Apr 1, 2009

The Ugly Eyebrow Story

Just to remind you of my ugly eyebrow...

Damn ugly right? Well, the story is.... I used to tattoo my eyebrow two years ago and I blogged about it too. Since then, my most popular post in this blog are my eyebrow tattoo post. So I finally decided to tell the whole account of my eyebrow tattoo.

To be honest, it didn't hurt at all the first time. In fact, the sensation of the needle poking onto the skin is quite nice. However, the beautician told me otherwise. She said because the skin on our face is generally thinner, the tattoo process hurts more than other tattoo. Liar liar pants on fire...It didn't hurt at all, ok...

Don't you think my eyebrow looks like Shin Chan or Rock Lee? A week later, the tattoo start to crack and it peeled off by itself. It's a normal process and you just have to bear with it. Although I must say, you'll definitely look like an ugly witch with the cracked eyebrow.

At that time I felt like I'm the ugliest human being ever!!!! I refused to go out and I even refused to look at the mirror. That's how bad it was.

Well, of course things got better later. If you ever had a tattoo, you'll know what I mean. But I can assure you, it didn't hurt a single bit. Not even an ant bite.
A year later...I decided to retouch the tattoo. They got scrubbed off when I exfoliate my face. Worse of all, I do it twice a week. So by the time the earth finally finish its circle around the sun, I've scrubbed the tattoo 104 times.

I waited till I got back to Penang, I booked an appointment to retouch my eyebrow. This time it hurts like mad!!!! I tried not to scream but tears were falling down onto my cheek. Can't help it, the nerves on my eyebrow were too close to my eyes, so I can't stop the tears.
That's why I had the ugly eyebrow when I meet Squidward in Singapore. Amazingly he still loved me after seeing that ugly eyebrow. I thought he was going to run away. And this is how my eyebrow looks like right now...

I took this photo like...ten minutes ago. So it's still fresh. I never regret it though. It saves me a lot of time when doing my makeup. Not to mention, it's easier to manage. Here's some FAQ about eyebrow tattoo.
Do they shave off your eyebrow before tattooing?
Yes. And it makes you look like an alien from Mars.
After the tattoo, will the hair grow on it?
Yes. As you can see, I still have hair on the tattoo.
Must I still pluck/shave my eyebrow after tattoo?
Yes. Some bushy ones at the side are really annoying. You have to shave/pluck them off frequently.
What can I do to stop my tattoo from peeling?
Like I said, it's a normal process. It happens to normal tattoo and not just eyebrow tattoo. You can't stop it. But you can make the process end faster by dabbing hot towel on it.
Does it itch?
A few days after the tattoo, yes it does.
What shall I do then?
Dab it with your toner. It hurts a little, but at least it will kill off the itchy feeling. It's better to feel the pain than the itch because you'll tend to scratch it.
What shall I do when it cracks?
Put a lot of moisturizer. When I say a lot, I mean a lot more....
Is eyebrow tattoo the same as embroidery?
No. Embroidery is really a different thing. Tattoo penetrates ink into your skin, where else embroidery carves the ink into your skin. And they use different type of ink. If you're looking for a long lasting one, tattoo is better. But if you don't mind having your eyebrow done every year, embroidery is better. One plus point for having embroidery is you can change your eyebrow design easily. But with tattoo, you have to laser off the ink before you can do that. And it will hurt like mad.
Is eyebrow tattoo the same as any other tattoo?
It's the same concept and same process. But it's just on different part of the body and doesn't require artistic touch.


Bradley said...

That's so funny! Pollo is chicken in Mexican Spanish. But in all fairness we often refer to roosters as cocks. I feel like such a geek for not knowing what you had said!!!

Ghosting Miranda said...

wow, I never knew you can get your eyebrows done...learn something new everyday

african weight loss diva said...

YOur eyebrows look fabulous girl. Why on earth do you think they're ugly? I have had problems shaving and shaping my eyebrows for years. if i could ever get a tatoo like yours i would go for it instantly. Here in my country, nothing like that.

YT said...

The current ones look great. Nice brows.

I am having an awful morning, stupid car died (donno wat happened yet but am sure to burn another hole in my pocket) Bah!

