love it!

Probably I'm going back to the faeries shop tomorrow for something to decorate my study table. I can't concentrate whenever I sit on my study table. Do you think it's because they are too boring?

SHOPPING, here I come!!!!!!!!!

Jan 27, 2009

Dive into shit just to meet your hero

It's a double celebration yesterday (for those Chinese and also Australian). It was Australia Day, as well as Chinese New Year. The same day!

I'm not really sure what is the significance of Australia Day. I'm not Australian, so it's not really my concern. But I'm trying very hard to remember my history lesson back in my South Australian Matriculation days. I reckon it's Australia National Day where it marks the landing of the first fleet in Australia. Don't quote me please. I may be wrong. My memory is not working that well these days.

There's definitely reason to celebrate. Besides, Alwin and I were not working last night. We went to North Hobart for dinner. It's been ages since we eat out for dinner. Had our reservation at Dede Restaurant. It is funny how we always get the same table in that restaurant.

Alwin claimed that the Indian side of him kicks in, he had to order extra spicy for our dishes. Now I'm hating him because I'm having a terrible stomach ache since that meal. I can't complain because he's paying the bill.

On the way home, we had a fight in the taxi over cellphones. I told him I'm loving the Juicy Couture Sidekick. He said,

"I don't trust fashion label for technology devices. Just like you won't call the plumber when you're sick"

The taxi driver had to control her laughter with giggles. I was very angry but I couldn't be mad at hime because it's quite funny indeed. So I just said,

"You better watch out when we're home!"

I thought of giving him a nice spanking when we get home. Instead I got spanked by him because I talked back at him. The world is not fair towards female. Agree?

We watched Slumdog Millionaire (more like I watched it alone). He was just sitting at the couch and reading the book he stole from me. I really love the movie. Yes, you heard me right...I said LOVE. It's a higher standard of just liking it. Anyone watched it already? If you did...my favorite part of the movie is the Amitabh Bachchan part. It's so funny that my stomach hurts when I laughed. As I'm typing this, I'm still laughing. I took the trouble to look for the clip on youtube for you...

I hope you're laughing your ass off right now. Go watch the movie, it's really great.

Oh my God...my stomach don't feel good again. I guess it's all the chilli. I have to go to the loo now.

Jan 26, 2009

The naked man at McDonald's

Had my lunch at McDonald's today because all the shops were closed. Not because it's the first day of Chinese New Year, but it's because today is Australia Day as well. I was enjoying my fillet o'fish every bite with some French bossa nova playing on my iPod. Suddenly... (yeah, very sudden like in a flash of light)...a naked man rush into the restaurant, screaming and running towards the other entrance. Off he go, out of the other entrance. He was so quick that no one manage to catch him. Probably, everyone was afraid. When I say naked, it means he was literary naked with no shirt or pants on. Not even underwear.

For your information, he's not like the guy you fantasize of having sex with. To be honest, I couldn't see how big was his...(you know). His pubic hair was so thick like a tropical forest, so I couldn't judge. But I'm sure he's not very attractive. Beer belly. Skinny legs. Disgusting pubic hair. Thank God I have a sexy man. I can't imagine sleeping with such moron.

Sometimes you get really funny stuff like this in Australia. I can't stop laughing to myself after that. And I couldn't finish my fillet o'fish after I saw that disgusting "thing".

Jan 23, 2009

Australia Sucks Pt.4, my neighbour sucks too!

Australia houses sucks. Most of the walls are made out of plank partition. Just like those office partitions. Most of the nights when I'm on the phone in my room, mt fugly fat neighbour will bang on my wall, as if I'm having a rave party in my room. I'm so sorry for this neighbour of mine. She's in her 50s, and living alone. Have you ever heard of any woman living alone in her 50s? Do you know what I mean? Spinster, of course! She's just jealous because I have someone to talk to on the phone every night. She's just jealous that I have great hot sex in my bedroom. She's just jealous because I have friends that picks me up to clubs on their sports car. You should see how she screams at my friend, "TURN THAT MOTOR OFF!", when they park their Skyline, Fairlady, Panamera, Carrera, and whatsoever, outside my house. Lonely people is so pathetic. I know I'm mean, but I'm sorry for her.

