Jul 29, 2009

What a girl does when she's alone in her room

OK. Seriously girl's stuff. Guys, go get your beer and come back some other time.

Unlike other girl bloggers, I hardly post up my shopping prize or any of my stuff on the blog, except Barry. When I was cleaning my wardrobe today (to throw away some stuff before my parents are here), I found out there are a lot of clothes that I never worn before in my life. I keep buying stuff and then I complain that I have no clothes to wear although I shop my entire life.
Since I had nothing to do the netire day, I took out some of my new clothes and play dress up. Then I took photos of myself. Hahaha... This is a serious cam whore case! There's no one here to help me take my photo, I have to put on the self-timer. It's really troublesome.

First trial...

Second trial....

The junk yard fashion show starts now.

First, we have the pink roses printed short dress.

Did my pose reminded you of something? I copied it from the Wild Child movie. I can't find the picture because when I google "wild child" they gave me porn instead. At first I posed with my pink Juicy Couture velour. But it looks too pinkish. No good. Then I changed to my Louis Vuitton Alma. Too bad I looked like ah mah in that Alma. Suddenly I remember, in the Wild Child poster, the girl is holding a white Gucci Indy. And then I remember, I do have an indy, but it's in black. So that's the closest Wild Child look I have.

I love the photo above madly. It makes me look like I have a Barbie figure. Last night while I was at Dome with my girlfriends, we did something stupid. One of them brought body measurement tape and we measured our size. I'm 32-28-35. This means I have to increase 3 inches on my bust then I'll have an hour glass figure. Fulamak!!!!

I don't really mind my body actually. At least I can wear anything without being criticized. I just don't understand why some fat chicks dare to wear sleeveless and tight dress with their super huge arms and tummy. It doesn't matter if you're confident with your fugly figure. People can't see your confidence. But it is very obvious that people can see you're ugly. Hahahah... Don't you wish your girlfriend is hot like me?!?!

OK, you guys can't see what shoe I was wearing. It's a matching pair of white heels.

Then, you have the red dress. I don't know what to say about this dress other than it makes me look fat. That's why it's buried inside my cupboard with price tags still attached to it.

And there's a brown dress that I seriously love. But the price tags is still attached. I'm not showing you the whole dress because I have to buy a belt for it. I hate the plain looking front. There's no way I'm going to show you that. Instead, I'm showing you my boobs.

I'll show you the real thing if it increases 3 inches later.

Look at how messy my bed is when I'm playing dress up. But there's something really nice that I want to show you. It's inside the bag.

It's actually my PINK KIMONO!!!!!!!!!!!

It's going to be really challenging to put it on. By the way, do you want to see me in my underwear?

When I put it on, it's actually pretty easy except when it comes to tying up the obi belt. I took half hour to do it. And this is my best shot.

Irashai masen. Domo? Ah... atashi wa mama san desu! Hajime mashite. Kochira koso.

Well, I was just talking to myself. It's called "shiok sendiri", by the way. Anyway, do I look like some mama san?

I can't believe my kimono sleeve is short. IT'S SHORT! IT'S SHORT! IT'S A SHORT SLEEVE!!!!!!!!! According to the art of kimono fashion, short sleeves kimono is for married woman. WTF?

Actually I have another long sleeve kimono. But it's brownish-maroon color. I fancy the light pink one more. This is my other kimono.

I don't understand how people find geisha as a form of sex appeal. Trust me, it's really frustrating to fuck someone who's wearing a kimono because it's really hard to take it off.

At the end of the day, my room looks like this...

That's not everything you see. I still have shoes, bags and kimono accessories on the floor. I almost cried cleaning up all my stuff. I hate messy room. I just can't stand it.

Since I'm taking so many photos in my room, I'm going to show you my baby. Some of you eager to find out what my baby is. Here they are...

That's Tinker (on the right). His real name is Diego. If you're thinking... No, his surname is NOT Maradona. And the smaller baby is Bell, my cutest baby. The small furry stuff is their pet koala bear called Gypsy. Luckily Alwin changed my bedsheet for me, now baby can sleep peacefully. When the bedsheet gets dirty, baby will cry all the time.

