Oct 24, 2009


Do you believe that you can make money out of nothing? It sounds like a retarded idea eh? But I'll show you the theory how you can do it.

Make believe!

Do you know that the Holy Bible is the best selling book of all time. So far, there are about 2.5 million copies printed since they recorded it. And not to mention, the church receives a lot of money from believers each day. The product that the church is selling is God and God is totally abstract, no one ever seen God before. I'm not saying anything bad about this, but I want to show you that once you get someone to believe on something, they will spend the money.

Take for example, tarot reading. How would you know if it's true? Yet, people will pay hundred to seek their fortune. There are people out there who are willing to spend money on nothing and this is how you earn money out of nothing.

Target vulnerable people!

It's always easier to target vulnerable potential customers. Think of a vulnerable situation that someone can get caught into. And then provide them with advice and charge them for the advice. For example, weight loss program that selling like hot cakes on the internet. They targeted fat girls who put so much hope on losing weight. All they do is send out daily newsletter on what you should eat, what exercise you should do and how to boost your confidence. Anyone can do that. All you need to do is some research on food and exercise. All these information can be found everywhere!

Someone out there already tried that strategy and he's earning millions right now. Have you heard of Yaro Starak? He's selling information on how to be a successful blogger. The fact that he gathered all the information available on the internet and sell it back to internet users, he started his business without any money. Now that guy owns one of the most successful internet marketing website.

Back to the point where you have to target vulnerable potential customers... here are some that I can think of:

weight loss - there are only 8% of girls that entirely satisfy with their body. The 92% out there thinks they are fatter than their ideal size.

making money - no one ever say that they have enough of it. Everyone wants to make more money. Why don't you start teaching people how to save money or how to make money? Just imagine if I charge 1cent from you to read this blogpost (assuming you really want to learn something out of this crap I wrote), I'll be earning a couple of bucks from it.

religion - start a new religion. Maybe convince people that if they pray to themselves everyday, they'll be immaculate when they die.

addiction - you can also advise people on how to cure their addiction. Maybe you should teach me how to get rid of Cafe World. For example, I should start Playing Mafia Wars so I won't be addicted to Cafe World anymore. And you can come out with some stupid term for it like 'addiction shift' so that your teaching sound more professional.

Actually all those categories are not so novel anymore. Let me tell you something that no one has ever done it before. Target people who just broke up or just divorced. Teach them stupid strategy on how to get their ex back. These people are extremely vulnerable.

If you're not creative enough, just do whatever other people is doing. Be a part-time fortune teller at your nearest pasar malam. Get a cloth and sit by the road. Tell other people that you prefer to sit on the floor instead of on a chair because it's your meditation position. But in reality, you just don't want to spend money on buying a chair. Draw a petagram chart and throw a few stones and candles on it. Start telling them very general statement like, "I can see that you have a lot of thinking in your head" because people who go to fortune teller are normally confused people. Then ask them what they want to know, so you can narrow down your liability.


There's a business man I know, currently running his motor sports business based in California. He is the reason why I write this post. I respected him a lot when he told me his business is earning seven figure per annum. Since he's so proud of his business, I politely asked him to teach me some ways how to make money. He told me that first I need a lot of capital and we're talking about at least half a million. And then he hinted that I wouldn't be able to make any money since I don't have any money to begin with. My patient got shorter when he told me that I can move to LA and be a cafe girl. Hopefully some Hollywood producer might notice me if I wear bikini and shorts while working. I take it as an insult. So I told him that I believe people can make money out of nothing.

And he said I made myself a fool by saying that. Thus, he challenged me to prove that I can make money out of nothing. Of course I wouldn't entertain such thing and I told him that many people out there already done it so I don't have to do anything to prove him wrong. After one month, he wrote me a message on facebook asking me how my no money business is doing? Although I can engage in one of the option I've told you, but I'm just lazy. I love money, no doubt, but I can't be bothered making it if I can stay at home and sleep. Actually, I'm more of a sloth than just mere lazy.

Sometimes you can't blame people for calling Americans assholes. They are cocky and so full of themselves all the time. One primary example is my friend. Just because he thinks that you need a lot of money to start up a business, that doesn't mean that other people with no money can't achieve anything.

A business that needs half a million dollar to set up, is a business that sells tangible product. Somehow people often miss the point that product can mean service and they are not necessary a tangible thing.


Shingo T said...

Yes, it's possible to earn money the low capital way. With the internet out there, there's tons of stuffs we can do.

I like the examples you mentioned, particularly the one on making money by selling guides, like blogging. Gosh, you gotta give the guy credits for making money "so easily".

Ever thought of spending more time on your blog, do some publicity, add some of your photos, and then maybe be the next Kenny Sia or Xiaxue? I know Xiaxue makes full-time money from blogging, and that is one step towards your risk-free business.

George said...

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