Back to the sucky Australian houses. The hot water is limited. Each house has its own hot water tank. Normally only two people can shower at once. Then the next person has to wait for a couple of hours before the tank is filled up again. It might not seem like a very big problem, but when you really need hot water, this matter is not trivial.

Most houses here install yellow light intead of flourescent light. It's really bad for your eyes when you're reading. But you just can't help it because yellow light saves more energy. This country still runs on charcoal to produce electricity, that's why it is really expensive. I don't understand why don't they already sign the Kyoto Protocol and switch to hydroelectricity?

The kitchen sucks too. Everyone cooks with electric stove. It gets into my nerves whenever I want to deep fry. Electric stove is slow. And basically, it's not cook. It just heats up your food. I can do it with microwave anyway. Oh, I have this very funny story about my cooking experience. Will let you know next.

Guess, enough complain for tonight. Basta, ya. Hasta manaƱa.

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Jan 18, 2009

Doing things a girl should do

I didn't go to that go-kart thing. Although I could have gone to Bellerive to watch cricket, I went for a lesbian date instead. Of course, with my dear lesbian partner, Sharm. By the way, who knows the score for the cricket match?

We went to the video rental. Because I'm expecting myself writing this right now, we rented a lot of chic flick like Sex & the City, Mean Girls, etc. I don't care if you going to say that they are stupid movies, it supposed to be a girlie day!
You know, girls should get together more often and the whole thing about credit crunch would be solved. Imagine how much we've shopped today. My biggest splash happened in Body Shop. I always loved Body Shop. I thought of getting the new divine calm massage oil, but I guess Alwin is not a romantic person, so I passed it. But then, the best gift I've bought for myself is the lemongrass foot fizzies. Just fill up some warm water and pop the fizzies into it. Your feet will be floating up in the air. I mean, literary. NOT! (Oh, this is so Borat). In this life, I could have walked to the moon and back in my high heels. My feet deserve some pampering once in a while.

I've plucked off some of the rose petals from the flower Biri gave me last night. It feels more sensual when you sprinkle some rose petal on top. Oh, ya...I also burnt some tea rose essential oil. My little house turned into a temporary spa! Hmm...so relaxed!
I almost forgot, I also watched a movie with my darling Sharm. And I say...you should watch VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA. My mind was transported to Barcelona while watching it. In that movie, everyone falls in love and everyone has affair. I mean, adultery...No, no...I mean sexual affair. Ok, whatever...I don't know how to explain it. Just go watch it, ok? VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA. Oh, did I also mention...Penelope Cruz is sooooooo damn sexy! I'm so into that movie and I'm going to Barcelona! Christine, if you're reading this, I'm going to kidnap you in London and we're going to Barcelona to fall in love.
I went home later, eat some Chinese take aways while watching Sex & the City. I cried. Well, that's what girls always do right? Cry over love story. No? There's a special director's commentary. I love this line when he says, "...if you ever asked this to your friend...how often they have sex...watch what will happen". LMAO!
The girlie girl day has ended. I decided, tomorrow it is going to be the boy's day. I'm going to start it with fishing at 2am with my co-worker. Can you believe I'm doing it at 2am? It's going to be quite warm tonight - 11degrees. I hope I'll get some salmon or flathead!
Just some extra before I'm going to fish...
My boyfriend (just to let you know, he's the primary partner and my lesbian chics are my secondary. The secondary comes in when the primary thinks I'm distractive. Geddit?) thinks that terrorist is the "in" look right now.

I love scruffy men. But this is just too...how should I say it? Erm...too...Jihad? Al-Qaeda? Whatever. I'm going to kill some fishes now.