Oh, about the mall in Bayan Lepas, Queensbay Mall, not that new anymore. But, yah, pretty new. And by the time you are back, I think Times Square near Komtar should be ready. Let's go (window) shopping!


eMz said...

i think i'm happy with using pencil for the moment -- but i may have to re-think that when i get to my 60s. hahaha

sweet lavender said...

Yea.. Few months ago, the beautician shop where i always go for shaping my eyebrows recommended me to try the tattoo eyebrow.. She convinced me that I can hv a nice eyebrow if i give it a try.. She even asked me to watch her do the tattoo eyebrow for one of the male customer to convince me tat it's not painful at all... Well, of coz the guy wont shout eventho it's painful though.. LOL.. But i think i still rather to hv my ori eyebrow..I just not confident if she mis-reshaping my eyebrows then i will be hiding in my room... Haha..

---Sweet Lavender---

kxfx said...

wah... thats really ... dono how to say. but at least it looks better now. luckily.

YT said...

How come no new updates today? Too busy researching?

Argh I am bored in the office and I came by for a daily dose of humor.

Too bad I got nothing but yesterday's :( Argh, I need something good to read...

Bradley said...

I do speak Spanish! I'm guessing what you had written was another lanugage?

Samantha Soh said...

hi! found your blog through blogexplosion. i think your writing is sooo cute! your post on eyebrow tattoo is so informative :D

Jerine said...

Samantha Soh: I couldn't load your page :( to tell you thanks.

Jessica said...

My mom had her eyebrows tattoed and she's not having any problems with it so far. As for me, I'm satisfied with using eyebrow cake makeup from The Body Shop. A makeup-artist-friend told me never to use eyebrow pencil, so I did exactly as told. I find it
awesome so far. :)

Jessica said...

Yep you should try it. Although I bought mine in London, and when I checked here in the Philippines, they don't have it. You know how sometimes products are exclusive to the place where they're from. If you can't find one from Body Shop, try Youngblood and Laura Mercier. They have it as well. :)

Who knows, it just might be what you're looking for all this time. :)

Bear Bear said...

Your tattooed eyebrows look pretty neat and natural in your last photo. I should consider tattooing my eyebrows too!

And girl, your eyes are so beautiful! ^^

Anonymous said...

ur eyebrows look great!!! i'm having mine done tomorrow, im a little nervous and a bit worried as i have a big night out on saturday night that i cant miss!!! will they still look really dark and weird by then??

Jerine said...

OMG...can you change your appointment. It will definitely look ugly on Saturday. It will still be blackened. and at the same time that's when it cracks!!!!

Hanieh said...

hey i got mine done two weeks ago... how long till its still dark? the lady told me itll look less striking, and you wont be able to see where the tattoo ends and begins, mine is still obvious and dark but i can see unever colours where some parts are lighter... how long did yours take? i know what u mean by not wanting to look in the mirror or go out, and mine hasnt even cracked i keep puttin the gel they gave me on

Jerine said...

It should be around one and half to two weeks. remember!!!! don't peel it. just keep putting the get. it helps a lot.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am very antique and am about to have my eyebrows tattooed tomorrow. Your information has been very helpful thank you and answered ALL my questions.

Spiggles said...

I guess if I lost my eyebrow hair I might consider it but had wondered how much it cost until I read http://charliegrumples.hubpages.com/hub/Eyebrow-Tattoo-Cost

Anonymous said...

Is yours eyebrow tattoo or embroidery? Where did you get it done and how much?

natural skin cosmetics said...

Tattooing is both a technique and an art. And just because someone is capable of the technique does not mean they have the necessary artistic skill to design a brow shape that will perfectly compliment your facial structure and bring out your natural beauty. It's like asking a house painter to paint the Mona Lisa!

tattoos designs said...

tattoos designs as eye brow is very silly idea

misshellokittynerd said...

I just got my eyebrows 3D tattooed. It's on it's 5th day and now starting to peel as little chunks are falling off. I know what you mean about being embarrassed to go out! I'm so sad. How long will the scabbing process take before it's completely off? Did you fill in the empty chunks lightly with eyebrow pencil? Thanks!


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