Oct 11, 2009


This post is to make up for the ugly photo with messy hair, no make up, and I was in my home clothes I posted up last night. This post you're going to see my hot hot hot photos! Teehee....

The city was so bloody quiet, we had to go to Salamanca for lunch. At first, Cargo was the choice but it was too packed with weekenders. So we went for plan B, The Maldini.

Usual cam whoring before the food comes.

Showed Syiqin my moleskine

My food is here! Oven baked trevella

Syiqin's gnocchi

Few days ago I said I wanted to dress like Bridget for the Tulips Festival, right? I know most of you (especially guys) already know who Bridget is. But for those of you who don't know, she's Hugh Hefner's girlfriend, also a Playboy bunny.

My attempt to be Bridget...

Flowery dress... Check! Hairband.... Check! Blonde hair..... Oh no.... I'm thinking of bleaching my hair blonde when I go back. Do you think it's a good idea?

While I pretended to be Bridget, Syiqin was being Carrie Bradshaw... You know... SJP in Sex & the City. Both of us are rewatching the whole series of Sex & the City right now, by the way... Here's our Carrie...

We went to the Botanical Garden to see the blooming tulips in spring.

Unfortunately, most of the tulips are half dead already.

It was so crowded in the garden. And I hate those kids who are running around like headless chicken. I was trying to take nice photos of Carrie, but inevitably some people pass by behind her and make a fantastic background like a family portrait.


She asked me to sit there, so I did....
...and I kissed her too

Last two months when we went there, the tree was balding. Right now it's so green!

Haha... Syiqin was posing with the tulip. And it turned out to be a monster in disguised. The monster ate Syiqin!

I remember Bridget did this pose somewhere....

Syiqin looks like some dayang-dayang.

And in this photo she looks like flower fairy.

Our super nice high heels

Actually we had a hard time walking on rocks and grass on the uneven ground

The Carrie Bradshaw pose again!

Guess what I found? Marijuana!!!

I had to climb up 2m hill with my 5 inches heels just to take this photo

Carrie Bradshaw again! This time Cina style

Stupid photos of our shadow

I brought my tiara there...

But as soon as I put it on, some girl with flower wreath walked pass by

I want that! And I want it now!!!!

Then I made Syiqin sit down under the sun to make the flower wreath


Nice or not?


Syiqin's one...nice or not?

We...the flower fairies...

Ferrero Rocher break in between

Hey...where's Syiqin?

Oh...here she is!!!

I found some alphabet soup in my backpack. Don't ask me how, I just found it. So I spelled Syiqin's name with it.

And my name... without the last E. I replaced it with a flower

And I also found some lehbeen ribbon in my bag

Living up my name as the mad queen....

Getting colder, so we packed and prepare to go back

Back to ugly shirt and pants... no more Bridget. Just the good ole' Jerine

Mak datin lenggang lenggang kakung...

No more nice high heels too. Had to walk 1.5km back, no way we can wear those heels.

The pretty flower dried up and died.

Went back and had pizza for dinner while watching more of Sex & the City.

More photos on my flickr soon. Have to sleep now. Super tired. Oh, ya... before that. Just to make things clear about the previous post. I'm not rich nor I'm showing off that I am. I'm just a girl who happens to love pretty stuff. Do you know, in order to buy those stuff, I starve myself for weeks. If I'm rich, I don't have to do that. I'm just very happy that I bought those pretty stuff and I wanted to let all my girlfriends about it. It's my female hormones that makes me show off that stuff. It's really normal. If I don't have this blog, I would still be bragging about my necklace to my friends whenever I go for dinner with them. It's just like guys...when their favorite football team win the match, they just want to broadcast it to their guy friends. Do you think those guys are suffering from rich-people-showing-off disease? No. Because football match doesn't involve money. Aha? It just so happen that I like shopping and it involves money, that doesn't make me rich. To me shopping is like a football match to you. Geddit?

P/S: I've already dressed up as Kendra and Bridget. The next time who shall I dress up as? Holly? I seriously think my attempt to be Playboy bunny failed! Even Marge Simpson looks hotter than me.

P/P/S: More story in Syiqin's blog.


Anonymous said...

So many photos! This is too funny.

eMz said...

awww, you look like you really had a nice day out. ^_^

Eunice said...

The flower wreath shikin made for you is so pretty. Me likey.

MKL said...

Really cute pics, both of you are cute and funny girls. This post is very lovely.

YT said...

Nice pics. I really love all those photos.

I think those who think you are showing off are pathetic. Very shallow.

Share more of your purchase and made those monsters (green eyed ones) die of jealousy!

Fairydust said...

there's nothing show-offy abt your previous post lah. i think that anonymous is a guy haha!

kruel74 said...

Coincidentally they launched Playboy bunny thingy in MidValley over the weekend but I didn't go as I think it will make me think lesser of the real bunnies (not rabbit)

Shingo T said...

Great camwhoring pictures!

Nicocoa said...

the whole section of the post felt so dreamy. Like some sort of cut-out fairy tale.

Mabel Low said...

I like this post! Pictures with green grasses in the background always looks very nice. Your pictures are one of the very few that looks good even in a small size;)

And i gasped at the 5inch heel :O

Yvonne Yong said...

wah so nice... i dont even have the time to see tulips yet... :(

Anonymous said...

good one! i just made many new emo backgrounds 2 my blog

Anonymous said...

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