Mar 27, 2009

Mini update

Those of you who voted for my age 20 and 18 are really funny. How can I get a law degree at such young age since I'm not really smart. Actually I'm quite stupid at times. Anyway, you never ask a woman how old is she, just how you won't ask a man how much he earns.

And I want to change my answer on what I will do if I can turn back time. I think I want to be a rock star, instead of a graphic designer. I know it's funny. I can't possibly be a rock star, but who knows... life is so unpredictable.

OK, my Telstra internet balance is currently $0.03 cents. I might be offline for a long time now. It's weekend and I can't go to Telstra shop to


Anonymous said...

a stupid girl who wants to be a rockstar? omg...hahahahaha...

Miss. Sana said...

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Bradley said...

You're not stupid! I'm dumber then you, I don't even know what Telstra is!

It's would be rad to be a rockstar though.

eMz said...

is it so wrong to think that you could be a prodigy?? hahaha

dollies said...

Haha you're so funny. Maybe i should post lesser pic of me and my bf together? Maybe post more pics of myself!

Haaa , and U really look great for being chinese. I like to read your post on "About the Author of this blog" ..



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