Aug 21, 2009


A lot of people asked me how was cultural night. I told them the belly dancers gave me a culture shock because I was expecting curvy slim and sexy ladies dancing. But all they got is fat chicks dancing on the stage. Everyone accusing me of being judgemental because if I'm slim that doesn't mean other people is fat. I can't find anymore words to explain myself, so I let the picture do the talking.

*The girl on the far right sucked in her stomach

Filipino Culture

Shikin and I were discussing about our maids. I told her I never have any problem with maids. Actually I don't really care because even if we have weird maids or no maids, it doesn't affect my life at all. But I remember we used to have a Filipino maid, Jasmine.

Some off topic. At that time I was still very young - about 5 years old. And I always wonder why our maid have such a nice name. You know, it's kind of discriminative. For instance, maids are often associated with nothing nice. Anyway, that's some confusion of a five-year-old.

For some weird reason, she always bring a pail and place it just outside our gate in the morning. One day, our driver asked her why she did that. She said she wants to collect some rain water. WTF? So, the driver told her that we don't do that in Singapore because we have tap water.

The next day she still bring out the pail. But this time, she turned over the pail. No one understood that. Because it didn't hurt anyone, we just let her do whatever she wants. After all, it's just putting a pail outside the house.

One fine day, she told my mom that she wants to cook for the family. We've never allow our maid to cook. All the cooking was done by my grandma or the older maid. But she was so enthusiastic, so my mom gave her some money to buy groceries. She bought total of $50 groceries and everyone thought it's going to be a gala meal.

When she finally serves us, the meal shrinked three times. My mom was looking into the dustbin but she couldn't find where the other food gone. My maid bought some chicken, but she didn't serve us chicken. It was really weird. No one knows where she put that food or where she discarded it.

Well, we thought it wasn't a big deal so no one say anything about it. But Shikin told me there's a possibility that she was keeping some "pet" spirits, so she fed them with the food. And she could have keep the spirit out of the house in the morning in that pail.

I seriously cursed Shikin because I had goosebumps. All these while I never thought that could be a reason. Now that Shikin told me, I get freaked out. This means, I was once staying in a house that has some foreign spirit. WTF? But in some rural areas in Philippines, they still practice black magic. So, it could be one of the probabilities. I've asked one of my Filipino friend, she said she never heard of such thing. Anyway, I've asked the wrong person. My friend is some city girl from Philippines.

Arabian Culture

Sometimes you really feel like knocking your own head when you talk to those Arabians. I wonder, if they have any common sense at all.

There's only one Muslim mosque here in Tasmania. Before this, there was none at all. What happen was, when Dato' Seri Mohd Effendi (Tiara Jacquelina's husband) was here, he donated some money to build the mosque. Then he got the Malaysian government to fund the rest of the project. In conclusion, the mosque was build by Malaysian government.

Most of the females who went to the mosque (including Shikin) didn't wear tudung (headscarf). I think Malaysian girls hardly wear tudung. In fact, most of them don't wear at all. Then, the Arabians complain that they should wear tudung. And they also complain that the mosque became "too-Malaysian".

When Shikin told me that I laughed my ass off. Seriously, where's their common sense? We Malaysian build the mosque, so we do what we like in the mosque lah. They Arabians so rich, why can't they build their own mosque and make it "too-Arabic"? WTF? If Malaysian government didn't build the mosque, then they also don't have any place to pray what. Niamah.

Twitter Culture

Shikin said I look like Tiara Jacquelina. Then Nino said "Jacquelina told Shikin to steal your tiara?". I was like WTF? I think her eyes a bit sepet lor (Shikin, not Tiara). Which part of me look like Tiara lah? She's so old, I'm so young. Ahemmm.... If she says I look like Audrey Hepburn also nevermind. Hmmmphhh....


MKL said...

As far as I know, Nino was joking ;-)

You can't have a tiara, you are a queen, tiara's are for commoners ;-)

I have no further comment about Filipinos who payed for Malaysian mosque in Tasmania to worship ghosts. Got it? ;-)

Brad F. said...

Those bitches are fat. They should be ashamed of themselves. As for the on all the way to the right, you can tell that she is ashamed of herself and that's why she's sucking in her gut so obviously.

As for your Filipino maid... Well that's just kind of weird, but it doesn't matter what country you come from, perhaps with the exception of tiny city states where everything is close together, the further out you go into the rural areas, the weirder things get. Even in the US there are people living way out in the wilderness type areas that wear aluminum hats to ward off alien brain rays or something.

Arabs are kinda strange sometimes, but this sounds like general jackassery, stupidity, and selfishness.

Anonymous said...

you can be tiara jacquelina's daughter and you can go steal her tiara. audrey hepburn... you're both not even the same race!

eh most of the msian girls here wear tudung. only some dont wear (ehem one of them is me)

anyway the spirit thing i also scare myself okay. when i walked back that time i kept imagining something is following me! why did i think of such a thing... :S


Eunice said...

Belly dancers do have a belly... =/

ahbing said...

LOL @ "If Malaysian government didn't build the mosque, then they also don't have any place to pray what. Niamah."

RSS's your blog ;)

eMz said...

your filipino maid, i think she's just weird.hahaha!

Jeremy Nunis said...

is it me.. or does ur title sound so so so familiar :P (altho i still havnt posted anything except the title)

Margee F. said...

hmm jerine there are actually some weird rituals in some provinces in the philippines. that story was kinda creepy, aboutyour maid i mean. I just hope she didnt put the $50 in her wallet and thought some evil spirits made her do it. hehe

Brad Farless said...

The title of this post does seem familiar, like I heard it in a movie or something before. What's up with that Jerine?

Anonymous said...

You are a retard. Goosebumps over another cultures belief. Grow up and get out into the world

Jerine said...

When it comes to cult like that, every reasonable person would get goosebumps. If you don't then looks like you're more retarded than me.


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