Sep 25, 2009



This is the longest word I've ever seen. It's actually a dish compounded of all kinds of dainties, fish, flesh, fowl, and sauces. Saw this word in the comedy book called Assemblywomen. When I saw that word, immediately I became hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.

OK. In case you're dum dum... that doesn't mean I became a hippopotamus. It just mean fear of long words.

I must admit I'm freaking bored now. I feel like blogging, but I've got my brain fried and my life is getting too melancholic. I'm not sure what to write about so I read that comedy book. Freaking funny. But there are a lot of words I have to Google. It's not even in the dictionary.

Now, I want to bore you with my boring life. I woke up at noon. In my half-awake-half-asleep stage.... I saw a naked man in front of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost scream for help, but then.... cheh.... it's only Alwin. He was dressing up to go to Uni. I critized his fashion sense a bit, and then went back to sleep.

When I woke up, I was home alone. After I showered, I played with Henry...

The other day Henry got tangled behind the curtain. His head was wrapped around the white curtain and Alwin said, "Eh...Henry looks like wearing a tudung". I swear he was sooooooo cute! I mean Henry, not Alwin.

Later, I turn on the computer and sat down. As usual, Henry took his place on my lap. I was typing really fast, and for some reason he thought it was fascinating, so he scratched my hand. Fuck lah!!! Henry thought my hand is some imaginary butterfly is it?

I was scolding him and push him a little bit. He thought he was going to fall, so he clawed my leg! Some cat is really too much! Luckily I was wearing jeans. If not my leg would be bleeding. I got so fucking angry, I carried him and throw him out of the house.

And then he gave me that kind of poor-me-i-am-just-a-little-cat look. This is how you train your pet. When they do something wrong, you put them outside. Slowly they will learn what is wrong and what is right. When they do the right thing, give them a treat. But my Happy Henry treat didn't work.

Remember that time when Henry scratched Alwin's balls? LMAO!!!

Oh, ya... remember I said I like my female readers better than the male? There are two reasons today why I love them more.

First, Shikin bought me a tiara!!!!!!!

Right now I'm officially the queen! Hmmmmph... some people said she's a princess because she's staying in a castle. But she got crown or not? Don't have. Kekekekekkeke.....

Here's my tiara:

Actually I wanted to buy it yesterday. When I saw the price, it was AUD 40. I told Shikin, "Eh... mahal gila lah!" Then she said, "Jangan beli lah. Mahal sangat!"

But then she secretly bought it for me today!!! I'm so happy!!!! Thank you, Shikin!!!! I love it so much. In fact, I'm wearing it right now. Yes, I mean now as I'm typind this. Oh, let me take a shot from my webcam.

Nice or not? Excuse my boring face... already 12.05am, didn't bother to put on makeups. Shikin said she bought the tiara for me because I look like Tiara Jacquelina. WTF? She and Nana even asked some random girl in the mall whether I look like Tiara. I think if I tell everyone that Tiara is my mom, you think they believe or not? Hahahaha... when she comes to Hobart again I'll take a photo with her and then pretend that she's my mom. Kekekekekeke....

Walau eh... I went to her blog and saw some shocking photos. I saw my friends' faces on her blog. Especially Najjib's round face that I can't miss. And.......... she stayed in my neigbourhood!!!

That's the view from her house. Well, my house is not exactly where I pointed. It's two doors away, I just can't be too accurate with that. Do I really have some connection with Tiara Jacquelina? Hahahah... I'm damn perasan.

Actually, I secretly want them to say I look like Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn. Hehehehe... But they say it's not even close. Sigh...

Oh, ya... I'm going to wear that tiara to Malaysian Night tomorrow! Just now I asked Alwin what should I wear, he said, "Wear that short black dress lah". I really don't understand that kind of language. As if he doesn't know I have a lot of short black dress and I don't know which one he meant.

Anyway, I decided...since I don't look like Audrey Hepburn, I'll dress like Audrey Hepburn. I'm going to dress up like the Breakfast At Tiffany's look.

OK, second reason why I love female readers.... because they always send me stuff!!!

In order to preserve our royal diplomatic relationship, the Princess who was in London, then in Scotland, then back in London, sent me a postcard!!!

Her message made me miss her even more. I miss those time when she text me, "Hey, coming to your house now." And she'll be waiting downstairs my place within five minutes. Then we, the girls will hang out together. Penang is so small that all of us stay quite near. But Eunice stays a bit further than us. Here's a photo I took when I was back home.

It wasn't my camera. I swear I have good camera!!! But it's just the polution/haze that makes the photo blurry.

Gotta go sleep now. I have to go shopping at 10am tomorrow again! Have to buy black long glove to get that Breakfast At Tiffany's look. So I have to wake up a bit early, just in case I wear the wrong shoe again.


YT said...

Oh, so the postcard arrived safely! Yay! I am going to send another one from Paris :)

Erm... I miss u loads. London makes me think of u a lot. Cos that is where we planned to meet initially, remember?

Come home pls.

Ei, can't wait to see ur Audrey's look :)

MKL said...

I love this post :-)

But one thing I don't understand. It was a while ago you told me tiara is for commoners, the Queen wears the crown. And now you feel like a Queen?

Ooops. Jerine got owned :P

ps: Poor Henry. He misses to play with balls, I guess :p

SJ said...

nice tiara. and henry, like the way the emo. haha.

From me to you, suejean =)

Shingo T said...

Henry's cute. =p

Mabel Low said...

Remember to take a picture of your Audrey look! And... how would you like it if someone sends you a penang laksa? LOL:P

Yvonne Yong said...

jerine bully henry! bad queen. =D

eMz said...

you are lucky to have such nice friends! XD

Eunice said...

3 of you really stay so near! T_T

Elaine@broken-snowflakes said...

you're actually the 1st female blogger that i think is pretty even without makeup or photoshop. ur without-make-up face doesn't differ much from ur make-up face. that's a compliment! :D


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