Feb 19, 2009

Will you trust a drunk waitress?

I used to hate working alone. When there are 14 tables in one night, I can hardly manage. When that happens I always go out of my mind, shouting in the kitchen, rushing customers for their orders, and you can see that typical get-the-fuck-out-of-this-restaurant face on me.

I decided this can't go on. If it continues, no one will ever dine in that restaurant anymore, and my boss would have to ask me to pay him compensation for his lost. In order to keep my mind straight I had to drink. Of course we are allowed to drink in between breaks, but if I'm not mistaken...my boss never say we can't drink the alcohol.

I was so tempted to get some cold beer, but beer is too obvious. I have no choice but to drink spirits and liqueurs. I made myself Absolutly Screwed Up. I love that name. I couldn't remember what it is called until I came home and googled it.

Half hour later I felt like Tia Maria. Then bacardi, then whisky, then something else in between. After that I stick to bacardi with lemon & lime mineral water. It's really good.

Of course I wasn't dead drunk at that time. I only add half nip of alcohol into all my drinks. Not enough to get me drunk but I was really hyper like I've just took some drugs. Today I felt so energetic and talked to most of the customers. Unlike my usual grumpy self. Now, who says alcohol is bad?

Most of the time I find it really wasteful to buy a bottle of liqueur, only find it awful on the first sip. I think I'm going to take advantage of this tomorrow and taste all the alcohol that I want before I decide which is the best.

Anyway, Christine sent me something interesting, I guess I should share it with you here >>> What Women Lawyers Really Think of Each Other .

p/s: my grammar and spelling sucks. please excuse me. i'm highly intoxicated while writing this post and at the same time IM with Christine, Bes, my bro, and Adrian. 44 pages on my Moleskine


eMz said...

sounds like something i would do - drink on the job. hahaha

btw, i've just put my comment box back to the way it was. hee! XD

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