Jan 17, 2009

Little things in life

I know I shouldn't be saying this. Talking about it makes me feel like I'm talking bad about Alwin. But I just can't help it. I get so frustrated that I didn't get enough attention from him. When I confront him with my sudden outburst of emotional disorder, he'll say that I'm needy and I'm such a distraction to him. We've only been together for a year and now we're arguing like an old married couple. I hate it when it happens. I don't know if I'm being selfish to seek attention from him. But I'm really sorry that I've always compared him with other people.

I guess I need something to distract me. Probably I'm too occupied with him, that's why I'm behaving this way. I'm thinking of going for a go-karts round in Glenorchy. Or maybe sky-diving. I missed the sky-diving in Melbourne because I bought the wrong plane ticket. I wished I stayed longer in Melbourne during my Easter break to do the jump. Then I could cross out one of the "things to do in my life". Go-karts is on the list, so I might as well...

Some other off topic issue in my life...I'm currently working in an Indian restaurant. I love the people there. They are quite warm and friendly. But there's a big sucky part having to work there. I don't get permanent shift. Whenever I'm not supposed to work, they will call me up, as if I'm some 24 hour-doctor-on-call. When I'm supposed to work, they'll just call up and say they don't need me because the restaurant won't be busy. I mean...WTF? At the end of the day, I only get paid AUD90 for last week. I supposed to get AUD250, but because they always don't need me, I can't work as much as I want to.

Thank God, I found a substitute in a Chinese restaurant. Next week I'll be working 25 hours and I'm happy with it. At least I know how much I will be earning, so I can plan my expenditure for the week. I like fixed schedule so I know how to plan the rest of my week. Messy plans like last minute calls frustrate me a lot. "Some people" think that I'm a freak because I'm on holiday but yet I have a fixed time table of what to do. But there are things in life that should be in order, like throwing rubbish in the bin, put your dirty laundry in the basket, etc. Planning for daily tasks is just one of it.

Actually these working "thing" is a secret I'm hiding from my parents. I rarely have secrets because I don't think I need one. But obviously, this is a hint. I know they read my blog sometimes (or am I wrong?). If they do read this post, I hope they know that I really want to work. At least to spend some time doing something productive. I cannot tell them right in front of their face because I know somehow they will win me over not to work.

It seems ridiculous to me that, I'm serving customers every night. Cleaning up the mess those people left on the table. Et cetera and et cetera. Back home I have three maids and a cook to serve the family. But right here, I'm just a servant. Or maybe worse...because my maids get better treatment from my parents than I from my employer. I also find it hard to believe that I don't usually count my money. All I do is call up my IMF* whenever my bank account looks pathetic. At the end of the day, I feel really contented that I am spending my time wisely and seeing money grow in my bank account without contribution from IMF.

Going to get some beer and sleep now...

*IMF is International Monetary Fund, i.e. what my bro and I usually address our parents whenever money issue involved. He's in US and I'm in Australia, our parents earning money in Malaysia and Singapore. That's why it's called the International Monetary Fund.

Jan 16, 2009

True review of Toshiba Portege M800

Oh well...you guys know how I was madly in love with my laptop. But our honeymoon era has ended. It's like a sweet relationship turned sour.

First of all, the OS is Vista. I hate Vista. I wish I can downgrade it to XP, but the package for XP cost me AUD350. It's not worth it at all. But what can I do? All the new computers now come with Vista only. Sigh...One day I must gather everyone to protest for XP outside Microsoft headquaters.

Because it's Vista, 2g ram is too slow. I don't understand why we have those unnecessary features on Vista which takes more ram to run. Apparently, Vista requires 4g ram at least.

The speaker hardware sucks. When I watch a movie, practically I can't hear anything at all although the laptop is just right in front of my face. I've turned on the maximum level of sound, yet it's still too soft.

The keyboard hangs sometimes. As I'm typing this right now, the spacebar doesn't work most of the time. It makes typing really tedious, especially I have to back space and type out the missing letters.

