Jul 19, 2009

White guys & Asian chicks (Interview Pt. 2)

Before I start compiling the new set of interviews again, I must clarify something. Someone thinks I'm racist because my discussion focus on Caucasian and Asian.

Just in case some people don't know yet, racism is a hostile attitude or behaviour to members of other races, based on a belief in the innate superiority of one's own race. I'm just asking everyone a question. Well, I think my statement neither indicates that Caucasian is greater than Asian nor Asian is greater than Caucasian. Full stop!!!

Question again:

Why do white men like to date Asian chicks?

If you missed the first episode part, I randomly sent out some messages to my friends on facebook to get some quality answers from them.

Today I get really sexy answers from them.

Biri sent me another message. I almost fall off my chair when I read it. Biri, you're fantastic!!!!

And here's Anonymous's answer. (Off topic, this is the true spirit of anonymous. Anonymous is not for you to hide your identity and start giving us your crappy comment. But it's for people to protect their identity so they can speak their thoughts freely).

I didn't know blue film can be one of the contributing factor. But it actually make sense to me how Tila Tequila is so fucking famous.

This is from my sister Wendy William. He actually gives a lot of good points. Love it!

My childhood friend Bessy Bitch is quite funny. It's quite a comprehensive answer. So I'll quote him when I write the article later.

OK, Invisible says a lot too. But I have to censor some stuff to protect third party's identity. I'll quote Invisible too. He made a lot of good points here.

Damien was kinda confused when I asked him the question because he's a mixed breed - Caucasian and Asian. LOL! Mixed breed rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenny is really sweetie. She says if someone's hitting on me, he probably likes me for who I am. Awwwww..... Unfortunately, that's not the story. No one is hitting on me :( I think Jenny's answer is really hot. She gave us the differences between Asian chicks and white chicks. That could possibly be the main factor.

I'm still quite lazy to write the entire post. But it's really interesting to read what other people thinks. Almost all of my blog post are generated from my own opinion. It's pretty one sided. This is the time when I sit back and try to accept people's idea. At the end of the day, it will make the article more neutral.


Dear Diary,

  1. I hang out with Jeremy today and we went to church. Normally I go to church alone and that's all. Jeremy is from my parish back in Malaysia. Out of a sudden I miss Lifeline (the youth fellowship in my church). He was talking about his college days and how he was the president of the Catholic Society. I was like... my gosh... I was the president of Catholic Society for my college too. I know what you guys are thinking... You can go ahead and laugh. Some of you probably think I'm lying. But it's seriously true. I was!!!

  2. If anyone of you have nothing to do and simply wants to label people racist, I'm seriously not the person you should be calling racist. You can check out Sasha Lowe. I found her on Twitter and I followed her. OK, bitch...that doesn't make me a follower. I just want to see her updates on my timeline so I know how asshole she is. Everyone's been urging her followers to unfollow her, but I think that's not a cool idea. What I think is, everyone should follow her and get angry at her and start to launch your missiles towards her. She writes racist tweets like asians are monkey. Then she posted up photos on her Twitpic of Asian people got burnt and she put a tag line that says "Asian or monkey?" and "Best kind of monkey faced Asian". I got so furious when I read it. Those photos are photos of dead civilians in war. Not only she doesn't show any respect to Asians, but she doesn't show any respect to humankind. I'm going to write a hatepost for her before Twitter kicks her off from their service. She deserves a hate post!

  3. Another thing that pisses me off is the statement made by Matt "The Lord" Zane from Society 1 in one of their documentary. You know how I like hardcore rock bands and they are one of them. Well, used to be, not anymore. I would never ever listen to Society 1 after I know what Matt said. He says, "Women are tools for enjoyment and aesthetic pleasure". And then they have this clip of naked woman on doggy position and all of the band members are throwing some stuff at that woman's ass. Sick! Sick! Sick! I'll stick to Korn. At least the most extreme you can get from Korn is their constant anger towards authorities and some emo-suicidal stuff.

  4. I must say Twitter is one of my powerful source of information. I got a lot of people asking me to join their force to protest Internet Explorer 6. I was like WTF? Why would I do so. TOC (I almost typed out his real name, oooppsss) had to explain the whole thing to me that "...The fact that web pages have to be coded to work with IE6 affects everyone that uses the internet. If not for IE6, developers could code much more complex, exciting pages, especially with the new HTML5, which IE6 being 8 years old doesn't support...So in other words, b/c some asses don't want to upgrade their shit-ass co. computers, everyone's suffering." If you're still using IE6, please upgrade your web browser or else internet would extinct!

