Apr 17, 2009

Artsy Fartsy Melbourne

Behold, long post ahead. If you can't finish reading in one day, I suggest you continue some other day at certain point, because I'm not going to update in a few days time.

I've come to a conclusion that I rather let my dad kill me for over spending on internet than die of boredom. Hence, my long update. I'm trying to stuff every artsy fartsy thing on Melbourne as much as I can.

The trip to Melbourne was quite an artistic one and I enjoyed it a lot. Here's a rough guide to Melbourne arts tour. The tour guide is none other than me, I and myself. And you also get side tour guides from my bunch of whacko friends.

When I say whacko, they are really whackos...

They do all sorts of stupid stuff like kissing the wall, flying into the wall, and god knows what else they will do.

I'm going to introduce you to the ACMI first. It stands for Australian Centre for the Moving Image. The ongoing exhibition in ACMI right now is the Queer Film Festival and Setting the Scene. Royce and I thought that we're not queer enough to understand those film, so we went for Setting the Scene.

Honestly, we felt cheated. The review says that the Matrix film setting will be there. We went in with a high hope to find astonishing setting on Matrix films. It was indeed there, but the Matrix section was only as big as a four seater dining table. WTF? But if you're a fan of Australia (the Nicole Kidman movie), you should check out the exhibition. Besides that, they have a lot of original blue prints and miniature model, so don't miss this out if you're a designer student. Like Allan Starki said, "The designer's responsibility is to make the audience believe that the artifice they are watching is real". Thus, there was no maze in the movie Shinning, although it seems to you that the girl was stucked in a maze. The real maze they built was actually a metre long and they cut and paste the moving girl into the maze on the film. How creative. And do you also know, the CIA Office in Bad Boys II was reused for shooting in Bourne Supremacy? I bet you didn't notice that. Anyway, Setting the Scene is all about how the film location been set up. That's all.

Also in the ACMI, numerous films are showing. Royce wanted to watch Lovely Loneliness, but even if he kills me, I wouldn't watch the film. It's too typical. The story is about a girl who just had a painful breakup vows to stay single to avoid being hurt again. Fate is equally capricious, however, and delivers to her a man with whom things flow an unexpected way. At the same time, her ex-flame wants her back. To watch this film is like watching my own dilemma rolling on the film. Of all the 100 over films that are playing, he wants to watch that one. I'm sorry, but I won't watch it 'cos it will haunt me till I die.

If you walk further to the Princess Bridge from ACMI, you'll find Hamer Hall on your right. You can't miss the building. It's right after the Yarra River and has hundreds of movie posters hanging on it. I didn't have enough time for a movie though. So I'm skipping this one.

And next to it is the Arts Centre.

I don't really know what they have to offer in the Arts Centre. Next trip (13 more days) perhaps? Anyway the Arts Centre looks somehow like a copycat version of the Eiffel Tower.

And finally, next to the Arts Centre is the National Art Gallery of Victoria. I wonder, what is the difference between the Arts Centre and the NGV?

By the way, that's the exit and not the entrance. You can't enter from there. Somebody tried to enter but somehow they foolishly find that it's the exit. Yes, somebody...

There are some major exhibitions going on at this moment such as John Brack, Bugatti and we choose the Satirical Eye instead. At least the satirical comedy and critiques can keep us entertained rather than looking at boring stagnant exhibits. I really love the visual satires where great artistes had use this medium as a form of propaganda to mock politicians, government institutions, public behavior, etc. Here are some pieces that I googled.

At the exit of NGV there is an installation of stained glasses on the ceiling. It's bloody beautiful.

The best way to enjoy the beauty is to lie down on the floor and use all your senses to feel it. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can hear, except Ooohh Ahhh... from other visitors.

If you think it's too dirty for you to lie on the floor, which is a shame because it's really beautiful to view it from the floor, alternatively you can just sit there and tilt your head up.

And remember to camwhore!!!

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is playing at the moment.

You'll be amazed how many shows playing in a day. Approximately 100 shows for you to choose. We almost had a hard time on the choices.

Decisions...decisions... Royce said last year they had Russell Peters. But we didn't spot any of his show on the list. Not even on the posters.

At the end of the day, we watched the Pajama Men. It sounds quite corny, but I can tell you, it's worth every penny. It's so bloody funny. And they have a good plot to keep you suspense. Initially I didn't realize each scene they acted was connected to another one. At the end of the show, it revealed to us that every scene is an episode and they made up a twisted story. They are good at split-second character switches and lightning speed with multiple storylines. It's too complicated for me to explain, so go watch.

The Pajama Men was showed at the Bosco, a small little tent that looks much like a circus ground. It fills you up with the feeling of excitement the moment you enter.

If you feel a little trifty and don't want to spend on the tickets to all the shows and exhibitions, you can always take a stroll along the road. There are many amazing street artistes around. One of the most popular is the spray art men.

One tip for street art watching, you must squeeze your way through to watch the good show. If you are unfortunately short like me, you can't see anything at all. And one funny thing that I notice, everyone loves to watch. When the painting is done, everyone claps. Then the artiste will ask for a little donation. When he about to take up the coin bowl, everyone leaves. It's a pitiful scene. But of course, I'm one of the person that didn't offer any donation, but at least I take the effort to write about them.

And then you have the chalk art men by the Yarra River.

I love this one...

...because I do believe in Karma.

One day I shall ask Calvin to get his Moleskine and we shall sit by Kallang River to earn our easy money through drawing. Sounds like a plan?

Besides all those visual artistes, you have group of street musicians playing by the street too. Typically, you have someone playing Scotland the Brave on the bagpipe.

P/S: The Scottish guy with kilt and bagpipe is dedicated to YT since she's so obssessed with Scotland lately.


YT said...

Your long post is not so long after all. Argh, knowing that you are not going to blog in the coming few days made me sink into depression again...

Melbourne sounds nice to visit too. I want to go, I've never been there!

Jerine said...

come to melbourne then!!! I'll meet you there. this post is not long because I added a lot of photos. i guess i might update if im too bored

YT said...

Hey, I just noticed the p/s note, hehehe! Scotland scotland scotland.... Haha.

I might visit Melbourne. Air Asia is flying that route so it's possible. But $ is an issue still.

And pls update. Your blog is one of my very rare source of entertainment in office lately :(

Jerine said...

try Tiger Airways, Singapore to Melbourne is only $79 one way

YT said...

Air tickets is not the killing part, but I need to eat, drink, stay and travel... and that means more $...

Anyway, is Tas really THAT bad? I really must see the place! I still think it's a relaxing and nice town.

I am so going to ask Yvonne if Tas is that bad. Hopping over to her page now!

kxfx said...

damn ! how come u get to go to all this cool art shows and i don't ? lol.

Jerine said...

YT: Let's see what she'll tell you.

kxfx: Singapore Art Festival is in May-June. We'll do our arts tour then.

eMz said...

looks like you had a blast! maybe i should go on an artsy fartsy tour myself one day. ^_^

Jerine said...

you should. and meet random people along the way.

Yvonne Yong said...

*steals all the pictures*

Jerine said...

THIEF!!!! Somebody call the police!!!


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