The reformat system is a self-recovery system. I had a bad experience with self-recovery program. What you have to do is to get at least 10 CDs to write the program. Once the self-recovery disc creator is been used, it will be deleted automatically from your computer. So, you'll be relying on that 10 CDs you created. During the reformat, you have to insert one by one of the CD as required. If one of the CDs fail to do its task, you're in deep shit. There's nothing you can do other than buying a new operating system which cost around AUD300. If you don't create the recovery disc, practically you have to buy a new OS if something bad happen. Very complicated.

Basically that's all.

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Jan 12, 2009

So sweet you just wanna lick it

This is fatal attraction for cuteness, I tell you...

The moment I saw it in Myer, I knew it will be mine. It's like love at first sight, you know. I walked to the salesman and told him, "I would like to have that one, please", pointing at the only pink laptop on the display. And he said, "Would you like to take a look first?". Me, "No, thanks. I want that one immediately".

No one buys a laptop as fast as I did. The night before, I decided to buy a laptop. The next morning, I've bought one. So the salesman packed a new one for me and when I was about to make payment...my credit card can't get through. I gave him another card, still blocked. And another card...cannot get through. At that moment I felt myself got sucked into a black hole. I made a phone call to my dad and he decided to restrict my quota to AUD 100 per day. How to survive lah? Karma for over-shopping, I guess? The Queen of Shopaholic decided to step down now. Who wants to take over?

To save myself from embarassment, I bought it with cash. As I walk out of Myer, I felt so poor. Nevermind lah...As long as I live happily ever after with my laptop.

The retail price was $2,750, but I got it for $1,899. It was a bargain, OK? Anyway, who can resist such pretty thing? I know you guys will say, "Ceh...bimbo buying laptop... only choose according to color. Never check performance first." But this baby is really power, ok? 2g ram and 320g hard drive. Super huge space, can?

See, I've got bling blings on my baby already. The shop ran out of pink and red diamontes. So, it's still under construction. When it's done, it'll be the kawaii-est thing you ever seen.

Match my external hard drive also.

I think I'm suffering from some unexplained attraction to pink with bling blings. Remember my eye mask? More diamontes gone...

Anyway, back to laptop... I so miss buying tech stuff back home. Too many choices, huge competition, so the price also cheaper. Low Yat, Sungei Wang, Midvalley, now PJ got Digital World, am I right? Can get free stuff some more... I remember the last time I bought my laptop at Midvalley, they gave me free mouse, free pen drive, free printer ink and free ipod case. In Australia, there's no such thing as free stuff lor. You buy a laptop, you get a laptop. Laptop bag also tarak. Cheap skate. Luckily I've bought a velour Juicy Couture laptop bag when my parents were in Melbourne. It makes my laptop look super cute.

Jan 11, 2009

Oh, Penang!

I was reading anilnetto's post: Heritage lost: "Welcome tourists, bye-bye tenants"; and suddenly I felt homesick. I've left Penang for almost 6 years now. Since then I moved to a lot of places. No matter how far I've travelled, my heart still lives on the island where I was born.

The UNESCO initiatives to preserve the heritage in Penang is well-known to all of us. But what have they achieved so far? Basically, shophouses are repainted and repaired. When it looks brand new, the property value will increase (not to be mention, the heritage value is attached to the building too), and then they will sell it for business purposes. Very smart!

People always get the wrong idea of what heritage really means. When the word "heritage" is mentioned, people always associate it with preserving old buildings. The true meaning of heritage extends further to cultural and living heritage. They probably don't teach you this in school, but I'm very generous in sharing my idea of what heritage means to me. Sorry to disappoint you, it's going to be just photographs. My spelling sucks and I don't give a damn about proper grammar (except only when it's my exam or assignment). So, photos better can?

This is Runnymede Hotel. It was once residence of Stamford Raffles (founder of Singapore). It was named after the field where King John signed the Magna Carta. During 1930's, this place was a very posh hotel. There were cocktail dances Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And on Thursday and Saturday, there were dinner dances. My grandma told me the story where she went for a dance with my grandpa there when they were just dating. Later, during the Japanese Occupation, this place turned into a military base.