P/S: Shut the front door!!!! SashaLowe got kicked out by Twitter. Thank God! She didn't make it to her 20th updates and BANG! Twitter kicks her out.

P/P/S: I found out that Matt "The Lord" Zane is a porn film director. That explains a lot!


MKL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MKL said...

I like most of that answers, very interesting.

I must say, Jerine - brilliant posts lately. You really put a lot of effort and make some very interesting points. And yea, people like that twitterer are just losers. They took down the account already.

You like Korn? I only liked 'Freak on the Lash', the rest is so so. I like Slipknot more, their masks are sick and the music is awsome.

TalesOC said...

@Jerine: These people have some good ideas, especially this Bitch Bessy. Seems like this person hit on a lot of the things I hit on in my blog entry.

Mixed breed rocks? I'm mixed breed. Filipino - European. Great right? O_o I feel more special now.

Let Jenny know that when I was in Manila in the Philippines I saw more "old white man"/ "Filipina young enough to be his granddaughter" couples than I could count on two hands. It does happen, and it is disgusting.

And, about the anonymous guy from before, I hate when people are stupid and leave stupid comments using words that they don't even fully understand.

@MKL: What happened on Twitter? Did I miss something? I thought she was talking about the anonymous person that left a comment on part 1 of these posts.

YT said...

The comment I left for ur previous post using the stupid iPhone while holidaying WAS GONE!

Geram. But I din say anything intelligent (as usual) so I guess it's not that bad.

Hate ppl who are gender bias. What makes them think MAN are greater than WOMAN when in the fact they rely on woman for 9-10 mths before they were even born. Buggers.

TalesOC said...

YT, what are you talking about? I comment all the time with my iPhone with no problem. Maybe you forgot to click the submit button after finishing your comment.

And what's this about men and women? Did I miss something?

Eunice said...

Jenny's opinion caught me, exotic and also Asian girls will accept ugly old whtie guys who can't get a gf!! Bahahhahaha.

I think this it's quite logical. Most Asian girls like ang moh lang cause they are richer (currency wise). And Asian ppl are quite bias, especially the hospitality grp, they will treat the whites better...

TalesOC said...

Actually Eunice, I've gotten some shitty service in Singapore as a white guy, but then, Singapore is more internationalized. So, I don't know if it was a matter of being white not meaning much here (compared to what you're talking about I mean) or just a matter of bad service in general. On the other hand, people make me feel like I walk on water in the Philippines.

And I think it's just what you said. Even an average earner in the US is rich in the Philippines, so Filipinas want to latch on. Not all, of course. Just those who are desperate to find a way to a better life.

YT said...

@TalesOC Yayaya, I am probably the stupid one but I seriously don't like iPhone. This is a very personal opinion, and I am sticking with it. And yeah, I blame it for anything goes wrong, even if it's actually my own fault.

And bout gender, I am commenting out Matt (down at the Dear Diary part).

Jerine said...

MKL: I don't think I put a lot of effort in this post. In fact, they're all other people's contribution. Not from my brain.

TOC: Yeah, mixed breed rocks! We get the best out of different races. LOL!!! You missed a lot of stuff on twitter. Actually MKL missed it too. A white chick who called herself Sasha Lowe twitted a lot of racist comments like Asian should go to hell. She took photos of the Jakarta bombing victim and put caption on the photos that "All Asians look like this". I was like WTF?

YT: It's so typical of us blaming everything else but ourselves. Actually I'm going to write a post on why men are greater than women soon because Alwin pissed me off again when he said something wrong.

Eunice: Actually I think most ang mohs are quite poor, despite the currency.

MKL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TalesOC said...

@YT: Ah I see. My Mac is in its death brows and having an iPhone to turn to when it's acting up is keeping me from going insane.

As for Sasha Lowe, I hope a donkey rapes her and cums in her butt. What a loser. Can't stand racist people like that.

Jerine said...

I don't think that's enough. I hope the terrorist who bomb Jakarta would also bomb her. Jakarta was totally inocent. Whereas she deserves it. You'll know what I mean if you have read her tweet.

MKL said...

@Jerine, Honestly, a person like her/him is an attention seeker and it's a waste of time to write about or be angry about. There's tons of these people and I wouldn't respond with hate, because you put yourself on the same level. They want to make people upset, so don't fall into the trap. Just ignore. That's my motto.

TalesOC said...

So... tag teamed by donkeys then? And posted on the internet?


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