Mar 30, 2009

Stop asking why I don't want to go back to Malaysia

It's perfectly understood that some non-Malaysians asked me why I don't want to go back. But this is coming from my friend who lives in Malaysia himself. Lu tarak baca itu paper ka? Mana satu gua mulu lu tinggal? Macam katak bawah tempurung. Mana boleh ini macam? OK, after you read this post, stop asking me why I don't want to go back.

The most important factor, we have a dysfunctional political system. Sad but true. The man who is in line to become prime minister is linked to the murder of a Mongolian woman whose body was obliterated with military-grade explosives. The opposition leader awaits trial on sodomy charges in a highly politicized case. The government is using draconian laws, including those against sedition, to prosecute opposition figures,and this week it banned a member of Parliament for one year after he calledthe prime-minister-in-waiting a murderer. We have incompetent leader. In order to elaborate this, I have to show you some of the major players.

First, we have the Prime Minister, Abdullah Badawi, who sleeps through the whole political drama. I had sense this when I was still back in Malaysia. His usual speech always contains "I regret this had happen". I remember this when he commented in an interview regarding the judiciary issue two years ago. Later, he said the same thing in a different occassion. I don't think this is a wise comment coming from a leader. You should have done something not to regret it, Pak Lah. He made several comments that he will be stepping down from his position and Najib Razak will be taking over.

Then we have Najib Razak, the Deputy Prime Minister. Najib is lacking of his popularity due to reputation lost in a high-profile murder case of Altantuya (damn it, I had to Google her name in order to spell it). Altantuya, a Mongolian, was murdered in Malaysia by government commandos. Rumour said that she was seeking for $155 million bribe paid by a French company as part of government's deal to buy submarines. Coincidently, Najib is handling the submarine purchase. (If you look at Najib photo below for sometime, it's actually quite hilarious).

Lastly, we have Anwar Ibrahim. After returned from imprisonment, Anwar established a new opposition party PKR. In the last general election PKR won many seats in the parliament. So the government wasn't happy about it. And now Anwar is facing sodomy charges.

These are the leaders of Malaysia.

The main problem does not arise from these incompetent leader themselves. The whole Malaysian attitude has changed. For many years the minorities swallowed their pride to live in supremacy of one race. But we continue to live here because we believed it's a rich and peaceful country. Is it still rich and peaceful?

I remember those days where we didn't bother about skin color and religion. Malay, Chinese and Indian live happily as friends. Those days during Deepavali, we'll get food from our Indian neighbors, on Raya, the Malay neighbors will send us some ketupat and lemang, on Chinese New Year, the Chinese neighbor will give us red packet and mandrin oranges. Do we still have those practise these days? Right now, all I hear is the Malay calling the Chinese Cina Babi (Chinese pigs) and the Chinese calling Indians Keling and the Malay Malai Kwai. You get all sorts of discrimative labels. I'm glad I'm mixed breed. At times like this I can disguise myself as Malay or Indian, no one will know.

When we talk about those used to be really happy days, where happy news spread across the newspaper - Malaysia built one of its tallest building, Malaysia sent their own satellite to space, Malaysian climbed Mount Everest, Malaysian travelled the world solo on sea, Malaysia host the Commonwealth Games, etc. etc. Where have all the good news gone?

Everytime I read the newspaper, it just makes me shake my head with disappointment.

Like, the Perak General Assembly... I was shocked to hear that it was held under a tree instead of a proper Parliament meeting. For those of you who don't know, the PKR (opposition) cross over to BN (government), so BN got majority vote and formed the new government in Perak. So the government disapproved PKR into the assembly hall so they had their sitting outside parliament under a tree.

The UMNO Youth criticized PKR as uncivilized just because they had no other place to hold the meeting. Perhaps, the attack of Karpal Singh by the UMNO Youth was civilize?

Everytime someone stands up to criticize the government, he or she will be sent to jail. You talk about religion you'll be sent to jail. You talk about race you'll be sent to jail. ISA this, ISA that. Right now not a single Malaysian dare to voice out the truth. Even as I'm writing this, I'm exposing myself to the risk.

It makes me feel sad to write about this. To be honest, I really want to go back home and stay there until the day I die. But circumstances made me think that it's not a right choice. I love my country because that's the place I was born, it is the place where my life begins. I have memories carved on the soil of Malaysia. Malaysia is a part of me. They say the light is at the end of the tunnel, but has anyone seen the light yet? My relationship with Malaysia turned sour when it continues to upset me with bad news. You know that kind of feeling, you still love your lover but you know you have to let it go? This is the last time you'll be seeing me writing about Malaysia politics. I'm greatly disappointed with the current situation and I will continue living in my Lala Land. You know they say, reality sucks! When things get better, I will go home.

P/S: If I've got the facts wrong, please correct me. I've gave up on reading about Malaysia politics, so I'm not sure about my accuracy.

P/P/S: Karpal Singh kena attacked again by UMNO/BN!!!!!! This time with missile torrent of loaded plastic “water bottles” . Will they leave that poor old man alone?


kxfx said...

i've been meaning to write about tis topic too... well i guess u r correct.

malaysian said...

*ponder* What you say is true. Now I don't feel like going back.

KwOnG FeI said...

the reasons you stated are the main factors for most of malaysians abroad who refuse to come back..
it is indeed very true.. Malaysia is good at promoting this ad that but the true is all of them are false such as the so called 'multiracial people live in harmony' and 'a government of equality'
in another word , all these are rubbish..
those abroad mainly have their own career.. they migrate out from msia as they are doing the same job in own country and other country but treated very differently. In our own country as for government posts, promotion and increment of salary is based on race. When we applying anything from Government such as financial aid or social welfare, it also based on race. Even in private company, you may not be promoted to be compared of other races who is inferior to you because there is a mandatory requirement to have certain percentage of certain races in the management of the company. All these things do not happen in other country lets say Australia. Australia is a good and land of opportunity for many who are willing to work hard. The government take very good care of every citizens and provide good social welfare. The people love the government and the government treat all equally. Given these factors, how do one reject to stay n a palace than to stay in a wooden house?

YT said...

J, I feel like giving u a standing ovation. Nice piece written!

One reason I quit journalism... because I've got enough of their shit. And not being able to write the truth. Bah!

Have been watching a lot of their circus stunts. Bloody idiots. Including the oppositions. That is why I insist not to vote, none of them worth me casting the vote.

Sometimes I wonder whether I've made a right decision of coming home when at that time i have a chance to live abroad.

YT said...

Gah, Jerine, why do u need to show me the website filled with nice things that I CANNOT AFFORD????!!!! Cruel :(

I assume you don't know yet but I am pretty broke, and am on a strict no-plastic policy. I can't buy expensive stuff, and when I say expensive I mean over RM100 :( Yes, I am that broke.

But I am more than willing to go on a shopping trip with you, to see you splurge so PLEASE COME HOME SOON! But make sure ISA is not after you okay? After the contraversial piece you churned out today :D

♥dollies said...

I know msian political system isn't good ... i dint expect it to be this bad! thx for the info though, at least better den reading from newspaper .. Goodness ..

Haha was just kidding abt the photos part! I will post whenever i can .. Yes, Sony getting lousy, and i thought nokia was bad ... Sigh.. Now i don't know what phone to get ..

zewt said...

well said... well said... i really cant stand why ppl still live in dreamland and think this country is the best place in the world. they are living in denial... perhaps they should experience what "jacke" experience in order to knock some sense into them.


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