And this is the Protestant graveyard. You might seen this place in the movie Anna and the King. This is where the skeleton of Francis Light (founder of Penang) burried. It can be a little bit creepy when there is no one around.

This is the famous jewel of Penang, the Khoo Kongsi (Khoo family clan house). As you can see there are prayer tablets for the dead. The one covered with red cloth belongs to a living person. When he or she dies, the red cloth will be removed. Take a closer look at the roof. It is made out of broken china bowls used by the Khoos imported from China.

The Baba and Nyonya house. Notice the symmetrical arrangement? It is for feng shui purpose so that everything is balanced.

The backstage opera actress doing their make ups. You can only watch the opera during Hungry Ghost festival. Best of all, it's free.

The side of the shophouses at Stewart Lane (off Love Lane). This place used to be a brothel. It still looks like a brothel to me. Love Lane is where all the famous brothels were. I'm so proud of this photo. Fed Ex bought this photo from me and made it into postcards.

This is Cheah Kongsi, the Cheah family clan house. Not as grand as Khoo Kongsi, though.

My church, the St. George's Church. You'll be momentarily transported to Rome as you entered its compound. This photo can't tell you how serene the real place is. Although it's located in the heart of Georgetown, you'll find peace as you're in the house of the Lord.

Lastly, this is the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion. Residence of a famous merchant in Penang. It is now converted into a boutique hotel. Entrance fee is required if you just want to view the place.
Above are all my own photos. Now let me show you the real Penang where you can find on Google Image search.

The Penang skyline

This is where I used to work with ING. Does it look like LA to you? By the way, on the right side it is the beach.

The busiest part of Penang. If you can ever cross this road from one end to the other, you'll be crown king of pedestrian. Of course, you must be alive.

The other part of Penang skyline.

And this is how Penang is going to be in a few years time. This photo is ultimate bullshit. There are buildings everywhere next to it. We have no more land to waste. Do you think the developer will want to build such a huge compound?
Where is the Penang that I used to know? Where are all the lost heritage of Penang? No one knows.
Anyway, if you want a short walk with me in Penang town, click here >>> Come! Follow me...
If you want more photos, click here >>> No words, just photos
If you want other crap about Penang, click here >>> Penang label

Jan 10, 2009

Australia Sucks Pt.3

I always get comments from friends and relatives like..."Oh, you're studying in Australia? Nice place! Friendly people too!" Nice place? Yes. Friendly people? My ass!

Ok, I'll make things clear before I continue. Australia consists of two types of people - the nice ones and the nasty ones. I'm not here to talk about the nice ones. Just put them aside for the purpose of this post.

Whereas the nasty ones are really discriminative people. My first experience was when I called a lady to rent her room. She said, "You're Chinese? Don't bother to call back". Hung up.

I still can accept that. Probably she had a bad experience with Chinese tenant before. What I can't tolerate monkeys who throw eggs from their car.

Last week I invited Francisca (an Indonesian friend) over to my place for dinner. When we're done, I walked her to the traffic lights. A white car drove passed us and threw eggs at us. One at me, and another one at Francisca. We didn't even do anything to provoke them. We're just too occupied saying good bye to each other. Last night I got thrown by eggs again. This time I was walking back from work alone.

If I ever get myself a car, I'll stock up rotten eggs to throw back at them. You bastard, son of a bitch!

A Thai friend told me that he doesn't mind get thrown by eggs after someone threw an apple at him. He got bruises for two weeks from that apple. He told this to us (Regine and I) just after we got chased down the mall by a drunkard.

These are the things that people don't tell you about Australia. Going to work now. Let's see if I get thrown by eggs again tonight.

Jan 5, 2009

It wasn't that bad holiday with parents Pt.1

So, here they are...my parents in Hobart!

The happy chef and sous chef. Unfortunately, their chef-d'oeuvre wasn't that good. My parents didn't get used to cooking on electric stove. We have the fire one back in Malaysia. So the food was quite bad.

