Jul 31, 2009


I have really demanding blog reader. Just because I don't update for a day, she keeps pestering me to do so. I'm totally blog blocked (a term which describe no inspiration for blogging) because all I want to do is to read as much books as I can and sell it to second hand bookstore. My parents will be here next week and I really have to get rid of my stuff.

Apart from that, I'm having a quarter-life crisis. Hence, a bit emo lately. Whatever.

Do you remember someone Googled the keywords "How to draw Squidward's house" and came to my blog? I thought I might as well do him/her a favour and show you guys how to draw Squidward's house. Besides, I heard someone saying she misses my Moleskine.

It's actually super easy to draw Squidwards's house. It's only a four steps instruction. Here they are:

OK. Done!!!! Simple, right? Now you can go get your pencil and paper and start drawing Squidward's house. Hahahahaha..... I really don't know what's the point of drawing it. Maybe you can start to impress your kids by drawing Squidward's house. LOL!

Dear Diary,

  1. Yawn.... I have boring life.

  2. I'm reading the Series of Unfortunate Events. Currently I'm at Book 8. It's really addictive. I can't wait to finish all the 13 books because it's addictive. Period.

  3. When I checked my email earlier, I couldn't help it but shout OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! phVegas followed me on Twitter. Yes, me! me! me! me! me! I thought phVegas would only follow celebrities like Paris Hilton, Kendra Wilkinson and all those ghettos.

  4. Do you read Che Det's blog? C'mon I know there would be at least a hundred readers here reading that blog right? How can you not read Malaysia's most popular blog? Anyway, when I read the last entry Dr. M wrote, I feel really irritated. I don't know what to say about it. But I'm seriously irritated.

  5. I'm so stupid. I changed my profile pic but my face turned out as small as an ant. Whatever, I'm going to change back the previous one.

  6. Can someone tell me where can I listen to the new Madonna singles??? I'm dying to find out how it sounds like.

  7. I was reading Anilnetto's blog, and he put up a video of Yasmin Ahmad in an interview. I feel really sad knowing that we've lost such a talented film director. It also makes me sad that I can't watch any of those Petronas advertisement anymore. She's the only person that can truly capture the harmonious and diversed culture in Malaysia. I like all her commercials and films. When I decided to put up a video here, I don't know which one to choose. But here's one video which I can relate its story:

  8. If you watched that video, it's actually taken from real life story. The restaurant is called Sri Paandi in PJ. I used to go there very often because it's just right behind my church. One day when we went there for banana leaf, we found out that there's a new Sri Paandi next to it. It looks kinda weird because the new Sri Paandi have the same uniform, same sign board, but it's definitely more inviting. They have clean marble floor and air conditioned as compared to the old Sri Paandi. My friend decided to stick to the old shop because those people know us by our names. I asked the cashier (who's the daughter-in-law of the owner) what's up with the new Sri Paandi. So the real story is like this:

    When Sri Paandi was first open, there were two bosses. They are really good
    friends. One of the boss died and left his share to his son. His son wasn't
    happy to share the business with the other old man, so he open up his own Sri Paandi. He uses the same uniform, sign board and everything else because he
    claims that he has a share in the old business. But what his intention was is to kick out the old Sri Paandi and take over the whole Sri Paandi business (as far as the brand concern). As much as I know, that's what the daughter-in-law told me. I don't know what happen to the rest of the story. Anyone care to finish up?
I always think that Sri Paandi sounds like Sri Pig, 'cos pandi is pig in Tamil. Next time if I'm going to open a banana leaf shop, I'm going to name it Parakere Pandi!!!! Go find out what that means!


Alch said...

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kruel74 said...

Now I know why you need a moleskin notebook. Nice drawing. And I also cannot agree on CheDet's latest posting. Madonna has a new single? The Sri Paandi saga last I heard is still like that but never been there although seen articles about them. And I just realised who you are on twitter....

Jessica said...

Haha..that drawing is cute! The return of Squidward to Jerine's blog! Haha..

You know what, I myself have been addicted to reading lately too. I'm re-reading Time Traveller's Wife 'cause I've forgotten about the story already, and I want to be reminded of it before the movie comes out. Nice book! Can you recommend something to me? I'm stopping by the bookstore later to buy some.

YT said...

Can u believe it? I am so so so bored that I really drew the Squidward's house on my notepad now. Hehehe... YES. IT'S OFFICE HOUR.

Oh, and I AM DEFINITELY NOT DEMANDING. I am only asking one post a day, see? Not demanding at all!

eMz said...

i think even with these excellent instructions i still won't be able to draw that house! hahaha!

the way you tell stories on your blog, i won't ever ever ever think your life is boring because u make it sound so exciting.hehe! XD

alantanblog said...

Yasmin Ahmad has brought so many gifts, masterpieces to inspire us and memories to our life.

We'll missed you.

Jerine said...

kruel74 - yes! yes! it's me on twitter!!!

Jessica: Oh, no... I don't know if I'm too late in replying. Further Under the Duvet by Marian Keyes. Damn nice. Or do you want me to send it to you? I've finished reading it.

YT: One post a day is damn a lot ok? How about one post in 2 days? Hahahaha... I want to see your Squidward's house. Next time I'm going to put up these step-by-step drawing for you to try out.

eMz: It's the art of writing. I do have boring life. Maybe the way I write is too flamboyant? LOL.

alantanblog: It's sad that good people lived such a short life.

Jessica said...

Hey, I postponed my trip to the bookstore 'cause you haven't replied yet. Okay I'll get that book. If you want, you can send yours. Haha, free of charge? heehehe..just kiddin! :P

Jerine said...

Don't buy. I'll send it to you. I think I have your address in my email. I'm serious!

Ron Jerem Lee said...

can u teach me how to draw stupid prime minister?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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