Dec 22, 2009


I have scheduled posting on this blog right until next year. What to do... end of the year already. Too busy. It seems like everyday also I have something to do. But yesterday, while I was mamak-ing with YT and Steph, I cracked a stupid joke to them. Now I have interrupt my schedule post to tell you that funny joke.

Actually, I cannot take credit of the joke. It belongs to this lao aunty I met in the market. The story is like this... I followed my grandma to the market. She was just saying hi to her friend.

Grandma: Cheng kah ahneh sui khi ta lok?
(You are all dressed up, where are you going to?)

Aunty: Wa ai khi kooi beh moh, lai bin eh disco.
(I'm going to ghost-selling-hair, inside there's a disco)

Grandma: Ta lok lai eh?
(Where is it?)

Aunty: Hip peng lor... Hii leh siopping eh ooi.
(There, the shopping mall.)

Grandma: Oh, Queensbay eh Jusco si boh?
(Oh, Queensbay's Jusco is it?)

Aunty: Ha lor...

Grandma: Lu tak bas khi ar?
(Are you taking the bus?)

Aunty: Boh lah. Wa eh kia chai wa. Nah... ee eh chia pak hii peng. Hii leh lam sek kambla)
(No. My son is fetching me. He park his car there, the blue color kembara)

Aunty's English 101:

Kooi beh moh, direct translation is "ghost selling hair". But she meant Queensbay Mall. Hmmm... it rhymes.

Disco is Jusco. Ahahahahaha... When she first said disco I thought that old aunty really wanted to go disco.

Kambla = Kembara. Ahahahahaha....

Too bad I didn't record it down. I was busy laughing my ass off. And I thought my grandma's English tak boleh pakai, this aunty is worse! OK. I'm going to compile more of aunty's english if I see her again.


stephanie said...

hahahaaha!!OMG!! i'm still laughing at KooiBehmoh, hahahaa!!!! it's so funny la!

from now onwards, it's gonna be kooibehmoh, not Queensbay mall

zewt said...

i seriously thought disco there was disco... mana tau... jusco... hahahahahahahaha....

why need to dress so nice to disco, i mean jusco leh? hahaha

your hokkien so powderful, not banana la.

michelle_ said...

bahahahhah . soo funny reading this !

thx for ur nice commentss .
enjoy your last few days of 2009 !
hope you havent wasted this year for nothing ;)
visit my blog + comment + follow !

SJ said...

this is great! i laughed

A smile from SJ =)

Kelvin said...

Lol, this is funny, but can't blame her though^^

Jocelyn said...

aiyo.. lol ! tat's hilarious. reminds me or my grandma last time though..

Tissue = ji-jiu

Chocolate = zhu-gu-looot

T-Shirt = Hee-shert


Mabel Low said...

Hahaha... an interview with her would be deadly. Laugh til out of gas man. XD

Jerine said...

stephanie: let's go kooibehmoh shiopping. you fetch me with your kambla ok?

zewt: I can only speak lah. cannot read or write. not sure if thats banana or not?

michelle_ & SJ: :):)

Kelvin: LOL.. true

Jocelyn: Eh,my grandma called lift as lip.

Mabel: Cannot interview lah. I'll die laughing.

Fairydust said...

why go jusco must wear until so nice?

YT said...

Haha... Very funny... I cannot tahan... I wanna go KooiBehMoh in Steph's Kambla also!

Jerine said...

Fairydust: Lao aunty mah. Must be stylo milo a bit.

YT: LOLOL... Lets call Steph drive her kambla then we can go Disco in KooiBehMoh.


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