Oh, before I forget... They ARE baby... NOT babies. Because they come in one, although they are two. It's like the Holy Trinity. Holy Trinity is made up of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They are three but one. I seriously don't know how to explain. Christians should know what I mean.

Finally, last photo of the day... I'm wrapped up in my boring pink robe already.

I mean, seriously... this is the last photo!!!

P/S: I showed Alwin the photo of my body in that pink dress without my head. He didn't believe it's me. I asked him why, he said because I don't have that dress. I'm so good in keeping it that he didn't know I have that dress. Then I showed him other photos, he still didn't believe it's me. WTF? And he said I photoshop my photos. That's the greatest accusation. I don't have photoshop program, how to photoshop. Just so you know, all my photos are raw. Raw as in uneditted.


MKL said...

Trust me, it's really frustrating to fuck someone who's wearing a kimono because it's really hard to take it off.

This is a quote to remember, haha XD

I'll keep that in mind when i go to Japan ;-) Thanks for the heads up.

YT said...

I trust you, all these photos definitely unedited. U do hv a nice body ... envy. And I know u r pointing at me when you said FAT GIRLS *cry*

Well... but I do think fat chicks still can carry nice bags right? Pls give me ur black indy, thank you very much!

YT said...

Oh, just now u asked me what I want for my bday right? Can I ask for that Indy? Can??? I don mind a second hand, seriously.

Btw, what I really wanna say is DID YOU PERMED YOUR HAIR???

Eunice said...

The first dress is pretty!

Finally I saw your baby. I think it smells like you... .. .

kxfx said...

typical consumerism that leads to overconsumption and finally end of the world. lol.. well... i doubt u giv a damn about that. hahaha. and i like the first picture.

Jessica said...

I do this all the friggin time as well! Geezz....what's up with us girls?!

eMz said...

i would camwhore like this so much more if i had a lot of natural light in my room -- there's no better way to see your outfit is good than to take a picture. hehe! i think i oughta get myself a tripod for the self-timer thing...

maybe geishas have sex with their clohes on, you never know. wahahaha

Jerine said...

MKL: But nowadays Japanese girls wear really skimpy clothes.

YT: If you're fat, so many girls out there can commit suicide already. I didn't perm my hair lah. I curl it. DIY style. And NO, you can't have my indy. You damn too much lor... So many Coach already still want my indy.

Eunice: Baby don't smell like me lah. They smell like moroccan rose because I put the Body Shop oil on them every week. So they smell nicer than me.

kxfx: As long as I look pretty, end of the world is totally irrelevant.

Jessica: LOL! Word...

eMz: Go get a tripod! I want to see your cam whore photos!!!

JanuskieZ said...

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Stephanie meiyu said...

You permed your hair?! those dresses are nice, but I'm more interested in your Gucci Indy, please don't give it to YT, she has CK and Coach already, and i don't have anything :(

agreed! fat girls should carry nice bag, since they can't fit in nice dresses like you do :) Your figure really amazing!

I'm officially fighting with YT with that bag, muahahahaa! it's so fun!

Jocelyn said...

erm jerine, ur last picture at the bottom scares me *covers her eyes*

Yvonne Yong said...

LOL @ this post!!! we share something in common! i complain about having no clothes but actually i have alot of new clothes that i buy buy buy and didnt wear. T.T even tags are still hanging there. ><"

and btw, ur figure is good! :D i likey!

Jerine said...

Stephanie: I didn't perm my hair lah. I just curl it with the curler thing. Wait until my boobs increase 3 inches then you can say my figure is good. Right now very unproportion lah. Btw, I'm very protective over my bags. Neither YT nor you can have it. Bluek!

Jocelyn: Oi!!!!!!!!! Say I pretty lah. Why you say I'm scary? Hmmmpphh....

Yvonne: I think we all girls are homogenous one. I don't think only both of us. Hahahahaha...I want cupcakes!!! Send some here please!

Nicocoa said...

oo.... i want kimono~! :p
shud have stayed longer. we cud have gone to bon odori together.

Kelvin said...

woah, so sexy!


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