Nov 16, 2009


They say if you want something, you should work for it. But on the other hand, they also say that you'll never get anything you want in your life. Which one is true? How long do you have to live to know which is true?

As much as I know, in my life, when I want something, I WILL GET IT! Whenever I don't get the things I want, I'll go crazy and tear the whole world apart. But there are times I just sit by the beach all alone with a broken heart, weeping for the things I know I can never get.

Happiness in reality cost £1,4000. This is when love turns into hate. I officially hate Vivienne Westwood for designing that mother fucking awesome ring that I can't afford.

Perhaps I should seek for happiness somewhere else. Like the Chopard. But everytime you try to look for comfort somewhere else, it hurts more. £53,000 to make you feel better for not having £1,4000 is heading towards double suicide.

It was last winter we had the conversation. Michelle told me that her biggest fear is to end up old, lonely and with nine cats. I guess I already am. Except I substitute nine cats with virtual life. Can life be any worse than this? I used to think that people who has virtual life was pathetic. I felt bad for them because they probably have a bad reality that's why they're inventing a better life in the virtual world. As life is getting worse each day, I tried to invent my own virtual life. However, I did not expect that even my virtual life sucks.

I joined Poupee Girl as a therapy. I thought it has all that I need, shopping, dressing up and be pretty. It's not how I imagined it would be. My virtual life sucks like hell too. And it's just as pathetic as my real life. I tried to get a "happier life", but I can't afford it. Each Poupee Girl that I visited made me envy and it made me think that why life sucks even in virtual world.

This is the virtual look that I want:

But I can't even afford to get the lipstick, not to mention that boots.

The thing is, I only have 2 ribbons (Poupee Girl currency) in my Poupee Bank. And everything cost more that fucking 100 ribbons. Where do I get those ribbons from?

Look at other people's virtual look:

All I'm can afford is to dress up like a ordinary plain Jane:

Those clothes are free gifts when I first sign up. I was looking all over how to get more ribbons, in the end I found out that I can buy the ribbons with real money. Are you kidding me?!?! Now I'm already poor in real life. I accept that because reality sucks. But now do I have to accept that I will still be poor even in my virtual self? Or maybe I have to accept it that I'm a loser, and once a loser, I'll always be a loser.

Don't fucking tell me that just because I can't afford to buy something, life would still be wonderful. Don't fucking tell me that I can change my perception, take up yoga and focus on positive energy for inner healing. It's not my cup of tea. To me, all those inner healing stuff is just another old-lady-with-nine-cats syndrome. All I know is, diamond is still a girl's best friend.

And I don't buy that kind of shit that if I want to be rich then I can marry a rich man. Because I fucking hate man and please do call me sexist. Let me tell you how...

Woman has Man in it
Mrs. has Mr. in it
Female has Male in it
She has He in it
Madam has Adam in it

In the beginning, even God told us women that we're born out of the man's rib. Eve was created so that Adam could have a company. We're like slaves to men, they tell us when they want us around and they chuck us aside whenever they don't need us. You can't blame a woman for being a psycho or being a demanding or insecure or whatever....because all women's problem starts from the men.

MENtal illness
MENstrual cramps
MENtal breakdown

Do I make myself clear now? If you think you have the urge to defend your fella male species and flood my blog with sexist comments, I suggest you click <<here>>. It will definitely make you feel better.

How the hell I started with whinning on my failed shopping attempt to sucky virtual world and then to fucking male discussion? This could be another problem caused by man.

Whatever...Next blog post:

P/S: Thanks for signing up on Poupee Girl via my sidebar icon. I made 60 ribbons last night from your application. Please let me know who you are, so I can add you as my Poupee friend.


Jessica said...

Chopard is LOVE. and holly molly, that ring up there is fucking fabulous! But the price...grrrr, I wanna punch someone right now!

Klasco said...

i honestly i don't understand what your going through even so i suggest the following though they may be unrealistic, stupid or okay:

Get some boxing gloves and start boxing your friends (warning may lose friends)

Playing a First Person Shooter game like Call of Duty MW2 or some other "GOOD!!!" video game if not watch a movie such as Saving Private Ryan or Apocalypse Now or even Terminator 2.

Go for a long walk at midnight or past midnight (not past 3am and at least walk for 30mins)

Start Riding a Horse or driving a Motorbike (learning to drive a motorbike is highly suggested though if not possible then well errr...)

Listening to anger releasing music.

Getting a USMC KA-BAR Fighting Knife (other weapons will do such as Axes, swords, bats etc) and then moulding a persons head and torso out of a pile of clay then stab and slash the thing like mad...while in a screaming "arrrgghhh!!!" note have some water before screaming.

Get a dog (not a cat! they are useless animals cute yes but completely selfish and DO NOT EVER get a small fashion dog get a something like German shepherd, Labrador or husky and train them WELL)

If all else fails get a 12g Double Barrel Shotgun or a .308 bolt action rifle and fire some rounds down range.

Watch some action clips like: (note may only work for men, the crazy sort of men)

To tell if your in the league of mad fellows if you find yourself enjoying the following vid you may want to seek help

Though Mordeth13 has a theory of why womens lives suck so much
(Skip 40secs in btw it's not what you may think)

if all this failed and you managed to read up to this point well perhaps all need to do is start reading some fiction i suggest

Across the face of the world by Russell Kirkpatrick

Mabel Low said...

I signed up! And looking at my wardrobe in poupee girl just makes me feel so miserable=.=
That's why i didn't even bother looking at other ppl's one lah~ pfft.

Yvonne Yong said...

looks okay for a startoff leh. =D what's a poupee btw? sorry i'm so outdated. :(

Jerine said...

Jessica: Don't punch me!

Mabel: What's your name! What's your name!!! I want to add you as friend~~

Yvonne: It's some online game and fashion community thing.

Jerine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jerine said...


I've lost many friends before and I don't mind losing another one if boxing really helps.

I always listen to angsty songs. In fact, that's my kind of genre.

I do take a walk at night. In fact, I wrote this post right after I had a walk at Marville Esplanade at 1am in the morning.

I don't really have an anger management problem. I just hate man in general. Except my dad, my grandfather, my uncles and some of my friends.

Anonymous said...

You're ignorant arrogant bitch

Dani- Elle said...

Bingo!!!!!!! Men are just some fucking douche bag and ignorant

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