I was really looking forward to see them until the first night they were here. I started to get frustrated. I really hate these family bonding thing like cooking together and eating together. We don't do that at home because everyone is busy with their own stuff. So when there is a family get together I get really tense up, like I'm losing a piece of my own privacy. So sorry for being self-centered. I tried to control my anger as much as I could because I know that they were here for me.

When I start nagging about they wanted to turn on the heater but I didn't want to, my dad cheered us up with his stupidity.

He took my pink bathrobe and start acting like he's a Pink Panther. He loves Pink Panther :)

In between the cooking, my dad wanted to drive up to Mount Wellington. I told Alwin to be ready in one hour while we're going up there for awhile. he told me it takes one hour to get up there and another hour to get back to Hobart. Guess what? My dad took 15 minutes to drive up to Mount Wellington and obviously he almost trashed the car.

This is Kiki, claiming that he's climbing Mount Everest.

I was trying my manual focus lens. Looks like they are having a good time there? Or am I wrong?

This is my grandma with her usual boring old lady pose.

Ooppssiee...she won't be pleased to hear that she's being called an old lady.

My parents. And my mom is wearing my shoe!

I passed my camera to my grandma. Guess how's her photography skills like?

No bad, eh? My grandma knows how to use an SLR! But we weren't ready yet.

We had a long road trip to Richmond and Port Author. You'll be amazed how kampong Tasmania really is. All you can see are trees, sheep, horses, farm and nothing else. I spotted this ugly sheep on our way to Zoodoo.

Do you remember the Zoodoo story I told you not long ago? Well, Zoodoo...here I come again...

Here's my parents again. They didn't stop asking me to take their photos.

My grandma teasing the goat.

Is this a goat? Or a sheep? Whatever...

Then she teased the bird.

On our scary safari bus ride.

Here's the aggressive ostrich that I'm really scared of.

My mom hates the smell of the animals. That's why I hardly have pets at home.

As my brother gets really attached to the black pony (we used to have a black pony as pet), we had to leave.

When we're finally at Richmond.

I love those old shop houses in Richmond. They make me feel like I'm in a cowboy town. Anyway, we had our lunch in a restaurant, apparently it says fine dining. When the food was served, it was just like Mures standard. Not really fine dining, though. But the price was quite a fine dining standard.

Here you are, the oldest bridge of Australia.

I think I blogged about Richmond before when I was there with a few friends. Here it is >>>A trip to Richmond

At the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park and on our way to Port Author. It was meant to be a pit stop, but my dad wanted to pay visit to his Tasmanian Devil friends.

Finally, at Port Author.

Just so you know, Port Author was a prison. Flipping back to your history textbook, Australia was a terra nullius. The British came here and dumped all the prisoners. In order to do that, they had to build a prison. And Port Author is one of it.

Oh, alas...someone (my bro) offered to take my photo.

Some ah beng pretend to read book by the sea.

Ah beng, you know how to read ABC or not?

Don't ask me why I hunch in this photo.

This is my favorite.

Kiki trying to break out from the prison cell.

He finally break free and running all over the place to avoid the cops.

To be honest, Port Author is quite boring. Ah Beng also feel sleepy already.

I will not deny that it is a beautiful place. But there's nothing much to see other than ruined buildings. I have to take photos to entertain myself.

Another random one.

Behold, I present to you the greatest man on earth.

My leg in Port Author (this goes to my feet series).

This is my little grandma.

She couldn't climb up the hill so I had to take her photo from far far away. I'm beginning to love the manual focus on my lens. It's so useful.

Here's my grandma at closer range.

As soon as we reached Hobart with our stomach growling, we went to Me Wah. It was a celebration, actually. My dad's birthday.

Here I introduce...my parents, again.

My grandma and my mom.

My brother and my dad.

Alwin and I.

And Kiki was missing when we about to start the dinner. Sometimes he wants a bit of attention so he'll play hide and seek with you. But this time, he was quite adorable. He crossed over the road to Woolworths and got my dad a birthday card.

We seldom have family photo but here's the only one for this holiday.

Anyway, Alwin is not in the family. As far as I'm concern, not yet...but we can't leave him out, can we?


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